So I caught DPW in action cleaning up graffiti. This is them scaling up the Holton bridge to clean up 3-4 little tags at the top of the bridge that nobody without a trained eye will see. 

So thats your DPW budget right there Milwaukee, cleaning off tags and killing the smallest form of expression under a bridge that nobody pays attention to.

How many potholes did you avoid this morning?


Gorgeous video of that place we build.

I’m so humbled to be a part of it, every time.

It’s a small, weird world: I created this design http://boingboing.net/2011/01/21/brak-flag.html on a lark. Two years later, in the middle of Nevada, I run into someone wearing it on a t-shirt. (Evidently someone liked it enough to put it on a tee in their Etsy store. This guy’s friend saw it and bought it for him as a Christmas gift. He says it’s his favorite shirt. #Serentypical.) #BM2013 #DPW #Brak #BrakFlag #BlackFlag #BoingBoing


I LOVE coming into the office when the phone is already ringing so that I don’t even have time to turn on the lights or open the blinds. 

I also LOVE when the caller on the other end of the line is yelling and screaming profanity because a street sweeper held him up for a couple of minutes.

What is it about the title “Municipal Employee” that makes people think it is okay to treat you worse that the dirt beneath their feet?  It really is true.  I’ve witnessed it even with people who I feel are somewhat reasonable.  In my experience, DPW employees are basically viewed as second class citizens.

Here is my rant.  People generally have a great deal of respect for the police and the fire departments.  However, the public works group is a different story.  It seems that folks forget that without the DPW, the police and / or fire can’t get to your house.  Maybe think about giving them a bit more respect.  Just a thought.