Not a Damsel in Distress (Bucky x Reader)

Okay guys, this is the fic I am going to start trying to rebuild my blog with. It’s one of my favorites that I’ve written so far, and there was an anon on @bovaria s blog who wanted this fic. So here it is. There are two parts, and I backed both up to my Google Docs account, which is how I still have them.

Regardless, I hope you like it. 

Without further ado, Happy Reading!

Words: 3320 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: None

Excerpt:  You understood: she broke him.  But you now saw it as your personal mission to put him back together.  To make Bucky Barnes whole again.  He brought you lunch; that was more than any of your exes had done for you this early in the relationship.  Or ever.  

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Bucky knew that few things in life were truly dependable.  It took him a long time to find people he was comfortable enough around to be himself, but he wouldn’t call what they had “trust”.  No, he’d call it companionship.  People deciding to hang out together so they wouldn’t have to be alone.  

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HERE IS MY SAN DIEGO COMIC CON SCHEDULE!!  When I’m not at a panel I’ll be wandering around, and I also expect to spend a lot of time at the TopatoCo booth with my pal DAVID MALKI, Booth #1229!

Thursday, July 20th

SIGNING 3-4pm at the Penguin Random House Booth #1514: It’s a Romeo and/or Juliet signing, just me all by my lonesome!  PS: I WILL ALSO SIGN ALL OTHER THINGS TOO <3

SIGNING 4-4:30pm at DPW Booth #1129: A signing with Shannon and Dean Hale, authors of the Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Meets World novel!  It’s a Squirrel Girl Pals signing!

PANEL: Spotlight on Erica Henderson, 5-6pm in Room 32AB: It’s an Erica Henderson spotlight moderated by John Allison!  TWO OF MY VERY FAVOURITE PEOPLE.  I actually have nothing to do with this panel but you should go; it’s gonna be rad.  I’ll be there in the audience for some of it until I have to run out early to make it to…

PANEL: Superhero Family Feud, 6-7pm at the Horton Grand Theatre: This is less a panel and more a SUPERHERO GAME SHOW that I’m hosting, and it will involve me asking a lot of super talented writers and artists some incredibly fake and made-up trivia for PRIZES. It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s uncensored, and it’s a crazy experiment!!  We have only done this once before.

Friday, July 21st

PANEL: Spotlight on Marguerite Bennett, 1-2pm in Room 28DE: It’s a spotlight on Marguerite Bennett and I’m hosting!  We’re gonna dress up and have a great time.  YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY COME.  Marguerite’s great!

SIGNING 4-5pm at the Comixology booth #2547: That card at the top of this post?  It’s a trading card starring ME!  Want to find out what secret trivia and stats are on the back?  Come to this signing and get some cards and FIND OUT.  And I’ll also sign things that aren’t the card, of course!

PANEL: The World of Drive, 9-10pm in Room 9: It’s a panel about Dave Kellett’s awesome Drive comic, but I did a guest arc for him so I’m crashing it!  HI DAVE - UPDATE: I have to bow out of this one!  It’s at the same time as the Eisner Awards and I didn’t realize that!  Sorry!!

Saturday, July 22nd

SIGNING: 3-4pm at the Marvel booth,  #2329: Erica Henderson will be there too!  SQUIRREL GIRL SIGNING, WOOO

PANEL: Marvel: Cup O’ Joe, 4-5pm in Room 25ABC: It’s the Marvel panel where they tell you all the secrets!  And me, too, full of SQUIRREL GIRL SECRETS NOT YET REVEALED!!  Will I reveal them there?  Some of ‘em, sure!

Sunday, July 23rd

PANEL: Marvel True Believers Panel, 2-3pm, Hilton San Diego Bayfront: I believe this is open only to Marvel Unlimited Plus members and Marvel MasterCard cardholders?  So if you’re not one of those you’ll just have to press your ear to the door.  But I’m happy to meet you and sign anything outside afterwards!

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Spock believes Bones is incapable of any emotional control or holding back anything. Spock discovers how wrong his assessment is when he discovers how much sadness and loneliness he bottles up and bears constantly. Spock finds this unacceptable, and vows to try and make Bones happy any way he can. (whether Spock knows he's in love with Bones yet is up to you.)

I need to get my writing mojo going and kill some time! Send me a ship or a character, and a word (or an au) and I’ll write a 500-1000 word drabble for it.

Humans are emotional.

It’s not like this fact is new or surprising, but Spock still can’t help but feel lost, and a little bewildered, when he gets caught in the middle of an emotional storm – something that is near constant with Dr. McCoy. Leonard McCoy is an exceptional doctor, he’s one of the most skilled surgeons Spock has ever had the pleasure of meeting, and he is a brilliant researcher. Despite all this, the doctor is also a man who is completely run by his emotions. Indeed, he is quite incapable of exerting any sort of control over them, and always seems to be in a passionate state over one thing or another.

To Spock, it seems like a most inefficient way to live, and quite exhausting as well.

There has never been any cause for Spock to question his assessment of the doctor, and he is quite confident that he has the man all figured out.

Humans are contrary.

They refused to be so easily classified, and Leonard McCoy is the absolute worst in this case. He seems to thrive on completely destroying Spock’s expectations and careful classification.

The landing party had been attacked by Klingons when they were checking on a human colony. The casualty rate is high, the med-bay is absolutely full, and Spock gets his first hint that he may have completely misjudged the doctor.

The captain had sent Spock down to get treated for a phaser wound on his arm, nothing that he though warranted concern, but orders were orders.

“Spock! What are you doing here?” The doctor catches sight of him, and makes his way through the crowd to where he’s standing awkwardly by the door. “Did you get hit too?”

A frown creases the doctor’s brow, and he looks Spock over from head to toe, with a clinical look in his eyes. “Just a phaser wound on your arm? You’re going to have to wait. I’m up to my eyeballs in here and it always seems like I have too much staff, except when there’s a crisis, then I don’t have enough!” he half growls, running a hand distractedly through his hair, making it stand up at odd angles.

Spock lifts an eye brow, though he doesn’t say anything about the emotional outburst. “Of course, doctor,” he acknowledges.

“Great, take a bed and I’ll-”

“Doctor McCoy! We’ve got a dpw, looks like a bat’leth.”

McCoy immediately turns away from Spock, an intense look crosses his features. “I’m on my way. You stay there,” he says, almost as an afterthought, not even glancing over his shoulder as he hurries off.

There had been that brief emotional outburst, but now the doctor is all efficiency, checking charts and monitoring his staff with a coolness that Spock can admire.

“Shit, they got her good. Prep her for surgery right away, we’ll see if we can’t get that internal bleeding to stop so our regenerators can do their work. M’Benga, you’re in charge here, funnel all patients directly to me in surgery, I have a feeling I’ll be there awhile.”

Curiosity makes Spock follow to the viewing area. His wound, while painful, is not in immediate need of attention and he would far rather witness the doctor at work.

The first patient survives, the second does not. The doctor labours for two solid hours before he finally calls it. Spock waits for it, wait for the emotional outburst that he knows must be coming, because that’s just how the doctor is, when he can’t control something, he gets passionately emotional.

Nothing happens.

McCoy strips off his bloody gloves, pulls down his mask, and calmly says the time. There’s a brief moment when his shoulders slump, but they straighten almost immediately and he retreats to the prep room, presumably to change out of his bloody clothing and get sterilized again.

It takes maybe twenty-minutes, and then he’s back in the operating room, trying to keep one more person from death.

Humans are hard.

Leonard had been working for over twenty straight hours. There had been a virus on Moab IV that was targeting specific genetics that had been bred into the human colonists. When the Enterprise had arrived, there’d already been two deaths, and Leonard had been determined to find a cure before there was anymore.

He had not succeeded.

Three more deaths, two of them children, yet Leonard hadn’t even batted an eye, he’d continued his research until he’d succeeded in saving the rest.

Spock knocks on the door to Leonard’s private office. There’s a growled response that Spock decided to take as permission, and he steps through the door.

Leonard is at his desk, a glass of amber liquor in his hand, but all he’s doing is staring at it. “What do you want Spock?” he asks, his tone soft, voice tired, but there is none of the excess emotion that Spock had expected to be subject to.

“I came to inquire after you. The captain is concerned and has expressed his wishes that you get some sleep before starting on your reports.” Spock steps further into the room, positioning himself closer to Leonard. “I was wondering if I might take a look at your preliminary findings?” He reaches for the PADD in front of Leonard, his fingers grazing lightly over the exposed skin of his writs as he leans down.

He’s nearly overwhelmed.

“Oh he did, did he?” There’s a twist in Leonard’s smile that Spock doesn’t recognize. The doctor sighs, and leans back in his chair, closing his eyes.

Spock is still fighting through the mess of emotions - anger, fear, desperation, sadness, loneliness – that had been transferred in that brief touch when he had purposefully lowered his barriers.

“It’s my little girl’s birthday today,” he says softly. He doesn’t look at Spock, doesn’t give any indication to how he’s feeling, but Spock can practically taste his emotions on the air, can feel them still swirling in the back of his mind.

“You miss her.” It’s an observation, not a question.

“Course I do. She doesn’t have time for me anymore though. Can’t say I blame her, I’m all the way out here after all.” Leonard shakes his head, and now Spock can see it, the sheer force of emotion that Leonard is holding back.

Every day. It’s bottled up and compartmentalized a burden the doctor is bearing all by himself.

Spock can see why he loses it sometimes; venting his frustrations to the world so no one looks closer to see the loneliness he’s keeping to himself.

For some reason, this doesn’t sit well with Spock. He doesn’t like this new knowledge. It feels heavy and uncomfortable, it tugs at him to do something, to find a way to make Leonard’s burden a little lighter.

Spock resolves to do some further research.

Humans are complicated, emotional beings, but he very much wants to see Leonard McCoy happy.

Now with a Part 2: Bones POV


Hey guys I’m still looking for voice actors for midnight pm! Here’s who we have left:

Fish bag

Has the voice of a 15 year old boy going through puberty, a little bit masculine voice, has a little bit of a whiny/nervous voice, has a deep masculine scream

Voice reference shit:



Uumm… hello?

aren’t you a little cutie. Ima name ya ummmmmm….. daisy! Yup sweet little daisy!


Cork board 

They’re voice is neural, kinda deep and sleepy

Fucking voice reference bitch:




I hope you don’t end up like me. So I best give the best life while I’m still here…..


Beer bottle 

Femme voice, a little bit deep and the tiniest bit southern accent 

Voice reference thang:



what do you want bitch?

*crying* I’m going to be the best mother I can to you before you fly away….*sniffles*


this is nice


ow, why did ya do that you jack ass?

I’m fine but ow could you please help me up?

Team flag

Neutral but slightly masculine but femme, cheerful and excited sounding 

Voice reference:



whisper screaming* oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I’m already proud of you

Spray bottle 

Femme voice, slightly high pitched, sweet, soft and has a thick southern accent 

Voice reference for this bitch:



hi darlings!

your a cute little nugget! Aren’t ya darling?

well that’s interesting……


Femme voice, sounds a bit muscline, has an Australian accent and talks a bit slow

Voice reference mother fucker:



good day mates!

o ooooo mate do we get to choose our teams!? Cause I want mood on mine!

awww man

you’re a cutie, aren’t ya mate?

this is bullshit! How the fuck they expect me to get trough this is when I have only one leg?!

Detergent pod 

Sounds a bit like season 2 lightbulb and princess bubblegum, neutral sounding voice and sounds calm/chill

Reference voice:




isn’t that kinda dangerous?

oh ok that makes me feel better…. sorta

I’m going to protect you with my life.


Masculine voice but slightly femme, southern accent and bit excited sounding 

Ecnerefer eciov:



what’s up y'all?

hey look at this little fella! They’re a little nugget!

are you ok, pal?


Masculine voice, soothing, calm and peaceful 

Vxnvivuei vxrme:



I hope you’re all having a good day

they’re beautiful

Glow stick 

Some what femme voice, sounds like they’re about to cry, is very quiet, they kinda sound like miku and squeaky 

Vc rfrc:



uuuuhhhhhh…hhh…iii.. hhiii


they’re cute……I iiii guess


Sounds like a young male adult, sounds like an anime protagonist and a bit height pitched

Oie eeee:



welll thennn….


pawn! What’s wrong!? Wait are you thinking…. of…. of-

Tiny tree 

Femme voice, sounds old/sleepy, has a soothing and calming voice 

Radical voice reference my dude:



mood please calm down

such a beautiful little bird

Mood light please don’t to that again. Also come on! We have to go!

Mood light

the hyper child, sounds in between masculine and femme, swears way too much
Canon voice song reference thing (sorry about the song):


What’s good fuckers?!
Yo bitches! Look at this little cute fucker!

That’s all of them! ALL voice demos are due June 30. Please send me a message if you want to voice anyone! Peace nerds

I’m a libertarian, and I want a small government. I want gay couples* using their guns**to defend their marijuana farms***.

*They only have a civil union though, and it offers no tax benefits. 

**The guns are sweet assault rifles. Which they need because everybody has sweet assault rifles and there is no public law enforcement and they can’t afford private security.

***Their water bill was so high that if they don’t sell every last ounce of weed for top price they won’t be able to afford their mortgage and will wind up homeless on streets that haven’t been paved since the DPW was privatized. 

Burning Man 2012

Freya Gallows & Meghan Claire

Taken on Meghan’s film camera by my current inamorato, a couple days after I’d first met him and gotten hooked, at the start of my first Burn [which lasted a month, incidentally, since I started out on DPW as a golf cart mechanic and then joined the Pier crew…such a lucky summer]. 

Not a modeling photo, per se. But this makes me happy.

I almost broke up the Vaudevillains today. I told Simon I’m gonna see Elvis Aliaga in a title match at DPW when I get home and he gets all excited like “Tell him I say hi!” And Aiden goes “who?” Simon: “My tag partner from before I met you!” Aiden: “I thought we agreed not to talk about exes.” He then, as you see above, turned in his chair and crossed his arms, insisting “go ahead! Sign her book! Sign it! Are you done yet?” Simon: “Do you see this? He is so moody. Been like this all weekend and we still have another two days in the hotel room together, NEVERMIND an apartment together!” Me: “Would flowers help? Maybe some wine?” Simon: “Do you have either on you?” Me: “I could run to a convenience store and get a bottle? Unless this is too big of a deal and we need nice wine-” Aiden: “You know, I think it’s often the best idea, actually!” And then they were good.

So I caught DPW in action cleaning up graffiti. This is them scaling up the Holton bridge to clean up 3-4 little tags at the top of the bridge that nobody without a trained eye will see. 

So thats your DPW budget right there Milwaukee, cleaning off tags and killing the smallest form of expression under a bridge that nobody pays attention to.

How many potholes did you avoid this morning?


Gorgeous video of that place we build.

I’m so humbled to be a part of it, every time.