Will be gone for a while...

Haya dear little pineapples! Tomorrow morning I will start my drive from Finland to Belgium (to mah new home!!) and I have no idea when I will have access to my programs or even decent internet again (which is for the best anyway, because I want to avoid Steven Bomb 2.0 spoilers as best as I can).

So no worries, I am not dead, just will be internet-less (again)! When I return I will shower you all in randomness again; I will finally get a chance to work on my longer videos (3 are in the works), my mermaids, and completely new projects! Non-caotic life, here I come!! :D

PS1: I will continue (privately) replying to all the questions in my ask box when I get stationed in Belgium! For those whom just have left fanmail: THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!! <3<3<3<3 I adore you all!!! (^_^) <3

PS2: All my friends from FB who happen to be reading this —> I have not forgotten you! I simply have been so darn busy and I will try and reply to you guys as soon as I can!! :,o

//TheNamelessDoll  <3