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I always read your blog for updates and just to read some of your responses to people. Thanks for uploading and posting the Flash-Iris-centric content you give. I will say I'm not a fan of DP, EBR, Linda was more of Barry's friend in the beginning but their friendship did blossom so it worked. I'm glad to see more POC extras but wish they could've grabbed some girls that are separate from the DC show.

You’re welcome!

And I agree, just as easily as they are now forcing these women into Iris’ wedding, they could have just made up some friends from out of town that went to college with Iris or something to be her wedding party. I’d be way more interested in the bachelorette party and general wedding planning shenanigans. I mean, from what we know, Iris’ bachelorette party is her future step-mother, and two women who are Barry’s friends way more than hers. Like… that’s not something I’m particularly interested in seeing.