Sometimes it feels like everything is so fake. Like I never had any real friends to begin with. No one who actually values me more than just a rock they can lean on when they need money or advice. You can only give so much before you have nothing left to give.

this photo of me was taken about 2 years ago. I was younger and had no idea that all I wanted was to be happy. A 14 year old girl, being abused relentlessly at the time, self harming, a suicide attempt soon to come.

All she wanted was to be happy.

Now, I’m 16. I have scars that are untreatable and will line my skin for my life. I have had 10 suicide attempts, with the 11th soon to come. I suffer PTSD from aforementioned abuse. I have been in general hospital 6 times for suicide attempts and in psychiatric ward twice. A 16 year old girl, been through enough for a lifetime.

Now, all I want is to be dead.