The GIF Element at #DPLAFest2016!

Thrilled to be presenting at @digitalpubliclibraryofamerica‘s DPLAFest 2016 later this week!  Wondered about the GIFs you’ve seen on @todaysdocument, @smithsonianlibraries, and featured in @gifitup2015? Check out our session!  

The GIF Element: Making, Finding, & Using GIFs to Great Effect

In this workshop, we’ll be exploring the GIF in its natural habitat: the internet. But first, some background: What are GIFs? How did they develop? How do you say “GIF”? In this workshop, we’ll explore how to use GIFs, when they’re most successful, the challenges associated with using them, and how to make, find, and use them yourself. We’ll talk about the ins and outs of some content sources, including resources in the DPLA, and review a few apps and programs you can use to make and share them yourself. And then, with some audience input, we’ll be demonstrating how to make a GIF using open source images to tell a joke, punctuate a thought, or convey an emotion. A picture is worth a thousand words? Well, a GIF is worth a million.

Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of the best technology to use to create GIFs and the social circumstances in which they’re most effective. They’ll be empowered to experiment with GIFs on their own, whether that means using a tool like NYPL’s Stereogranimator or going all out with Photoshop. And they’ll receive a worksheet summarizing some key takeaways and resources to use in their adventures.

Our panelists include:

Hope to see you there! The GIF-A-TRON 9000 recommends you GO!

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DPLAfest 2016

I have the honor to be co-hosting DPLAfest 2016 in Washington, D.C., next week, April 14-15, 2016. Along with the Smithsonian Institution and the Library of Congress, we will host DPLA’s third annual series of interactive workshops, hackathons, and discussions.

The National Archives plays a major role in this year’s DPLAfest, and various staff from across the National Archives will be presenting on innovative projects throughout the event. I will be welcoming members of the public to DPLAfest 2016 as we kick off this year’s event. 

With our colleagues at Historypin, we will provide a presentation on APIs, Apps, and Audiences. The National Archives and Historypin have been working together on a project to digitize World War I content and increase the creative reuse and impact of these collections. We are proud of the innovative work we are doing at NARA, and we are eager to share it with the community.

You can keep up to date about DPLAfest 2016 by subscribing to its news list, bookmarking the DPLAfest 2016 homepage, keeping tabs on news and blog feed, or follow #DPLAfeston Twitter and Facebook.

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Congratulations to Digital Public Library of America

What happens when archives, libraries and museums come together? They build something amazing.

The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is here, and the National Archives is proud to participate as a leading content provider in this exciting online portal and platform.

The DPLA provides a single online access point for anyone, anywhere to search and access digital collections containing America’s cultural, historical and scientific heritage. 

The National Archives has already contributed 1.9 million digital copies of historical material to DPLA, including our nation’s founding documents, photos from the Documerica Photography Project of the 1970’s, World War II posters, Mathew Brady Civil War photographs, and a wide variety of documents that define our human and civil rights.

Take a look, and see what you can find!

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