Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI)

Less than 1 in 500 defendants enter a plea of NGRI, and over 90% of defendants that do enter this plea are found guilty. When a defendant is found NGRI they are not released back into society. Rather, he or she is sent to a specialised forensic hospital for a designated period of time. Depending on the offence, this can actually be longer than the sentence would have been if the person was found guilty and incarcerated. As with competency, being unable to understand the nature and consequences of the offence is not an easy threshold to reach. The defendant must be unduly impaired. In most cases these individuals are so out of contact with reality that they were not aware that they had committed a crime or that what they were doing was wrong. Those found NGRI, for this reason, usually have extensive histories of mental illness. 

How the Feds' Subpoena of Reason and Gag Order Went Public
Popehat.com's Ken White on how he broke the subpoena story and what government overreach means for open expression online.

You may have already heard about how the government tried to stifle Reason’s free speech.

Federal prosecutors based in New York sent a grand jury subpoena and letter to Reason, commanding editors to hand over the records of six commenters who wrote hyperbolic statements about federal judge Katherine Forrest below a blog post at Reason.com. Forrest sentenced Ross Ulbricht to life in prison without parole for creating the Silk Road website.

Then came a gag order from U.S. District Court, meaning Reason could not write or speak publicly about the subpoena or gag order—even to acknowledge either existed. But between the subpoena being issued and the gag order being issued, one legal blogger managed to figure out what was going on.

“I got an email and I looked at it and I thought wow, this is a federal grand jury subpoena to Reason magazine,” says Ken White, a writer at the legal blog Popehat who is himself a former federal prosecutor. White sat down with Reason TV to talk about how he broke the story and what he thinks it means for press freedom and open expression online.

“What’s upsetting is that there is no indication whatsoever either that the prosecutor or the judge gave any consideration to the fact that this was being aimed at a reporting organization about a First Amendment issue,” says White. What’s more, White stresses that the comments named in the subpoena are commonplace for the internet and especially at Reason.com, a site, he notes, “whose clever writing is eclipsed only by the blowhard stupidity of its commenting peanut gallery.”

The scrutinized comments ranged from taunts such as “I hope there is a special place in hell reserved for that horrible woman” to “Its (sic) judges like these that should be taken out back and shot,” but none, say White, come close to qualifying as “true” threats or anything other idle chatter. It remains unclear why the U.S. Attorney’s Office was interested in such internet fodder, how often these sorts of subpoenas get sent out to news organizations, and how often they comply. Nevertheless, White points out that federal prosecutors hold an enormous amount of power over human lives and rarely reflect on how they use—and abuse—their position.

“A fish doesn’t know that it’s in water,” says White. “A federal prosecutor doesn’t know that they are swimming in power. They could do it, so they did.”

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Approximately 10:03.

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How about a scenario were Law couldn't find his S/O (who is a woman) and when he did she was with the strawhats, drinking tea with Nami and Robin. An they all find out that she's Law's S/O and they say that he got lucky for finding someone like her.

Thank you for being so detailed. This will more than likely long and I shall tag a special someone for science purposes tralillian <3

  Law was going crazy. He looked all through town and any store he knew you liked but couldn’t find see you in sight. All worst case scenarios came to mind: marine capture, pirate abduction, fell off a cliff, even accidentally hitting your head and in some alley all alone. Every new situation he thought of only made his worry grow.

  When he was close to going on a murder spree he heard your beautiful laughter not too far from his location. Running in the direction of where he heard it. Realizing he was headed to the docks only made his thoughts of abduction worsen. “(Name)-ya!! Where are you?” Law had to yell to hopefully hear you again. “Law! Law over here! Why don’t you join us.” Turning to the sound of he heard you, he now knows where you’ve been this whole time.

  Seeing her leaning over the one ship he was glad you were on but at the same time wish you weren’t. You were on the Strawhats ship. “Toroa! (Name)-chan got lost and we found her. She’s really funny.” Luffy was jumping excitedly around the table you were sitting at with the two women of the crew Law could feel the impending headache from seeing the strawhat but was relieved you were alright. He was still wondering how you ever got back to the sub eludes him as he makes his way up to the Thousand Sunny.

  Seeing you were alight on closer inspection made his worries go away and noticed that you were having tea with the women. “I ended up getting lost by taking a wrong turn. Luckily ran into these two ladies and after some shopping was invited back here for some tea and lunch.” You got up from your spot while still talking, “I’m sorry for worrying you.” Wrapping your arms around him.

  “it’s alright, as long as you’re safe,” he turned to the ladies, “thank you for helping (Name)-ya.” Both women shook their head, the one named Nami spoke first, “No need to thank us. We had fun shopping and she’s great talking to, you’re lucky to have her. Once she told us you were her captain we figured you‘d come looking for her. So we just invited her back here.” Law was about to say something when you spoke up, “Why don’t we head back to the sub. You look exhausted.”

  He looked a nodding his head, “That would be a good idea. The sun is close to setting and we still have a whole day tomorrow,” turning to the strawhats, “Thank you again for keeping her safe and the tea. Till we meet again.” With that Law grasped your hand and started making his way off the ship. You waved bye to everyone and a quick ‘thank you for the tea.’

  The walk back to the sub was a comfortable silence till you came to the ship, “Next time we go out, you’ll be by my side. No exceptions.” He was looking down with his eyes covered by his hat but you knew he only said that cause he cares and may be blushing. “Of course Law, I will be by your side for as long as you like.” With that you both stayed together that night in each others arms.

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A scenario where Law Luffy Sabo and sanji 's s/o wakes up with amnesia please! Thank you \(*^*)/



They woke up an unfamiliar room and an unfamiliar man resting his head on the bed asleep. 

a white sheet donned their body and their  hand came up to their wrapped up head which pounded painfully. They blinked, where were they?? Everything felt like a haze. like they were standing on the edge of a strange dream.

Looking to the side they froze, on the bedside table sat a picture. 

It was taken on a sunny day at the beach, the woman/man had brown hair and he/she was laughing with the man beside who wore a strange hat and tattoo’s all over his body. They looked down at the sleeping man then at the picture. 

It was them, together in the picture. Did they known this strange man?? everything was fuzzy again. 

Suddenly the man moved slightly and sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and blinked owlishly at her.

“y-youre awake!” He said scrambling up and sitting on the edge of the bed and grasped their hand.

They gave him a strange look and slowly took their hand away from his. Law frowned.

“How do you feel?”

‘Who are you?”

Law froze and his breath caught. So his hypothesis was correct so it seemed. He knew that once they came out of the coma there could be a chance of amnesia and he hoped they could beat the odds.

But as they continued to stare at him quizzically with eyes that used to be filled with love and a fiery passion and he wished that for once his calculations could have been wrong.

“Who are you?” They said again more forcefully and Law had trouble swallowing.

“i..I’m the doctor of this ship” Law said finally. 

“When came i go home?”

“You wish to go home?” he asked. He ran a tired hand down his face. How could he make them remember all of their years of being together, to prove it when all he had was a dumb beach picture. He looked once again at the foreign eyes, never in a million years would he have thought that those eyes would look at him without one ounce of love.

“At the next island we stop we can come up with something” he said slowly and got up to leave, he paused at the door. What was he waiting for? for them to call his name, to say they remembered, to beg him to come to bed one last time? But they sat there silent, in a foreign room in a foreign ship and Law closed his eyes.

He turned around quickly and walked back to them and grasped their hand, not letting them pull away.

“we…um, before your accident you were my lover, I only have one picture to prove it but you have to believe me”

“I’m sorry I dont remember:

He shrugs like it doesn’t matter, but it does, and they both knew it. “We’ll make new memories.”


Luffy watched as his s/o leaned over the ship, their elbows on the side and their hands under their chin watching the sea.

He frowned. When he had heard that they had finally woken up he went crazy, grabbing their hand and kissing them on the forehead and everywhere.

“G-get off of me!! I dont even know you!”

He had laughed, thinking it was all a joke but then he looked at the cold eyes that had always been crinkled in the corners from laughing.

“I think she just needs some time” Chopper said as he did his check up on them.

The rest of the crew introduced themselves but they only blinked at them. Luffy stood behind his crew looking at his s/o closely. No longer were they smiling or laughing. No longer were they the happy person he had fallen in love with.

“Get away from me” they gave him a sneer and luffy could only look down and walk back the way he came. 

“the only memories she has could have been her painful childhood ones” Robin had said when Luffy put together a meeting in the crow’s nest when his s/o was asleep.

“That would make it incredibly hard for her to back to her old self” Sanji said as he exhaled smoke. 

‘What should we do” Luffy asked.

‘The best we can do is hope her memories come back, I dont think it’s permanent but I cant be sure” Chopper said and with that the crew dispersed to go to bed.

Now Luffy watched them on the side of the thousand Sunny, a small smile graced their lips and Luffy had the urge to go over there. But he stayed where he was and turned away.

His s/o turned and saw Luffy walk away “I’m sorry I cant remember you, I cant fight the tide” they whispered, turning back to watch the sea.


He did everything in his power to make them remember. Taking them to their favorite places to eat and showing them pictures of the two of them together but he always got the same reaction.

‘I’m sorry i dont remember” 

he would nod.

But today had been different. They had asked him to take them to more places and he happily obliged, after a day out on the town he turned to them.

“are you remembering?” he asked.

They shook their head no “No but the advantage of a bad memory is that one enjoys several times the same good things for the first time.”

And then they leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and he smiled for the first time in what felt like years. He grabbed their hand “Come on, this over here used to be your favorite spot to watch the sunset”


“People always talk about how hard it can be to remember things - where they left their keys, or the name of an acquaintance - but no one ever talks about how much effort we put into forgetting. I am exhausted from the effort to forget… There are things that have to be forgotten if you want to go on living.”

Sanji stood there with tears streaming down his face as his lover hiked up their backpack full of belongings.

“If….if i were to ever remember your love Sanji, I will cherish it forever” They said and turned away from the ship dock.

“Let’s not let this be your life tonight,” he says. “Let’s get back in the ship and pretend we’re sailing away because we want to… not because we need to. We can pretend I’m taking you somewhere amazing… somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. You can snuggle up to me and we can talk about how excited we are and we’ll talk about everything we’ll do when we get there. We can talk about the important stuff later. But tonight… let’s not let this be your life.”

They paused and looked back him, broken. 

it was then that they remembered what had happened when they woke up that fateful day: 

And when suddenly God opened their eyes and, with anguish in his cry,
uttered the words: ‘He has come for you’ 
they comprehended nothing and said softly: ‘Who?” Opening their eyes they had saw sanji sitting beside them. 

she shook her head from the memory.

“goodbye cook”

and with that Sanji sunk to  his knee’s and they left with the wind.

455 A.D.
  • MS ALLARS:May it please the Court. On the first special leave point we say that the doctrinal vandalism, rather than interest generated by this application, is found in the way the first point is expressed.
  • [...]
  • FRENCH CJ:Thank you, Ms Allars. Mr Walker, you have been called a vandal. Do you want to reply?
  • MR WALKER:That may not be the worst thing I have been called this week, your Honour. Your Honours, far from vandals, we have come to admire the construction at Rome but to point out that there could be a bit more fine carving on some of it.
  • SOURCE:Boele v Rinbac Pty Ltd & Ors [2015] HCATrans 156 (19 June 2015).
My Boy, a one piece fanfic | FanFiction

[Haven’t uploaded onto AO3 yet but I will tomorrow]
Corazon decides to adopt a child. Law’s been in the orphanage for quite a while. Fluffy Papa Cora and Little Law stuff~
(Its the intro chapter right now I promise it’ll get fluffier and all that mess as it goes on~)

215 women in Northern Ireland have signed an open letter declaring they have broken the law on abortion and sent it to the public prosecution service

“In an open letter sent to the public prosecution service, 215 women said they have either taken abortion pills themselves or helped women procure them – which is illegal according to Northern Ireland’s strict abortion laws.”

“The letter comes in response to a court case which began in Belfast last week (19 June 2015), which saw a mother in her thirties accused of supplying ‘poison’ (known abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol) for her daughter to have a miscarriage.”

“The woman – who cannot be named to ensure her daughter’s identity is protected - faces two charges of unlawfully procuring a medical abortion medicine, known for its use in terminating pregnancies.”

“The ongoing case is extremely rare in Northern Ireland, and led pro-choice group Alliance For Choice to release the open letter.”

“Goretti Horgan, one of the signatories, explained: 

“It’s the first time, to our knowledge, that someone has actually gone past preliminary enquiry for assisting an abortion.”

“It’s unfair because hundreds of women have been doing it for years.”

“We thought the only way to get this message across was to tell the truth which is that hundreds and hundreds of women in Ireland have done exactly this. If it’s not for themselves, they do it for daughters, nieces, sisters and friends.”

“Abortion is legal in Northern Ireland, but only if a woman can prove her life is at risk.”

“Women are unable to have legal abortions if they are victims of rape or incest, given a diagnosis of foetal abnormality, or their health is at risk from pregnancy.”

“Around 4,000 women … leave the country to seek abortions elsewhere each year.”

“Many more order ‘illegal’ pills online from websites such as Women on Web which provide World Health Organisation-approved abortion pills, such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol.”

“But in Northern Ireland, helping others take these pills carries the risk of a lengthy jail sentence, and the 1861 Offences Against the Persons Act carries a penalty of life imprisonment for women who have illegal abortions.”

“Horgan, who has helped women procure abortion pills by letting them use her credit card and address, said that the letter’s signatories want to “join the woman in the dock” and will start handing themselves in to the police if no action is taken.”

“We hope that some of us will be arrested, if not all of us.”

“They should be prosecuting all of us.”

“Detective Superintendent Andrea McMullan said: 

“Police are aware of the letter and are assessing its contents.

“Abortion is a very emotive issue and as police our role is to uphold the law. It would depend on the specific circumstances of an incident as to whether or not an offence has been committed and each case would be investigated on its own merit.”

“Police would remind the public not to take prescription drugs that have not been prescribed to them. The taking of any prescription drug is potentially harmful if used without appropriate medical supervision.” 

“Suzanne Lee, a 25-year-old from Belfast, previously spoke to Telegraph Wonder Women about illegally buying abortion pills when she was a 22-year-old student at University College Dublin.”

“She said the idea of being arrested for her abortion has crossed her mind, especially since she’s spoken out publicly about it and now helps women in the Republic of Ireland buy abortion pills online.”

“It’s illegal for me to help.” 

“It wouldn’t be great to go to prison. But at the same time I’d rather have that hanging over me than wondering whether women are going to drink bleach, or throw themselves down the stairs.”

"I don’t think the Government has the guts to bring charges against me.”

'Arrest us’: Northern Irish women want to be prosecuted for breaking abortion laws (The Telegraph)

The objection under this head has no substance and is rejected. The application adequately specifies the employees who will be covered by the proposed enterprise agreement and is not deficient as suggested by ePharmacy. In my view, all that is required by s.236 (b) of the Act is that the specified employees be described in a way that is able to be understood by the employer, the employees and by the Commission. It stretches the bound of credulity to suggest that persons described by the NUW as “employees who are engaged in warehousing at the Employer’s warehouse located at 44 Raglan Street, Preston VIC 3072” do not exist or that ePharmacy does not know who such employees are. That which has webbed feet, waddles and quacks is likely to be a duck. Putting a saddle on it and calling it Phar Lap will not change that fact.
—  Gostencnik DP, National Union of Workers [2015] FWC 3819 (12 June 2015) [26].