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Phil uploaded a video last night, telling a story of a terrifying incident […] where he basically got assaulted by a personal trainer. It wasn’t good. So like we’ve joined the gym again, and what Phil wanted was like an exercise plan, so that if he’s gonna go to the gym for like half an hour and few times a week, what’s like the best thing he could do for his time? […] Maybe somebody, you know, that’s got like qualifications can tell you what’s a really good thing to do with your time. So he called up the gym, and I was there, and he spent so long on the phone saying to somebody, ’I want somebody, a personal trainer, to give me an exercise plan. I mainly want to like run and cycle and stuff, teach me how to use the machines, that’s all I want.’

omg… i was doing another comp placement match, and normally i’ve been doing just… stupidly good. like getting away with 4-5 man rez’s every time the enemy ults, even if my team loses in the end ya know i feel good about what i’ve done. (and i’ve gotten potg ¾ of the games i’ve played eheh). EXCEPT THIS LAST GAME. GOD. the enemy roadhog just… i would be hiding somehow and he would always know where i was and hook me even though i was running away from him and i would alwaaaays die as my team was down everyone and i was ready with rez. and it was SO FRUSTRATING but also incredibly impressive, i have no idea how he did it

so at the end of the game he sent me this

aaaand then promptly added me as a friend and sent me this