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Danny taking a job in construction after high school to help repair all the property he constantly damages. has weird hours and pays well. Danny’s torn between guilt that he’s making work for himself and relief that he can at the very least make up for it.

caught in a cycle of accidentally breaking streets he just fixed.

tiny Danny, surprising his coworkers with how strong he is. Danny slowly getting more visibly muscular and having a valid excuse for it. still pretending to be clumsy so his coworkers don’t question his injuries. people joking that he’s more of a hazard than the ghosts are.

Danny steadily getting really good at crafts and using his growing knowledge of construction and architecture as an advantage in ghost fighting. Danny eventually fighting an architect ghost, that brings buildings to life. Danny just sighing in the wake of the ordeal cause he knows he has to fix all this.

Danny sometimes being strait up lazy and sticking around to use his powers to fix things up after fights. because now that he knows what he’s doing, it’s so much easier than just leaving everything a disaster and having to fix things as a human later. but he can never get as much done as he wants cause ghost hunters. the rest of amity is like ‘hey let him work.’

working on an engineering degree cause it can contribute to his trade and get him in the door of some space program. even if he doesn’t get to space, he can help make rocket ships and help other people get to space (low-key might sneak onto a space shuttle when no one’s looking)

Danny pursuing his dreams in a different way and achieving some amount of satisfaction in doing it. his parents are really proud of him, because even if it isn’t ghosts, he’s still making a difference and his prospects seem better.

Danny still being 100% tired

just construction worker Danny!

“Danny pursuing his dreams in a different way” ur killing me dude

I know it was the final season and all but Sam could’ve kept her plant powers from Urban Jungle, minus the possessed outfit/form, after being infected by Undergrowth and that would’ve been really flipping cool.

Likewise, Tucker could’ve have memories of his past life as Duulaman (since I always saw it as a reincarnation situation) crop up, and, like, learn to read hieroglyphics and stuff. Maybe visiting a old banquet or something he could distantly recognize some of the ghosts in the Ghost Zone.

Sam and Tucker being mostly human but also not quite, because the plants in Sam’s greenhouse inch closer and crawl up her arms and Tucker can recite history and speeches that aren’t in their books.

Ok but like…Maddie finds out her son is Phantom through whatever means.

And like, of course, she’s freaking out because who wouldn’t when your son is DEAD and maybe she tries to rationalize it? Like “Phantom was using a trick” or whatever but after way too many signs she has to accept it. 

And she keeps it from Jack. Hell, she keeps it from her kids too. One, because she’s still trying to grasp that her kid is a ghost and two, it’s not her secret to tell. 

And maybe she starts out acting like Jazz did. Helping out from the sidelines, “missing” her shots so it hits the ghost Phantom is fighting, suddenly retreating when they’re alone, “conveniently” leaving out inventions that would help him fight, etc. 

But I’m sure she slips up because how can she not? She’s a mother, and when she sees the Wisconsin ghost beating her son to the ground how can she not interfere? 

Oh and the hell that was brought down on the Wisconsin ghost that day and the fear in Danny’s eyes when he realizes his mom knows. 

But then…she hugs him. (Is she crying?) And she was so scared for him. She thought she lost her baby. And now Danny is crying because he thought he was going to get a gun to his head but instead his mom is hugging him because somehow she found out. 

From that day on she’s a part of Team Phantom but not with a field work role (no matter how much she wants to be but how would she hide that from Jack?) Nope she’s making weapons and watching Danny to test his powers and their strengths and handing excuses to the school when he suddenly has to leave.

But there’s no way in hell Danny and his friends are doing this alone. 

There’s no way his mother would let him.

Samantha Manson headcanons to compensate for sucky canon

When Sam gets older she:

Honestly dresses how she wants to, it’s still dark and still mildly gothic but it’s not forced and it’s not just to appease a crowd

Works on her relationship with her parents, realises they weren’t as horrible as she made them seem but still realised they were still flawed

She and Danny break up, for gods sake they like each other but wrong timing sucks and for the moment? It was just teenaged puppy love

She gets into dancing, doing interpretive dance and ballet and even jazz

Stops being ultra-recyclo vegetarian or what’s it called and just becomes a normal vegetarian

Fully endorses all of the hippy nicknames Tucker gives her and dresses like a gothic flower power girl on several occasions just to fuck with him

Looses the whole hate for Paulina, endorses the whole girls helping girls thing and travels to the nicer side of feminism

Grows her hair out again but never stops dying it black

She becomes good friends with Valerie and they shop together when it’s needed or y'know just wanted

She looses the prejudice against girls who spend more than a few minuets on making themselves look nice, doesn’t necessarily do it herself but looses the whole thinking that they’re shallow mindset

danny phantom headcanons

(more headcanons, but this time it’s not meta stuff)

  • the usual common stuff that everyone else has already mentioned: he’s dead, and short, and has the cool glowy freckles. he gets horny over exciting space facts and NASA announcements, of course. 
  • when he describes to the other ghosts what it first felt like as a ghost coming out of the portal accident, he denies that he’s dead. he says stuff like “oh come ON guys it’s not like that, it just feels like my molecules got all rearranged!!”. the other ghosts are like, “dude, you’re just fucking dead.”
  • if Danny’s into astronomy, then Sam is into environmental science and Tucker of course knows a lot about computer science and coding. they spit out random extremely-specific science facts to each other when they can. its exciting 
  • Danny says “fuck” a lot. often in front of Vlad’s stinkin face.
  • To humans, Danny’s ghostly wail sounds like the majestic spooky sound that we hear in the show. but to ghosts, it just sounds like an ear-piercing bloody 30-second long scream.
  • the Fentons of course have all kinds of cool weapons designed against ghosts, but i like to think, in the very back of the house, hidden, there is one Real Normal Human Gun that they own for some reason but probably forgot about it
  • he notices that his eyebrows dont change color when he Goes Ghost unlike the rest of his hair but he doesnt rly care. he knows his eyebrows are perfect the way they are 
  • this:
  • Danny, being the curious overpowered teenage little shitball he is, DOES go into the girl’s locker room as a ghost. But then he loses sight of whatever ghost he was trying to catch and misses class time and he cant make up a fuckin excuse for Mr Lancer and he accomplishes nothing. Waste of time, karma hits that little bastard hard. I guess seeing the Big Titty just wasn’t worth it. He promises to himself not do it again. Then he does it again next week and the same exact thing happens. goddamned foolish fuck.

Danny Phantom headcanon that one reason people don’t recognize Fenton as Phantom is because, aside from the fact that it’s not a conclusion most people would easily come to, Phantom doesn’t look very human much less like Fenton.

Phantom is much more solid than most ghosts, easier to see than others but he’s always stuck in a state of semi-invisibility in which humans can see right through him. His whole body looks mostly whole but also kind of fuzzed out on the edges like he’s blending slightly in the environment. He’s most solid closest to his core but as you extend outwards, he kinds of fades a bit. He doesn’t come out well in photos because of this, many ghosts can’t be captured at all.

His snow white hair is much the same, being more like a semi-solid mist instead of hair. It can behave like a solid but it moves as if he’s underwater. The locks that float around him look to be the same consistency of a cloud and only he can really touch it. His trademark glowing green eyes are just that, glowing green. They’re practically like flashlights and are an incredibly distracting feature that casts his whole face in an eerie glow. Most people find themselves drawn to them rather than his facial features. But should you look past the eyes, his face is still hard to describe. It’s like looking at an old grainy photograph without defined faces. You can see his expressions, see him move but key features are hard to pin down. Most people would never describe the two boys as being similar, aside from the names. Even the people in the know needed time to get used to Phantom’s unfamiliar, inhuman features.

On Ghost Speak

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Ghost Speak headcanon, which is one I quite enjoy and find it interesting to contemplate despite not headcanoning it myself

But more to the point

Something I see a lot when people talk about ghost speak is, “what if danny got stuck in ghost speak,” or, “what if he just slides into ghost speak without noticing.” And while these are totally valid and happen to some real life people as well, it still bugs me a bit, because that’s generally not how speaking multiple languages work.

From my own experience, when you start becoming fluid in a second language, words sort of fuse together and become meanings and concepts above the individual words themselves. So I’ll often find myself blurting out sentences or sayings that makes no sense in either language because my brain is trying to compromise & make reason of all these sounds. Or, alternatively, trying to translate a saying from one language to another and failing (me to my english-speaking friend: “Nah, I can’t afford that, haven’t got a red shrimp”).

So imagine Danny just going in tangents about something, and using weird words and metaphors that doesn’t really make sense in English, but Sam and Tucker has sort of learnt how to decode what he means and think creatively.

Or Danny forgetting a word in english and like trying to mime it out desperately while repeatedly barking out the word in ghost and trying to make them understand.

Or Danny actually turning in his homework for once – and having done a good job on it, but still getting a subpar grade because it includes a lot of made-up words which are the result of him having badly translated the ghost speak word (ordinaration, life-turning, yessagree, as some quick examples maybe)

idk, this got long. It’s just so fun to think about.

is that technus and the ghost bugs?????

danny phantom headcanons (meta)
  • Daniel Phaniel threw the biggest pissy fit of the century in the Nickelodeon Headquarters office when his show got cancelled. this 14 year old threatened that he will send a raging army at Viacom if they dont renew his show
  • danno rarely gets official merch, but every time Nick does put a nice action figure in the market, he stares at it lovingly for a long time. he especially loves looking at those Burger King ones 
  • Danny, Spongebob, Jimmy and Timmy were considered, THE Nickelodeon squad goals back then. The Nicktoons Unite squad. Even though Danny felt uncomfortable being rendered into a 3d model the whole time, he and his besties had a lot of fun fighting Professor Calamitous. Timmy is basically his lil brother. They joke about how their hairstyle makes no sense and also that they don’t know what’s canon anymore
  • he’s best friends with Jenny Wakeman, another superpowered teenage cartoon main character whose show was cut down to 3 seasons. They feel each other’s pain
  • Part of him really wished that the world he lived in was more developed and that he gotten to know the other characters around him better, before all of it was taken away from him
  • Inside Nickelodeon’s Basement Hell of rejected, canned, and/or forgotten shows, the other cartoons like to crack a joke about how Danny “can’t ever actually die” even after cancellation because he’s already a ghost to begin with! it’s all good laughter
  • Although Danny was angry that he was pulled out of the plug early, over the years he begun to realize that maybe it was better that way, after seeing how Nick was continuously cashing out on his old friends Spongebob and Timmy season after season until all their life has been sucked out of them. he realizes, at least he’ll be fondly remembered in the hearts of many childhoods. He had a good run, he supposes. Could’ve been better but it also could’ve been much worse
  • Most of the other cartoons really love and adore their creator, but Danny doesn’t know how to feel about his. Sometimes he thinks “thank you for making me i guess” but he also thinks “wHAT in the FUCK are you TRYING TO DO???”
  • Sometimes he and the other cartoon kids watch their early first season episodes together and laugh at how awkward or off-model they used to looked back then. it was like looking at old embarassing school photos. They might not see their faces much on cable anymore, but they have a good time. Everyone in the Nickelodeon Basement Hell probably threw a big party when Zim and Arnold got to have comeback movies

So you know how Danny transforms back into a human when his ghost half gets too worn out in battle? What if the reverse is true too. What if Danny’s life is being directly threatened and, as part of his fight or flight response, he transforms into his ‘stronger’ form? Most of the time in dangerous situations, Danny transforms out of his own will, but what if it's the middle of an emergency and he automatically just goes ghost?

Ghostly Force


Danny: Waves hand in front of his face in a circular motion

Danny: The mess is very big, and the situations very bad, but we shouldn’t blow up and give detention or fire people at the drop of a pen.

Lancer: Stands in a trance

Danny: It is better if we find an alternate solution and make sure this never happens again. Students could have been very injured. Thank goodness everyone is safe.

Lancer: …….

Danny: Snaps fingers

Lancer: Oh great Lord of the flies, are you okay Danny!?

Danny: Yeah I’m okay

Danny: Dust’s some dirt off of his T-shirt

Danny: Just a little debris, that’s all 

Danny: Smiles

Lancer: Good, that’s good, now if you excuse me I have to go see what caused this and make sure to find a well thought out solution so this never happens again. 

Lancer: No one’s going to get fired or put into detention on my watch!!

Lancer: Storms away

Danny: Looks down at hands

Danny: OMG Whispers mind trick….


Danny: Holds head with hands

Danny: Ghostly force!!

Imagine if all the ghosts that usually sneak out the portal are all thrill seekers or have an obsession to fulfill or have unfinished business or didn’t really hear about Danny or didn’t believe the rumors or wanted to confirm the rumors for themselves.

Because a ghost? That lives with ghost hunters? Pfft, yeah right, as if. I mean a ghost that hunts other ghosts wouldn’t be strange at all because tada, Skulker! But one that actually lives with ghost hunters and tries to masquerade as a human? What, nah, you’ve gotta be joking. Who would do that?

What if Danny is seen as some sort of standard for daredevils or something to boast about like “Yeah I tried to ride a ghost dinosaur it was wicked” “Oh that’s cute I went over to that aMITY PARK PLACE AND STARTED A FIGHT WITH THAT BATTY GHOST LIVING WITH GHOST HUNTERS AND I’M STILL EXISTING TOP THAT!”



((I mean this also explains why the ghosts that enter the human realm are usually hostile))

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What do you think about this headcanon of mine: When Danny first transformed back into his human form he was naked 'cause his human form always wears whatever he was wearing last except his jumpsuit 'cause that's what he half died in. (This is not for anything sexual or fan service purposes. Just thought it made the most sense for his first transformation after the accident.)

Eh, I’m not really feeling it. Considering Danny himself wasn’t entirely incinerated in the blast, I feel like the suit, which was designed specifically to withstand ecto-energy, would have survived. Scorched and tattered, sure, but totally gone? Nah. Though I bet after he (almost) died in it, none of the Fentons ever wanted to see him wear it again.

Danny Phantom Graveyard Book AU where Vlad Plasmius comes to murder Jack Fenton and his family. He’s taken care of everyone, except he misses the toddler who has accidently stumbled through his parents’ ghost portal and wound up in the Ghost Zone. The Ghosts are split on what to do with the rambunctious human baby until Clockworks proclaims that the boy will live amongst the dead with the Master of Time serving as his guardian. The ghosts don’t quite get his human name so they name him Phantom.

Danny grows up in the Zone, among the dead but not one of them. Ghost Writer teaches him to read and write, Skulker teaches him tactics and how to fight, Spectra tell him how to manipulate people to his will and many, many more. Eventually it’s decided he needs to spend some time in his mortal realm attending human school under the name Daniel Phantom. He is spooky, he tends to fade into the background and slip to and from places like a shadow. Everyone avoids him like the plague, all except the local Goth girl who is intrigued and drags her only other friend, Tucker, along with her. Danny soon begins to rediscover his humanity and forms proper bonds in the human world.

But Vlad is still out looking for the boy who escaped his vengeance and, the more time Danny spends among the living and away from his undead protectors, the more visible he is. Eventually Vlad does track down Danny but by this point, Danny has 14 years of experience with ghosts and manages to defeat Vlad and his minions. Clockwork tells Danny that it’s time to leave the Zone, to join his own kind among the living but to carry everything he learned from the dead with him.

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i think a weird question/headcanon i always had was: how did Danny hide his various bruises/wounds/whatever from the people in his life outside of his friends (and Jazz after she found out). i know he wasn't v popular at school and that his parents tended to be busy but after fighting ghosts on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis you think someone would notice that this poor kid is getting his ass kicked like????

I have more of a headcanon that even though tucker jazz and sam know about his phantom life, he probably keeps most of it to himself. He seems like the type of person to hide the more grizzly side of things from those he cares about either to protect them from it or to avoid issues. He would more likely wear long sleeves all the time and insist that his injuries aren’t as bad to spare them. Honestly, if they didn’t already know about the accident, he would probably keep it under wraps and distance himself from them to save them from it. Danny is a really selfless person (except for some inconsistencies, looking at you season 3). He likely wouldn’t ask for help, bottle it up and eventually it might consume him. I know I got a little off topic here but like, outside of canon I feel like he would wear long sleeves to cover injuries, use makeup, anything really. He strikes me as someone smart enough to hide injuries without raising too many red flags about himself and anything he couldn’t hide he might just blame on dash. Danny’s a smart kid, even if his grades don’t show it. He would find away around it no matter what, I think.

After one too many close calls, Team Phantom comes up with a code for whenever one of them has a lead on one of Vlad’s schemes. They say “froot loops are on sale in aisle ___” with the aisle number being the threat level, 1-10. They’re all secretly amazed by how well it works, and no one ever questions their discussions of groceries, particularly between Jazz and Danny since they’re siblings.

Side note: Maddie comes home from getting groceries one day with a ridiculous amount of froot loops and thanks her kids for mentioning the sale.