//Maybe there are other boys in the school with Danny’s similar hair style (like this kid) and face structure (or we’ll go with looks in general) that makes it easier for Fenton and Phantom to look like two different people/beings to those who don’t know the truth about him.

If Danny showed more physical progression

Ive always liked when you can see a character grow up and change. you can see that a alittle in the show, danny becomes more muscular, and he doesnt slouch as much. You can also see he fights with much more confindence as the series goes on. So here me taking that alittle farther with some pre-MM forms, headcanons and more obvious growth

Right after the accident Dannys ghost form would look very much like how he did upon his “death”. Burns, brusises, torn clothes, ectoplasm stains, and messy hair. His core would be horribly unstable and it would be very hard for him to hold onto his form, the ectoplasm that makes up his body not being very well controlled and parts of him dissolving and floating away. He transforms into this when his core energy flares up, so he has little to no control of his transformation at this point. Once he transforms hes stuck until his energy level drops and he changes back. He also struggles to use words and speaks in ghost gibberish.

 Once Danny knows that Tucker and Sam accept him and he starts allowing himself to be seen as a ghost by them, and spending time with them, he starts to look less and less ghostly. His wounds start to heal and his core stabilizes enough so he stops transforming into his ghost half at random and he is able to keep his shape. With Tucker and Sams support he starts to work on controlling his powers, and learns to transform on command and also regains his ability to speak. He occasionally still speaks ghost accidentally throughout his life (especially if he recently spent any time in the ghost zone)

 Dannys core has completely stabilized and his appearance has become more human. Though his skin still has a green hue due to his ectoplasmic makeup. He is still very uncomfortable in this form and doesn’t like to transform unless absolutely necessary . (this would be MM timeframe). He cant hold his ghost form very long, especially if hes fighting, because while his core is stable now, its still very weak. There are heavy bags under his eyes from the amount of exertion it takes to use his powers for any large amount of time.

He has started to gain confidence as Danny Phantom, and doesn’t mind being in this form around his friends, or even just spending time in this form flying around. He now only loses his form due to injury or extreme exhaustion. His core now has enough energy that he can produce ectoplasmic blasts and shields.

By this point he has grown confident in his role as a hero.  The DP logo a symbol of that. If he didn’t have the truce with Vlad he would be confident enough to tell his parents. He has gained the Ghostly Wail (although it completely drains him) and is working on Duplication.

Now an extremely powerful ghost, he is able to use the wail without transforming and can duplicate himself (though he cant hold them for long). He has gotten older and has become more built. His hair is slightly shorter so that its not in his face (both so that he can see while fighting, and because hes gained enough self confidence that he doesn’t hide his face even as fenton). With the discovery of his  ice powers and his growing energy level, it might be time to take on Vlad on even footing.

On Ghost Speak

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Ghost Speak headcanon, which is one I quite enjoy and find it interesting to contemplate despite not headcanoning it myself

But more to the point

Something I see a lot when people talk about ghost speak is, “what if danny got stuck in ghost speak,” or, “what if he just slides into ghost speak without noticing.” And while these are totally valid and happen to some real life people as well, it still bugs me a bit, because that’s generally not how speaking multiple languages work.

From my own experience, when you start becoming fluid in a second language, words sort of fuse together and become meanings and concepts above the individual words themselves. So I’ll often find myself blurting out sentences or sayings that makes no sense in either language because my brain is trying to compromise & make reason of all these sounds. Or, alternatively, trying to translate a saying from one language to another and failing (me to my english-speaking friend: “Nah, I can’t afford that, haven’t got a red shrimp”).

So imagine Danny just going in tangents about something, and using weird words and metaphors that doesn’t really make sense in English, but Sam and Tucker has sort of learnt how to decode what he means and think creatively.

Or Danny forgetting a word in english and like trying to mime it out desperately while repeatedly barking out the word in ghost and trying to make them understand.

Or Danny actually turning in his homework for once – and having done a good job on it, but still getting a subpar grade because it includes a lot of made-up words which are the result of him having badly translated the ghost speak word (ordinaration, life-turning, yessagree, as some quick examples maybe)

idk, this got long. It’s just so fun to think about.

DP Headcanon-- "Phantom Planet" Was Actually a Dream

Aight so this is a headcanon I have developed about the ending of Danny Phantom. Behold.

My theory: Phantom Planet was actually a dream all along.

I have my reasons. For one thing, I felt like the whole thing was wayyy too rushed…

  • The reveal of both Vlad and Danny’s secret identities – Vlad’s was revealed in a rather pompous way– he seemed to almost take joy in revealing this to the world. Now, we all know Vlad is one for attention, but not this much attention. Revealing himself messes up all sorts of future plans he has had. Yes, at the moment he knew he would be promised the whole planet to rule over but he must have known that eventually anti-ghost weapons would be made and he would be defeated. Vlad would not have revealed this, he didn’t need to. He could still be Masters to the crowd’s face, take over the world, and then turn around and help out as Plasmius. Then there is Danny’s reveal. It is smooth and flawless, not even his parents are weirded out by it. not even for a moment. They seem rather jovial about it, actually. Yes, they love him lots, and yes, they just faced a potential apocalypse together, but there was little to no indication of a reaction to this news. I believe that this is the most utopian reaction Danny could ask for– what he could only dream to have happen to him.
  • The ill-timed and totally-scripted development between Danny and Sam I don’t care who you ship, I am only looking at the canon relationship. Danny and Sam have come a long way. Yes, they were so totally going to get together at some point, and they were total teases at times… but with all that happened and the way that it happened, I don’t think the timing was right. It was too rushed, again, too smooth. Danny and Sam had a gradual and rather realistic portrayal of a friendship growing into more. It was obvious they cared for each other. But to confess the way they did? With rings and all? sharing a kiss before a big moment? It all seemed a little out of this world… especially when you consider that Sam was so mad at Danny before for getting rid of his powers. It was like she was Danny’s dream version of a conscience. He got to live out in his mind what it would be like to not have powers, only to have Sam, an influential figure in his waking life, turn around and say: “hey get off your bum and do something, you know what you should be doing!” Anyways, the whole thing seemed insincere and sped-up. Could be just poor writing, but to me, Danny is still in a dream…because hey, who HASN’T had at least one dream where you impressed your crush with some heroics before you proceeded to kiss in the soft, receding glow of the sunset?
  • The world being in danger This would be Danny’s dream-way of releasing all the stress he has gathered over the years of being half-ghost. He constantly feels like the world rests on his shoulders, or at least his world. Good god, if he’s not battling a ghost he’s trying to finish his book report that counts for 40% of his final grade. If he isn’t trying to figure stuff out with his awkward teenage self, he’s trying to stop Vlad from taking over the tri-state area. I believe this to be an exaggerated form of what Danny feels all the time projected into the dream world.
  • The over-glorification of Danny That’s right, you heard me. Danny is basically heralded as the second christ or something after saving the planet… and while this is no small feat (though it was not single-handed), the fact that the special spent so long praising Danny at the end leads me to believe that this is Danny’s stressed out mind seeking some gratitude. To be fair, he isn’t thanked directly that much in the show, and as I said, it would seem like his world is constantly on the brink of falling apart between beating ghosts, living a human life, and keeping his secret. Just once he would like to receive some recognition for all of his hard work! Look! Look, it was him the whole time! Not Vlad, not his parents… and these baddies certainly did not dissipate on their own and leave their evil schemes incomplete! It was him!!!
  • Tucker becoming mayor I call bullshit. no. In no way is Tucker ready to be mayor. I’m not denying the boy is pretty much one of the brightest bulbs in his school and a tech wiz, but really? Being good with computers and leading a team of experts to build a giant ghost-device to cover the globe does not qualify you to take care of Amity Park. He is still in high school holy crap. I think this is Danny’s mind trying to put Tucker in a position that he think would be cool to see him in. Don’t you ever have those dreams where you’re like: “Yeah, my friend would TOTALLY make a great president ahah they’d be so cool…” even though it is highly unlikely that such a thing will ever occur. I think this is also a means for Danny to feel like some control is back in his life: by putting one of his most trusted friends in the head position of the city, Danny feels that someone in an influential position will indefinitely be on his side.
  • Vlad and the anti-ghost space rock Again, another bullshit move in my opinion. In the beginning we see him personally coming to check up on his progress on mining the soon-to-be-meteorite. So we know he is no stranger to this hunk of rock. In fact, he and his Maddie holograms explicitly state that the mineral that the rock is made out of is perfect for hunting ghosts and that ghosts have no effect on it. Then we later find out that after a series of actions, a giant space rock has been pushed towards earth. And, what do you know, Vlad and Danny confirm it to be the same rock as the one they were battling near just a few days ago. It is after this that we see Vlad reveal himself and basically say: “I am Plasmius, I am a ghost, I will fix our problem, now give me the earth.” Okay. Look. Vlad is a genius. He is an extremely intelligent man. there is no way he forgot about which rock he was dealing with before he confessed his secret identity and made those demands. Vlad has been effected by this mineral before; as a halfa, he is susceptible to ghost weapons, just like Danny. If this situation had happened in the waking world, Vlad would not have volunteered to go touch the rock, rather, it would be more plausible that HE would be the one to come up with Danny’s plan to turn the world intangible. I believe this is Danny’s head’s way of summing up his interpretation of Vlad in its most simplest form. Here, Danny is trying to show that Vlad can’t be right, because he’s evil. He can’t win. He won’t come up with a good idea to save everyone because that’s what Danny does. Vlad would totally try to turn the whole situation into a “get rich quick” scheme or something, and he would still try to take Maddie to boot! The frootloop wouldn’t stand a chance as a hero, right? Because he’s way too crazy, obsessed, arrogant, and just plain greedy as hell. Right. Because the man who literally can have all the money he wants, who has already claimed to be the richest man on the planet (due to his manipulation of the world’s millionaires), needs more dough. Yes the guy who has been been fighting less and less for Maddie Fenton and more and more for Danny’s DNA (and companionship? understanding??? respect? possible co-ruler? idk he’s a frootloop) wants nothing more than to rule the world and get with Danny’s mom. And CLEARLY when the Maddie holograms stated that he wanted to rule the Ghost Zone, they were mistaken. No, the richest man in the world wants to reside over the human world and get even richer. Yeah, that’s it. Because he doesn’t already have power, influence, and wealth already. Nice try, Daniel.
  • Vlad being stuck up in space I’m not going to point out the fact that Vlad suddenly does not have his helmet on in his last scene, since we presume he is just so powerful that he could survive without it. I’m not going to ponder what the effects of taking a whole anti-ghost space rock to the face would be on a halfa, since I think he logically would be immediately drained of all his power and forced into his human form whilst in the unforgiving vacuum of space. (Ew, that could be messy) No, I’m just going to drabble on the idea that this is Danny’s best solution to getting rid of Vlad once and for all. That rock-to-the-face bit was just the cherry on top for him. Think about it: Danny is an aspiring astronaut. He knows all too well about the depths of space and how it essentially would go on and expand forever. Vlad would never return then! Vlad would be gone! Oh thank you, space. I knew I liked something about you. And thanks for taking care of that frootloop for me! Anyways, all I’m saying is that Danny likes space, and Danny knows that space would be a great place to put Vlad since he would have no one to indulge his ego or his skills in manipulation. He would be all alone.
  • Just another quick reminder of Danny’s space-boner In this dream, Danny would have it all: he is in outer space, he is fighting is arch nemesis, and the primary conflict is a combination of the two. Not only is he dealing with something space and tech-related (like he would love to see since he wants to become an astronaut), but he is fighting Vlad as well. The dream ultimately allows for him to become recognized for his actions, reveal himself with little to no problem or awkwardness, and “get the girl”…all in one flawless, rather bump-free swoop. He defeats his nemesis (yay hero!), he saves the planet (yay space!), and he is set up for life (yay recognition and perks!) Basically, this all appears to be a really awesome dream for Danny, since he got all he has ever wanted since becoming a halfa within a dream’s-week.

TL;DR: Unless it was truly just poor writing, Phantom Planet might just be a dream Danny had.

(Anyone else thinking Nocturne is taking his revenge?)

what if instead of living longer because danny is a ghost, he died before the age of 20 due to the fact whenever he “goes ghost” his lifespan shortens and eventually he is a full time ghost zone resident 

dumb text post but you should read it anyway :P

Okay, so I’ve been re-reading some fanfics, and in a lot of them Danny becomes super powerful, to the point where it might be over-the-top. This is something that usually doesn’t work for me, then this occurred to me…

So you know how ghosts have obsessions and stuff? Well, we’ve seen with a few of the ghosts what happens as they feed those obsessions: they get more powerful. I think it directly correlates with their obsession, too; like Ember’s hypnotism strengthening when people chant her name so that she could influence Danny. Maybe Desiree can only grant mediocre wishes at first, but can grant bigger ones as she gains more power? Anyway, they just get more powerful.

Now, the phandom hasn’t decided on an obsession for Danny (or even that he has one), but a common one that’s used for him is protection. He has to protect people. What if, every time he saves someone, he gains more power? Every ghost fight makes him stronger, as well as more experienced? His powers could potentially never stop growing.

Anyway. Just thought I’d share. XD

jaguarchild-deactivated20140418 asked:

I feel like Sam's not totally used to physical affection (ASIDE FROM HER KICKASS GRANMA!) and that Danny would sort of tease her a little since Fenton's are known for being huggers. Plus I think that due to their relationship Danny would now feel more free to express his happy feels with her. A.k.a. Danny "the Cuddle-Bug" Fenton/Phantom!



Everyone talks about ghosts and their obsessions - even Danny’s obsession with protecting people - but I never really hear anyone talk about Vlad’s. He’s the most obsessive character on the show, really, and he fixates on so many different things: money, power, packers, Maddie, Jack, Danny…

If I had to sum up Vlad’s obsession in one sentence, it would be

“If I had [blank] then I’d be happy.”

If I had money, I’d be happy. If I had power, I’d be happy.

If I had love… revenge… a family…

First he stole, using his powers for personal gain to attain wealth. But that wasn’t enough. Unsatisfied, he reached for more; power, recognition, influence. At the 20 year reunion, he’s reminded of college; convinced that’s where everything went wrong, he tries to kill Jack, to woo Maddie… to become Danny’s mentor, which changes into the desire to be his father…

Vlad keeps trying to fill that [blank], but when he does, he still wants more. He keeps reaching for more - fame, (Eye for an Eye) leadership (Infinite realms) world domination (Phantom Planet). He’s been obsessed with it all his life. Danny’s just his latest project. 

I think the main reason Vlad loses it as the series goes on is because he’s slowly realizing that no, none of that will really make him happy, and he doesn’t know what to do.

Ok, but consider this:
Danny being stuck in a rather big room that makes his voice echo ever so slightly, like it does in his ghost form. When he would speak, it would catch him off-guard and he’d be checking himself over constantly to make sure he hasn’t spontaneously turned into Phantom

Or to take it further, being stuck like that with his parents – only he would forget that he was in Fenton form, and start talking about things & doing things that their dear son Danny Fenton would neither have the knowledge of or ability to do. Talk about the other ghosts casually? Check. Phasing in and out of things? Check. Shooting ectoblasts out of his bare hands? Checky-check-check.


Okay, so you know how Valerie is obsessed with getting revenge on Danny for making her dad lose his job? He lost his job because the security he (designed?) was in charge of wasn’t ghost proof, but at that time in the series Amity Park still didn’t really know that ghosts exist. There was no way for Damon to have been able to make the security ghost proof. You’d think that once that was cleared up later, they’d give him his old job back, right? So why didn’t they?

The answer is this: VLAD IS PREVENTING DAMON FROM GETTING HIS ORIGINAL JOB BACK TO KEEP BOTH HIM AND VALERIE IN POVERTY. Vlad jumped on the opportunity that a revenge-bent, marshal-arts trained girl presented when this happened, and he wasn’t going to let it go. In Flirting With Disaster, we see that Vlad has become the owner of Axion Labs. He has ultimate say in what happens and who gets what job.


fun vladdie headcanon

Headcanon that Vlad is a brat and doesn’t eat his vegetables as often as he should.

Can’t you see him being invited over to the Fentons for a weekly dinner a few years after PP (+ mending their relationship) and it going down like:

“Vlad? What are you doing?”

“Hm? Oh, nothing…”

“Are you seriously eating everything but the carrots?”

*mumbles* “…I don’t like carrots.”

“He doesn’t like carrots, mom… or any vegetables for that matter.”

*Vlad glares at Daniel*

“What? It’s not exactly uncommon knowledge that you’re a petulant fruitloop who hides his veggies like a 5-year-old.”

Thank you Daniel for sharing with the table one of your new SAT words– undoubtedly one your friends has just taught you how to use it properly in a sentence. Congratulations. Tell me: can you even spell ‘petulant’?”

“Are you serious? I’ve come back home to a weekend of this????

“Jasmine I’m sorry. You’re right, this isn’t appropriate table discourse…*ehem* but Daniel did start it–”

“–ENOUGH. Now Vlad, why don’t you just…. try the carrots, hm?”

“Maddie, you know how I love everything you make, but I see no point in–”

*sigh* Just eat the stupid carrots Plasmius, they’re good for you.”

“Mm. While I appreciate your 'concern’ for my health–”


“HEH-HEY, FAMILY!!! Oh, Vladdie’s over again! Good to see ya, V-Man!!”

Jack! Perfect timing. Look, I’ve saved you some carrots…”

“Oh no you don’t. Jack, those are Vlad’s carrots. But he’s refusing to eat them…”

“Well then why don’t I help him out? Wouldn’t want food to go to waste…”

“There, you see? Thank you Jack, I knew I could count on you.”

*Maddie groans*

“Don’t worry mom, you’ll get him next time.”

DP Origins Headcanon

You know, I have noticed, it’s sort of a fandom thing to assume Vlad Masters is Russian. I think this stems from the fact that a lot of people believe his full name to be Vladimir, which tends to be a common Russian name. 

As fun as the name Vladimir is, I actually don’t think that it’s Vlad’s full name, and I personally don’t think his origins are from Russia, but instead, Romania.

Vlad’s character design was based heavily on Dracula. The origins of Dracula came from Vlad Drăculești (also known as Vlad the Impaler) who hailed from Romania. This is pretty obvious with the vampire-themed ghost appearance, the castle mansion, the name “Plasmius” (deriving from Plasma or ‘blood’) and the fact that his first name is also Vlad. Not to mention, there were rumors that Vlad Masters was originally suppose to appear in the series as a vampire, but the idea was too dark for the series. 

So, I personally believe if Vlad has origins outside of the United States, they would probably be in Romania and not Russia, considering his heavy Dracula themed design. And if he were to speak a second language it would be Romanian and not Russian. On top of that, Vlad is potentially his full name and not just a shortened version of Vladimir, since Vlad Dracula’s full name was not Vladimir, but simply Vlad.

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Because trans Danny makes almost zero sense.

Oh you’re one of those people aren’t you.

First of all, people’s opinions of what is and is not realistic is irrelevant. It’s how they deal with it that counts. And in this case, people choose to attack others and try to invalidate a FUCKING HEADCANON. HOW LOW CAN YOU FUCKING GET? This fandom already had a 3-ish year long fandom war over GAY SHIPS. And the conclusion of the war? Mind your own damn business. But it looks like people forgot that lesson, or too many noobs decided to get riled up. Because nobody who went through the goddamn fandom war wants another one. And the fact that both issues in this fandom have been about LGBTQ+ issues, and the fact that the show’s creator helped exacerbate the issue just blow my fucking mind. Literally trying to police the fandom. Not contribute to, not interact with, POLICE IT. And this whole situation right here is what really gets me. Literally why????????? Would you do that???? To your own show’s fandom???? Why would you tear it apart???????? ((A lesson should have been learned to first time around, but apparently not.))

And if this sort of thing happens a third time (esp. again over lgbtq+ issues) I am going to fucking scream and accept that Butch Hartman is probably queerphobic af.

And secondly, the part I don’t get is why this fandom is fighting over a fucking headcanon/AU (that’s right it’s a fucking headcanon/AU) when more ridiculous AUs have been done in this fandom without anyone complaining. Things that arguably make even less sense. And don’t even get me started on making background characters legit characters. How about the blood blossom crown AU? Or headless Danny? How about fucking PINK PANTS AU????????? LET’S TALK PINK PANTS, ANON.

Even if the trans Danny headcanon/AU had no canon material that gave credence to it, it wouldn’t be alone in being a popular headcanon/AU that makes no sense. But it does. It does make sense. There is so much canon material that can be read as trans Danny.

So let me just leave these here:













And you know what? http://leothenewguy.tumblr.com/post/123328587243/the-fandom-has-been-dead-for-years-but-i-just-need









And there are many, many more posts trying to help point out that trans Danny makes sense, but you can look for them yourself if you care that much.