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Snapshots: Phantom never changed, even though everything–everyone–else did. Even Dani. Especially Dani. Danny didn’t realize what that meant until later. AU 

(Part I) Part II: Picking up the pieces isn’t easy. The old normal is gone, and too much has changed to pretend the new one will bear any resemblance to it.

Warning: implied abuse in the second last scene

@faiasakura here’s part two of that Phanniemay 2018 Day 24 snippet!

Time meant nothing in the Ghost Zone. Danny barely slept, resting only when he needed to and searching endlessly under the eerie green light. It dimmed to almost nothing in the vast area called the Darkness, but it was a place filled with lost souls. He chased every gleam of light he saw, every faint hope, but there was no sign of Jazz, just as there had been no sign of her anywhere else. He wandered with increasing desperation, asking everyone if they’d met her, heard of her, anything, and didn’t realize he’d become lost himself until something collided with his head.

It fell to the smooth purple rock at his feet with a clatter that echoed against the walls of the cavern he was searching. He stared at it dumbly, absently rubbing the sore spot where it had hit. It was all bright metal, smooth and shiny and somehow wrong. It gleamed with more than just reflected light, faintly pulsing with false power—stolen power—at its centre. It didn’t belong in this world. It—

There was something tied to it.

Logic reasserted itself, and Danny reached down to pick up the Booo-merang. The note was fastened on with multiple Fenton Elastics, their wide bands emblazoned with the FentonWorks symbol. Danny worked the note free, tears stinging his eyes and an ache growing in his chest as he remembered the last time he’d gotten a note this way—and the person who had sent it.

The note was written in his mother’s hand, shakier than usual but still recognizable. Danny, it read, please, come home. We need you. You’re our son, and— There was a tear in the paper, and he couldn’t make out the smudge of ink in the next few lines aside from the odd word (family and home and Jazz) until it concluded —finds you. It always did before. Please come back to us, sweetie.

Going back now would be admitting that maybe Jazz hadn’t come back after all, that maybe she wasn’t somewhere even he could find her. It meant admitting that she was gone. That he really wouldn’t see her again, in any form. That they wouldn’t have a chance to finish their conversation.

But the note was from his mother. Not Sam, not Tucker, not even Vlad. And she’d sent it into the Ghost Zone with the Booo-merang, likely with no more certainty than Jazz had had that it would find him but trying to be confident that it would. Because it had to. Because it always did, in the end. It was keyed into Danny Phantom’s ecto-signature, after all.

Please, come home.

Jazz would never come home again.

We need you.

Even though they still needed her.

Please, come back to us.

Jazz was gone. She wasn’t coming back, even though he’d never gotten a chance to say goodbye.

Chest tight and suddenly unsteady on his feet, Danny sat down. When the tears came, he didn’t try to hold them back or reason them away. Instead, he sobbed until his eyes were dry and his breathing even again.

And then he started back home, the Booo-merang clutched tightly in one hand and the sodden remnants of the note in the other.

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so, @promsien and i are doing a talaent trade, so i’m giving out my half of the trade!

she requested i do a fic based off her pupil au

enjoy the fic!!


Danny knew something was off about Vlad today. The older man looked a bit pale, followed by him coughing every once in a while, and his face looking a bit flushed. Danny frowned at Vlad when the two were getting ready to start their usual sparring, only for Vlad to pause to turn his head to start a coughing fit. Danny lowered his fists down, biting his lower lip.

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Anyone who knows me from FF.net remember, years ago, when I said I was debating writing a sequel to my Danny Phantom fic Confessions and possibly tying it into Complications so I could pretend those all happened in the same universe? The fact that I never decided whether I should officially tie it in is one of the reasons this sequel stalled, but here’s the start of it.

All Maddie did was look at the ghost files on the computer; she didn’t expect to learn so much–or be reminded of just how little she knew.

It wasn’t very often that Maddie was home alone. Usually, Jack was with her or Jazz was up in her room, studying or doing homework. But both her husband and daughter were out with her son, doing something she never would have dreamed they would be doing even a month earlier: they were out patrolling. Ghost hunting.

Target practice, Danny had called it. Jazz had improved since she’d started helping him, he’d said, but Jack still needed to work on his aim. “I shouldn’t be safer floating in one spot than flying around,” Danny had pointed out. “And let’s face it. I’m better off staying right where I am when Dad’s shooting at me.”

But it wasn’t just target practice. It wasn’t just patrolling. It wasn’t just hunting together, giving Danny and Jazz a chance to bond with their father. They’d needed to make a statement: that the Fentons had decided to support Danny Phantom. Working with him was their way of getting the public to accept it.

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Pompous Pep and 28 please

28) “Marry me?”

Danny choked back a laugh, looking at Vlad. “What?”

Vlad pulled out a ring from his pocket, showing it to Danny. “I’m serious, Daniel.”

Danny stared down at the ring and looked back at Vlad. “S-Shouldn’t you be on one knee when you’re asking that question?” Danny asked, awkwardly smiling.

“Do you want me to?” Vlad asked, already doing down. Danny shook his head, stopping Vlad.

“No, no. Y-You don’t have to.” Danny said.

“Oh good, because it hurts my knees when I do.” Vlad said, standing back up. He waited for Danny to chuckle but he didn’t. “I just took a crack about my age, Daniel.”

“Vlad, you’re asking me to marry you. That’s a pretty huge thing.” Danny said.

Vlad sighed, looking down at the ring. He placed it in Danny’s hand. He looked back up at Danny.

“I love you, Daniel. There are many things I’ve always wanted in life, but the main thing was love. I want to marry the person I love and continue spending the rest of my life with them. Which is you. Is that okay?”

Danny closed his hand over the ring and looked back up at Vlad. He swallowed and smiled. “Okay.”

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"Ghosts? If you want to know about ghosts, you should ask that Fenton kid." SuperPhantom?

Here you go, @lypten-tee! If anyone’s wondering, it’s a different vein than the one done for @sapphireswimming, even though both are SuperPhantom.

“Ghosts? If you want to know about ghosts, you should ask that Fenton kid.” The blonde girl pointed to the corner of the restaurant (if you can call a place named the Nasty Burger a restaurant) where three other teenagers sat. “His parents are all over that kind of thing. He’s the loser in the white tee that looks like his hair has never seen a brush.”

“Uh, thanks.” Sam eased the lid of the laptop closed and smiled at the teenager. He wasn’t used to people reading the laptop screen over his shoulder, but most days, he and Dean could pick a booth that wasn’t as exposed as this one.

Still, he couldn’t afford to look a gift horse in the mouth. The information on this place was a mess. For all that Amity Park and even the neighbouring Elmerton seemed to be a hub of ghostly activity, it was difficult to find someone past the city limits who believed the stories that came out of either place. Most hunters had written it off as some kind of elaborate tourist trap, but Sam and Dean had been nearby, and, well, they hadn’t had much luck finding Cas, so they’d decided to swing by on their way back to Kansas.

Fifteen minutes in, they hadn’t seen a ghost, but they’d seen far more construction and property damage than was usual for a town this size. Dean had said they might as well get some grub while they waited and had picked this place because the name had amused him. Sam just hoped the food was edible.

“Foley’s Ghost Tours are a rip-off,” the girl added. “He’ll probably try to sell you on one, but it’s not worth your money. Ghosts don’t stick to routes like the tour has to, but you’ll be sure to see some if you hang around. It’s rare not to see Phantom fighting someone.”

“Phantom?” The name kept coming up, but never from what he’d consider a reliable resource. Practically nothing on Amity Park was coming from something he wasn’t convinced was made up by a kid holed up in a bedroom or basement. He’d actually learned more useful information within ten seconds of talking to this girl than he had in ten minutes with only semi-reliable WiFi.

The girl smiled. “He’s definitely the best ghost hunter in this town, and cute, too, but don’t say that to Danny because his parents are ghost hunters and that’s probably a sore subject.” She turned her head as the door opened and then said, “Oh, that’s Paulina. I’ve gotta go.”

She ran off to meet her friend, and Dean came back to the table with a tray laden with food. “Got you a tofu burger,” he announced, tossing a package to Sam. “And a soy shake. So stop making that face at me. You can at least pretend to be a normal human male.”

“Choosing to eat healthy doesn’t make me abnormal, Dean.”

“Dude, this is America,” Dean said around a mouthful of hamburger. A bit of sauce dribbled down his chin, and he grabbed a napkin to wipe it off. “The only people who eat healthy are the ones who have to and the weirdoes.” He took another bite of his burger and moaned with pleasure, saying, “Man, this is good,” before he swallowed.

Sam decided now was not the time to rehash an old argument. “There’re some hunters in town who’ve gone domestic,” he said quietly. “The Fentons.”

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DP AU - The Apprentice & The Engineer (pt 1)

“That’s the last of ‘em!” Sam said, wiping her brow and charging down her blaster. She locked her Fenton Thermos and secured it to her belt with a little flip.

“Good.” said Maddie. She picked up the Infi-map where it had been dropped in battle and handed it to her son. “I think your large, fuzzy friend will be glad to have this back.”

“I think so too, but…” Danny was sure to keep the map rolled up, “I dunno. This is the fourth time someone has tried to use it for some crazy ghost scheme.”

“Well, we can’t keep it here!” Tucker’s voice rang out over the Fenton Phones from back at HQ. He had been watching the fight and operating remotely while Technus had tried to bring ancient 80′s gear back into the present, eliminate modern technology, and give rise to a nostalgic era over which he would have ruled with an iron power glove.

“It attracts way too much ghost activity to Amity Park!”

“I agree, Tuck. It wouldn’t be safe, but…”

“… But what if Frostbite and his clan’s protection isn’t enough anymore?” Jazz finished for him, also on monitor duty at HQ. She crossed her arms, deep in thought.

“What do you want to do, son?” Jack Fenton said, finally having made his way over to the field group. Danny eyed his father who had just last year lost his leg in a ghost incident. ‘I put them through enough here as it is.’ The ghost hybrid reflected privately. After another moment to collect his thoughts, Danny made his decision.

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So there’s a million things wrong with season 3, but there’s one thing that hardly anyone ever touches on that I think would have added a lot of emotional depth: Jazz’s envy. In Reality Trip, she even said that she sometimes wished she was a ghost. Sure, she said it to get in Freakshow’s head, but she was definitely thinking it for a long time before that.

I’d want to see that jealousy building, especially if Jack and Maddie form a truce with Phantom. Maybe Jazz even convinces Danny not to reveal his secret identity. She’s the oldest and is no stranger to Danny coming in and stealing her light, because that’s what happens when you suddenly aren’t the youngest anymore. And now it feels like it’s happening all over again.

Jazz pushes herself further and further, trying to stand out when her brother is already so special, and she just feels she can’t keep up. It doesn’t matter how hard she tries, how many As and accolades she gets, she just doesn’t compare.

Maybe it’s Desiree, maybe it’s Vlad, maybe it’s some mystical artifact- it doesn’t matter. Jazz becomes some twisted, dark version of herself with ghost powers, and she targets her own family. Her parents, for not noticing her, and Danny, for making it so impossible to be seen.

At the end of the arc, Danny beats the bad guy (and probably has his identity revealed to his parents in the process), and Jazz goes back to normal. Of course, there are lots of tears and apologies on all sides, and there’s a deeper bond between Danny and Jazz, one where Danny knows he doesn’t have to make himself seem lesser and Jazz knows that she is enough just being her and doesn’t have to compete.

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danny lets his guard down for a brief moment, and vlad takes full advantage of it (interpret that any way you wish ehehehe *evil grin*)

Vlad paused when he saw the tears brimming in Danny’s eyes. It was brief and it was quick, but for a moment, Danny actually looked like a scared child. Danny glared at him, formed a fist and attempted to punch Vlad.

Vlad grabbed his wrist and pulled Danny towards him. Danny tried pulling away, spitting out angry insults at Vlad while hiding the fact he was near crying. Vlad didn’t say much nor did anything. He just held Danny close to him.

Danny’s attempts lessen by the seconds until he completely stopped. He was resting his forehead on Vlad’s chest, panting heavily as his eyes were watering. They were both very still.

“Daniel,” Vlad said, “Are you alright?”

Danny’s face scrunched up, tears now streaming down. He closed his eyes tightly, now pressing his face on Vlad’s chest. He sobbed, his small body shivering.

Vlad released Danny’s wrist as he slowly and carefully wrapped his arms around Danny. He rubbed Danny’s back, shushing him softly. Danny clung onto Vlad, crying.

“It’s alright, it’s alright.” Vlad whispered, trying to soothe Danny’s frustrated wails.

For that brief moment, they weren’t playing hero and villain.

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Hey do you have any favorite DP fics? I loved the series as a kid and recently I found some DP blogs and they reminded me of my love so I'm trying O get back into the fandom

Sure, I have lots of fics saved, both regular DP and crossovers.

DP fics 

Secrets Revealed by RedHeadsRock1010- A series of DP drabbles ranging in genre, all of which result in Danny’s secret getting out.

Dawning of a Sun by pearl84- Very very VERY long AU fic, probably my absolute favorite. Very worth the read.

Morality Recommended by frotesque- Future Gray Ghost fic, definitely one of my favorites.

Territory by  toothbrushattack- Short one-shot about Danny making Amity his lair, ft. cute box-ghost content.

feel the outside turning in by anthrop- horror/supernatural genre fic where Danny leaves his body instead of his magical girl transformation

Ectoplasm on a School Night by BeachCat- Short Lancer-Danny bonding fic

Phantom’s Sketchbook by AkoyaMizuno- Pretty much everyone has read this I think, one of my favs. Lancer-centric.

Phantom of Truth and Shadow of a Doubt by HaiJu- Very very angsty Maddie-Danny-centric fic and it’s sequel, I highly recommend reading these at least once!! 

Deathday Revelations by Angel Baby1- Short humor reveal fic, also one of my favs.

You Should Be Dead by SaphireDragon11- Angsty fic in which Dash and Kwan think they’ve killed Danny and are shocked when he comes to school the next day

Estrelas by Shimegami-chan- Amethyst Ocean AU where Danny is a ghost Sam meets in her grandmother’s attic

A Snapping Sound by Represent- Horror AU fic, Amethyst Ocean. 

Roughing It by HaiJu- Maddie-Phantom bonding fic

Treading Water by The Full Catastrophe- Mer!Danny AU fic


The Phantom by Hollow Mashiro- Crossover between DP and Code Geass 

Harry Potter and the Phantom King by SonicCrazyGal- Ghost king AU crossover with HP 

Danny Phantom x Marvel Drabbles by Triangle GoddessName is self explanatory, one of my personal favorite authors. DP and Marvel crossover drabbles.

Deeper, Darker by SilverMoonPhantom- Crossover between DP and Stranger Things, one of my personal favorite fics.

I Can Explain by scatterbrainz- DPxSupernatural crossover

Trigger Happy by Cabbit and the Weasel- One-shot DPxJustice League crossover 

Inspired by Vitaliciouscreations- A series of DPxSupernatural drabbles

Our Babysitter’s a Ghost by salvainterra- DPxGravity Falls crossover

DP Fic Exchange

Here’s my fic for the fic exchange for @rainsart based on this piece (x). I went a little overboard with this one, but I hope you enjoy! ^.^  (Btw, the timeline on this is vague.)


“Danny, stop pacing. You’re going to make a hole in the floor.” Danny was snapped out of his pacing. He turned to Jazz who looked about thirty seconds away from throwing her book at him. Her fingers drummed against the side of the book, as one of her eyes actually twitched in irritation.

 Maybe he shouldn’t have been pacing in the living room, but he was twitchy damn it. 

He huffed  and let his arms flop dramatically on top of the couch. “They’re late,” He bemoaned.

“People can be late.” Faux patience laced her voice.

“Sam isn’t!”

“And Tucker?”

“...Okay, but-”

Jazz slammed her book, making a move to stand up. “Danny,” Oh shit, she had on her mom voice. Danny already straightened his back and crossed his arms over his chest before he even realized what he was doing. It seemed like she was going to go on lecture mode, but she stopped. She stared at him a moment, and after her eyes danced up and down his face, she let out a soft sigh and settled back down in her seat.

“Just, you’re over thinking this,” Jazz finally managed, “Sam had to pick up Tucker and you know how he’s always late for everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if they knock on that door in the next few minutes, bickering like they always do.”

Danny picked at the end of binder. It fit snuggly against his skin. It felt different from his usual binders, having been made water-proof for days at the pool. Like today. Where his friends were supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago to go to the water park.

This would be the first time he went to a waterpark like this. Just in a binder and swim trunks. He knew he shouldn’t be nervous. It wasn’t like his friends really cared, but that small ‘what if’ always danced in the back of his head. It was stupid. He knew it was. But anxiety made you think stupid things that weren’t true, and it sucked.

Danny let out an irritated sigh, glaring at the ground. Where were Sam and Tucker? They could make him stop thinking stupid thoughts.

“Hello? Earth to Danny? You’re not an astronaut yet, little brother, so don’t space out on me.”

Shaking his head, he tried to clear his stupid thoughts. He was about to respond, but then he realized-

-Jazz had punned.

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The Poetry of Laughter (Neil, Todd)

Summary: Neil loves finding reasons to get his hands on Todd; Todd doesn’t really mind. (Guess who decided to collab again?! That’s right, @nhasablog and I decided to write a little Dead Poets Society piece together, and we hope you enjoy!)

They were sitting in their dorm room, making their usual small talk; boring classes, disgusting amounts of homework, pointless assignments. It was the weekend, finally, and they would have some time to relax. They sat crossed-legged beside each other on Neil’s bed.

“Do you know what the play is going to be this year?” Todd asked, lightening the mood from all the talk of school.

“No, but I have a feeling it’s going to be Romeo & Juliet,” Neil replied.

How exactly he had this feeling, Todd wasn’t sure, but didn’t question it. “You’d be a great Romeo,” he said.

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Secret Powers

The powers come slowly.

Jazz only notices after a while. She’s stronger than she used to be. Faster. Her high scores at the Fenton Virtual Training Helmet have increased, but that’s only the start.
She discovers she can hear things a month after the incident. Hums. Electrical cords, devices, but also, signals. Bits of binary transmitted over the air, from cell phones and computers.
What’s more, somehow, if she concentrates, they unfold themselves into meaningful words.

It’s embarassing, to listen. It feels like an invasion of privacy. But somehow, she can’t turn away. It soon becomes natural, like you’d use your eyes.
She stands in crowds. She goes up to the rooftop to listen to shortwave radio signals without needing a receiver.

It’s only when she stays up one night— all night— and doesn’t feel tired the next morning that she realizes she doesn’t need sleep like she used to.

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If you're still accepting prompts, could you do a F to M trans!Danny related oneshot maybe? That head canon needs more love.

(i’ve always given the headcanon love, lol. this can follow the previous trans!danny fics i’ve written before)

Danny shut the door of his bedroom, locking it. He dropped his backpack and sat on his bed. He removed his shirt, and started to undo his binder. He let out a sigh of relief, giving himself a stretch. He placed his binder next to him.

It was a long day, and it probably wasn’t a good idea to push his luck with that run-in with a ghost earlier. He laid back on his bed, staring up at the ceiling.

He idly scratched his chest, allowing himself to breathe. He was just so tired, all he wanted to do was sleep. He felt his phone buzzed however and Danny groaned.

He went into his pocket and pulled it out, seeing he has received a text from Tucker. Apparently, Tucker spotted a ghost, saying it was probably Skulker. Again, Danny groaned.

“Goddamnit, I just got home. Come on…” He whined.

With a sigh, he sat back up and reached over for his binder. He paused, looking down at it. He remembered the warnings Vlad told him when he purchased the binder for him. Wearing it for too long can cause some damage.

“Aah, I’ll be fine.” Danny mumbled and put the binder back on.

“I can totally kick Skulker’s butt in less than two minutes and be back home for a nap.” Danny said with confidence.

He slipped his shirt back on and went to his window. Transforming into his ghost form, Danny jumped out the window and began to fly.

list of interesting things that have happened with this blog

  • a person has reported that someone thought i was Butch Hartman
  • someone OUT OF NOWHERE formerly introduced themselves to me in tumblr messages and it went something like “Hello i make gay porn art” and then spammed my tumblr messages with many crudely drawn MS Paint drawings of danny/randy porn (???????????????????)
  • someone who followed my blog and knew about my guacamole comics apparently went to my school and we were in the same spanish class a few years back. we have reconnected and our irl conversations just consists us saying “egg” to each other in the hallways
  • diddles piddles theme song is a thing that exists in this physical dimension
  • people are making the Danny goes to Nasty Burger fic because of that one post i made wheres its like “why isnt there a DP fic equivalent to dipper goes to taco bell” and i hate it, i regret it, i regret everything,,
  • @midnightsbloom​ is able to fully recreate my art style and use it to make fanart of an anime that i never watched before (???????????????????)
  • this is a super late reaction but apparently I JUST FOUND OUT in the DP discord theres a keychain and phone case with one of my diddly darn doodles. i love it btw