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would anybody be opposed to me making a slightly fun slightly edgy danny phantom playlist

my music taste is pretty good and fairly wide so it shouldnt be awful lmao (but still feel free 2 make a suggestion if u want)

i made mystic messenger playlists like ages ago that i never posted because i didnt have time to make graphics. but i spent ages on them so they at least ought to be available. i’ll hopefully be posted those soon

I really appreciate the smug self-satisfaction an unpleasant number of healers have about themselves when, almost to a man, every healer I’ve encountered in DF has been an incompetent asshole who’d rather spam DPS abilities and drop HoTs during group-pulls than actually heal like someone who wasn’t dropped on their head as an infant.

I’ve made this joke before, but there are neurosurgeons who are less self-important about their status as healers than people who play healers in MMOs.

anonymous asked:

ive received a lot of compliments on my mercy lately and,, im trying to keep those in mind when i get some teams that,, idk, i just cant work with? or some dps players that spam me with I need healing ;; but its so frustrating? like, its a Quick Play, why do you care so much?? sigh

Some people want to treat quick play like comp but there's just no rank and its unfortunate. There are teams that click and some that don’t no worries!! It’s definitely good to keep those compliments in mind, and remember there are those who really appreciate you playing support!

Scholar Guide and Macros

# Cast buff/debuff spell without requirement of targeting the enemy or player

/micon "Energy Drain"
/ac "Energy Drain" <tt>
/ac "Energy Drain" <t>

/micon "Virus"
/ac "Virus" <tt>
/ac "Virus" <t>

/micon "Eye for an Eye"
/ac "Eye for an Eye" <t>
/ac "Eye for an Eye" <tt>

# Cute summon of Eos and Selene. I always put Eos in Manual (Obey), and leave Selene on automatic (Sic)

/micon "Summon"
/ac "Swiftcast" <wait.1>
/ac "Summon"
/blowkiss motion <wait.3>
/pac "Obey" <me>

/micon "Summon II"
/ac "Swiftcast" <wait.1>
/ac "Summon II"
/blowkiss motion <wait.3>
/pac "Sic" <me>

# I don’t like wasting time spamming pet abilities, have the macro do it for me. I actually use these independently now. Like Covenant for Gigaflare, Illumination for Flare Breath 3x, Whispering Dawn after a nasty Giga or Rage of Bahamut.

/micon "Whispering Dawn" pet
/ac "Rouse" <wait.1>
/pac "Whispering Dawn" <wait.1>
/pac "Whispering Dawn" <wait.1>
/pac "Whispering Dawn" <wait.1>
/pac "Whispering Dawn" <wait.1>
/pac "Whispering Dawn" <wait.1>

/micon "Fey Covenant" pet
/pac "Fey Covenant" <wait.1>
/pac "Fey Covenant" <wait.1>
/pac "Fey Covenant" <wait.1>
/pac "Fey Covenant" <wait.1>
/pac "Fey Covenant" <wait.1>

/micon "Fey Illumination" pet
/pac "Fey Illumination" <wait.1>
/pac "Fey Illumination" <wait.1>
/pac "Fey Illumination" <wait.1>
/pac "Fey Illumination" <wait.1>
/pac "Fey Illumination" <wait.1>

# Lazy pre-battle buffing

/micon "Stoneskin"
/ac "Stoneskin" <1> <wait.4>
/ac "Stoneskin" <2> <wait.4>
/ac "Stoneskin" <3> <wait.4>
/ac "Stoneskin" <4> <wait.4>
/ac "Stoneskin" <5> <wait.4>
/ac "Stoneskin" <6> <wait.4>
/ac "Stoneskin" <7> <wait.4>
/ac "Stoneskin" <8> <wait.4>
/ac "Protect"

# Quick and easy raise. It tries to raise tanks/healers first assuming you put them at the top then goes bottom-up for DPS

/micon “Resurrection”
/p <se.10> Resurrection <se.5>
/ac "Swiftcast" <wait.1>
/ac "Resurrection" <2>
/ac "Resurrection" <3>
/ac "Resurrection" <4>
/ac "Resurrection" <8>
/ac "Resurrection" <7>
/ac "Resurrection" <6>
/ac "Resurrection" <5>

# Important DPS Macros. Spams Embrace on tank (target of target) while you DPS. Alternately do “Bio II” <t> and keep tank targeted, but I like the flexibility of being able to choose a target. I put Lustrate on my DPS crossbars so that I don’t have to change targets+bars to do an emergency heal.

/micon "Lustrate"
/ac "Lustrate" <tt>
/pac "Embrace" <tt>

/micon "Bio II"
/ac "Bio II"
/pac "Embrace" <tt>

/micon "Miasma"
/ac "Miasma"
/pac "Embrace" <tt>

/micon "Bio"
/ac "Bio"
/pac "Embrace" <tt>

/micon "Aero"
/ac "Aero"
/pac "Embrace" <tt>

/micon "Ruin"
/ac "Ruin"
/pac "Embrace" <tt>

/micon "Ruin II"
/ac "Ruin II"
/pac "Embrace" <tt>

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