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Remember that time on Danny Phantom when all of his friends and family died in an explosion so he had to live with his arch-enemy and became so depressed he wanted to split himself apart but then his ghost half ripped out his arch-nemesis’ ghost half and fused with it, then killed his human half and destroyed a good portion of both the human world and the ghost zone?

Danny Phantom rarepair week!

Hello Phans! Us, @punkhalfghosts, @narwhalsarefalling and @ectopusses are proud to announce our first rarepair week!

the event will begin on March 19th and run to March 25th. that’s almost a month of planning and preparing your entries!

the themes this year will be:

March 19: colors/grey 

March 20: aliens/cryptids 

March 21: first date/fist date 

March 22: free day! 

March 23: food/forest 

March 24: pens/books 

March 25: blood/bruises

We will not be reblogging any NSFW (unless its onto a separate unofficial blog for this event) but we WILL be reblogging any gore or blood! we will tag any triggers as “gore //”, “blood //”, “bluespace //”, etc.

We’ll accept all forms of creativity as well! Maybe you made a AMV or wrote a song? We’ll still accept it as an entry! (Fanfic or fanart will of course, be reblogged!) 

remember to post your creations as #dp rarepair week, #dp rarepair week 2017, and of course #danny phantom so everyone can see it! It will also help us out if you tag it by the ship name for organization purposes.

if you have any questions, feel free to leave us an ask either on this blog or one of our mains! 

The DP Phandom Must Look so Confusing from the Outside

So I was scrolling through some DP posts and had to wonder what people who’ve never seen the Phandom must think ‘cause I mean…

On one hand we have these posts praising Danny, calling him a precious child whom we must protect. We say that we should let the kid have a break, drawing pictures of the kids sleeping for once, and just hanging out living his life because he’s so stressed 90 percent of the time…

On the other hand, we have 1) ghost hunger, 2) many, many vissections/ dissections, 3) GIW captures, 4) Too many torture fics, 5) Danny going insane, 6) more torture, 7) TUE AUs where everyone is dead and Danny is angsting over the death of his family, 8) angst, 9) much angst, 10) and did I mention torture? Because wow, there’s ton of torture for this poor boy.

Then there’s Dan Phantom. The Phandom knows that he’s evil incarnate and the worst thing ever for everyone. Danny has nightmares and fears his very existence. We even have some fics where he comes back and destroys everything, as Danny watches his family get killed in the background. Simply put, he’s the ultimate enemy… 

And then there’s the pictures of Dan teasing Danny like an older brother and cuddling up to Jazz like a little demented puppy.

The fact that the Phandom is divided on whether Vlad is a misunderstood, old man who needs companionship (in what way and from who depends on the person),a  hug, and just really a person who cares about him, or if he’s an evil megalomaniac who should be hated and shunned for his actions for all eternity for what he has done to everyone.  

…Or the fact that one of  Butch Hartman’s favorite episodes is the finale, Phantom Planet and most of the Phandom hates it and practically counts it as non-canon.

…Or the fact that “It’s not gay if he’s dead” and Danny’s pink pants are things.

Don’t get me started on the pairings.

…And the pairings names.

…And the fact that we don’t have ship names for canon crushes/pairings.

…And the fact we have pairings for inanimate objects but not for some of the main characters.

Then there’s Wes Weston. Just all the Wes Weston. We literally created an OC from a background character we saw once or twice who’s literally Mr. Crocker if he was a teenager with a lot less tech and much more mentally stable (or at least a little but more stable).

Do you see what I mean? 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Phandom so much for its weirdness! I’m just laughing at how confused some people must be about ….well everything if they were to see it… especially if they were hoping to see stuff about a light hearted kid show.

anonymous asked:

I'm really curious why you don't draw the DP logo now :D if you don't mind, could you explain it?

*breathes a big chunk of air* My time has come

It’s not that, I don’t like it or something. The DP logo is actually pretty neat, I fully approve it as a graphic designer. But as a phan… it kind of annoys me, and this is why:

1) The only reason they put it on Danny’s chest is merchandising. Every brand needs a logo, so they did it. There’s not a good reason for that logo to be there, plotwise, so I can’t take it seriously. 

2) “Memory Blank” basically rewrote the origin story, so from that episode onwards, every time we hear the opening, well… that’s not how it really happened, isn’t it? The DP  logo is proof that the origin we all know and love is canon no more.

3) “Memory blank” send to garbage every headcanon about Danny’s power level growth, because he became halfa at least months after his “first time”. So every time he gets better with his powers, it’s just him learning how to use powers he already has. It may be not that bad for someone, but I looove those headcanons about powers growth :( 

Aaaand this is it. All my pointless pettyness explained. Every time i draw a logoless Danny, you all know that he is from an AU where “Memory blank” never happened and I’m happy v.v

//Maybe there are other boys in the school with Danny’s similar hair style (like this kid) and face structure (or we’ll go with looks in general) that makes it easier for Fenton and Phantom to look like two different people/beings to those who don’t know the truth about him.