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Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 Review

I will just list everything that I cared but couldn’t found enough information from other existing reviews. They are in the order as I came across them during the initial setup until it fully works. (2017-06-26)

2 cables

  1. One for data, one for power
  2. Both are USB-C
  3. One cable on each side, sticking out like a demon, not OCD friendly
  4. USB 3.0 from computer cannot power this thing, so why USB-C?
  5. Power adapter is bulky, larger than the ipad’s.

Wacom Link Adapter

  1. It combines 1 mini-dp and 1 USB 3.0 into its data USB-C port
  2. I have to buy a converter cable because my GPU has full-sized DP port.

The Screen (Drawing)

  1. Improved parallax, but pen tip still is not where your cursor is.
  2. More friction than any previous Wacom products.
  3. Has 2 nice, sturdy, metal kick-stand. The lower edge of the screen connects with the desktop in a very comfortable way.
  4. I feel much better to draw on Pro 13 than 13HD. It’s not about the new pen.

The Screen (Display)

  1. Not very reflective, not distracted by ceiling light
  2. Too grainy, worse than 13HD, aggressive color dispersion
  3. So when you move your head, you see the grains on screen dispersing rainbow like color. Very distracting at first, can get used to.
  4. sRGB 90% (sRGB mode, Calibrated as 100 cd/m^2 at 38% Brightness, factory is 75%, 13HD was 85% sRGB). Color temperature is 6400K. Greyscale response curves are not very straight. Must better black-white contrast than 13HD, 13HD was very bad. Pro 13′s color is acceptable, but not as good as I expected. Can’t trust its color for serious works.
  5. No backlight flicker at any brightness level. This means all brightness level are useful now. 13 HD had very bad flickers I had to use it on 100% brightness all time.

The Buttons

  1. Zero delay power button
  2. All buttons except the first one are not really driver buttons, they requires Windows driver support, which means they don’t work under Linux and they are not programmable.
  3. Yep, the toggle touch switch requires Windows driver you Linux hippies.
  4. To disable Cintiq Pro 13′s touch under Linux, in terminal, execute: xinput set-prop ‘Wacom Co.,Ltd. Cintiq Pro 13 Touch Finger touch’ 'Device Enabled’ 0
  5. The “tablet” button doesn’t turn your workstation into a tablet, Cintiq just turns off its screen and pretend to be a over-sized Intuos Pro. It doesn’t do it through Windows driver, so it’s a real hard button. However, if you press that thing under Linux…

Display Port + Linux

  1. DP can do auto power down, but Linux don’t like it. Many distro has weird behaviors after you switch off a DP display then switch it back on.
  2. Cintiq Pro 13 does auto power down by default. When it does not detect signal from computer, it quickly powers off. Sometimes Linux fails to detect it during boot up with auto power off enabled.
  3. That “tablet“ button, because it switch off screen and forces the digitizer to map on the standalone monitor, it can cause Pro 13 to switch ON/OFF by itself like crazy, or sometimes the pen cannot be mapped back to Pro 13.
  4. Oh that zero-delay power switch on Pro 13, too. Now you understand how dangerous it is under Linux.

The “New” Pen

  1. I think they are functionally the same as the old models since Intuos 4
  2. It’s lighter than Intuos 4 pens, same weight as Cintiq 13HD’s.
  3. It feels cheaper than anything Intuos Pro pens before.
  4. 8192 levels of pressure? I could not tell the difference.
  5. Guess what, my old intuos 4 pens still works on the new screen, while the “new“ pen still works on my old intuos 4! Which is great because I was worried about also buying a new intuos pro to work with it. Now I can save the money for a Cintiq Pro 16
  6. Very skeptical now about how they marketed the “new” pen…


There were so many things that hit me when setting up Cintiq Pro 13, but mostly because I use Linux. However, most of my miseries were the result of the lack of real built-in display controls. And they marketed the buttons as “real hardware switches“. Oh yeah, the buttons maybe hard-wired, but the functions are not! I WAS ANGRY ABOUT THIS BECAUSE IT WAS WHAT I NEEDED AND I FELT BEING TRICKED.

But it feels much better to draw on it! So I have no regret.

THAT DOUBLE HORN DEMON CABLE CONNECTION THOUGH. If I know who came up with this stupid idea instead a single cable connection…


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This or Thats Round 2 - Bold your Choice


  • Jordyn Jones or Lexee Smith
  • Bailey Sok or Ava Siniscalchi
  • Tate Mcrae or Jaycee Wilkins
  • Michelle Cheung or Emmy Cheung
  • Chloe East or Kayla Mak
  • Trinity Inay or Larsen Thompson
  • Dylynn Jones or Bostyn Brown
  • Brooke Flores or Hallie Reggio
  • Simrin Player or Carlee Schield
  • Mackenzie Ziegler or Brooke Kosinski
  • Hayden Hopkins or Christina Ricucci
  • Brookin Cooley or Elle McAuley
  • Jessalyn Ward or Jessalyn Hall
  • Sarah Shepherd or Genneya Walton
  • Charlize Glass or Kaycee Rice
  • Kaeli Ware or Tillie Glatz 
  • Talia Seitel or Sophia Kaloudis
  • Areanna Lopez or Bizzy Bendure
  • Grecia Cruz or Venecia Cruz
  • The Morales’ or The Hopkins’
  • The Hylands or The Zieglers
  • AUDC 1 cast or AUDC 2 cast
  • DP minis or Club minis


  • Scream and Shout or Run the world
  • Boyfriends back or Single Ladies
  • Glamorous life or Yacht Club (Club)
  • Songbird or Drive a Person Crazy (Club)
  • Childhood Dreams or Goodnight Stories (Club)
  • Ghost or Secrets (Sophia Lucia)
  • Call me back or Italian Love (Jojo Siwa)
  • Tears of an Angel or Into Darkness (Mckenzie Morales)
  • Roxie or Beautiful Like Me (Jaycee Wilkins)
  • Toy Box or Borrowed Angels (ALDC)
  • Red with Envy or Frost (ALDC)
  • PB&J or Beauty and a Beat (Mather)
  • Autumn’s Titanium or Sophia’s Titanium
  • Peyton’s Titanium or Jessalyn’s Titanium
  • The Light or Hallelujah (Makenna Miller)
  • Bowl of Cherries or Firework (Kaylee Quinn)
  • Hunger Games or Beyonce (The Rage)


  • Addison’s improv or Kalani’s improv
  • Minis or Juniors
  • Teens or Seniors
  • We Werk Wednesdays or Combo Thursdays 
  • Dancers on Instagram or Dancers on Youtube
  • Molly and Alexa’s workshop or Bootie Camp (would you rather attend)
  • Buns or French Twists 
  • Ballet numbers or Tap numbers
  • Lyrical numbers or Jazz numbers
  • Contemporary numbers or Musical Theatre numbers
  • Two Piece costumes or One Piece costumes 
  • Dances to popular music or Dances to non-popular music 
  • Banji or Girl Party

Once again, this is just for fun and isn’t aimed to cause offence or show favouritism towards any studio or dancer