dp juniors


dp/30: so you wanna do a musical?

jr: you know what? actually i would, i totally would, i came from music before i was an actor … the first play that i did i was 19 i was the scarecrow in the wizard of oz. absolute blast … it was a lotta, lotta fun, i mean i really dug that.

dp/30: so do you dance too?

jr: yeah but i wouldn’t call myself a dancer. i mean i can move but i’d never say like ‘oh yeah i can dance’ 

I think everyone on here needs to seriously stop underestimating Maddie. So many of you continuously say that Maddie has bad technique and could never go up against any of the really well known other little dancers. And the problem is most of you don’t even have a background in dance and wouldn’t know what the bloody hell you’re talking about.

Maddie has technique. I can guarantee you that she would not place as high as she does, as often as she does, with horrible technique. Also, she just simply looks good when she dances. Maddie just moves well with the choreography and has a certain flow about her when dancing. And she could ABSOLUTELY go up against all these other junior little dancers that you all continuously say she would not be able to take on. Well I personally prefer the way Maddie dances compared to most DP or Club juniors and think she has just as much chance of winning as they do in a competition.

Stop underestimating Maddie, seriously.


kimheenim: Thank you Julian Cheung-hyung!! Anita Yuen-noona!!😍😍 Though I’ve always done well, today I’ll gladly do better!!😃😃 We love you Julian Cheung!! Milky skin Anita Yuen!! #MACAU #JulianCheung #AnitaYuen #AlongTheWayIHaveYou #nomatterwhereheenimreceiveslove (cr)

kimheenim: Thanks Chingmy Yau!!!!🙊🙊🙊🙊#ChingmyYau #nomatterwhereheenimreceiveslove (t/n: Chingmy Yau is Heenim’s favorite Hongkong actress) (cr)


I’m not even kidding- SHE SLAYED <3

I’ve waited so long for this and she did not disappoint :)

Video creds: dancingprodigies



Age 11