dp camp

“You’re what?” Valerie spluttered, almost dropping the white china teacup cradled in her hands.

“I’m a ghost?” It came out as less of a statement of fact and more of a question, and Danny peered at Val over the rim of his coffee. “I have been since freshman year of high school.”

Val set her hot chocolate down. “You’re messing with me.”

The hum of a winter afternoon in the small coffee shop buzzed pleasantly. A couple of baristas chatted behind the counter as the hot milk steamed, and the clacking of keyboards drifted from the armchairs at the corner of the room. It was an incredibly public place, and Val was half-convinced that Sam and Tucker were going to pop up from behind the counter any second, revealing that this was all some kind of crazy practical joke. But Sam and Tucker were off at college by now. She glanced back at Danny, who seemed to be studying her very carefully.

“I’m not pulling your leg.” He took another cautious sip of his sugary drink. “Unfortunately. Or, I guess, fortunately. Depends on where you’re sitting.”

Val shook her head. “Okay. So let’s pretend that I believe that you’re a ghost, which you’re obviously not.”


“How? If you’re a ghost, why don’t you look like a ghost? And how did you even die in the first place?” Danny’s body posture changed and he straightened, looking directly into Val’s eyes.

“Lab accident.” He said, and in that moment, sincere and sad look in his eyes, Val believed him. She broke eye contact and looked back down at her hot chocolate. The two sat in silence for a moment, contemplating the other and the weight of their own conversation.

“Well,” Danny finally broke the silence, “mostly.”

“What?” Val started, looking up.

“I mostly died in a lab accident, almost, not quite, uh… half. Whatever you want to call it.”

“That’s absurd.” She scoffed. “How do you–” But she knew. That girl, the one from their sophomore year of high school, the one that she’d seen hanging around with Phantom a couple of times since. “Like the ghost girl.” She breathed, and the full force of Danny’s admission came crashing down on her, shoulders slumping with the weight. “You’re a half-ghost.”

Danny simply leaned back in his chair and stared out the window as snow swirled through the air.

Word Count: 380

my grandmother was born somewhere between romania and transylvania
i do not know much else about her
but i know
she had one older brother
(like me)
she had bright blue eyes
(like my brother)
and her father died when she was too young
(just like mine did)

my grandmother was sent to auschwitz. 
she watched her mother get sent to her death.
her life was saved by a nurse
whose name she never knew.
she met the love of her life in a dp camp
and she moved to canada not speaking english
and just five years later
she had a son
(and then three more)
and she was happy.

i do not know much about my grandmother
i don’t know her birthday or her hometown
or what she sounded like when she laughed
i don’t even know the number that was tattooed on her arm,
her reminder that she made it out of hell alive.
but i do know that only two things
truly separate me from my grandmother,
and they are
time and circumstance
and nothing in this world scares me more than that.


(family) history

I wrote this as part of a poetry suite for my writing lab, and i thought that today, yom hashoah, would be a good time to share it with you all. my grandmother lived a good life after the holocaust. at the time of her death, she had four sons and thirteen grandchildren. now, her legacy is two sons, fifteen grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren; her great-granddaughter bears her name. my zeida, he’s still alive, though his dementia is so bad he can no longer communicate at all. he and my grandmother were so incredibly in love, so incredibly happy, and they lived with daily reminders of the atrocities they survived. we can never forget, because we cannot allow the same horrors to be relived. i can never forget because it is a horror that flows through my blood and makes up my atoms.

y’all will have to pry these trans boys from my cold, dead hands

Please do not use my art without my permission! Ask first!

Jewish Amis

Orthodox Jewish Cosette who keeps kosher, lights shabbos candles and who’s outfits always cover her knees and elbows.
Orthodox Jewish Cosette went to a very strict school that was practically a prison
Orthodox Jewish Cosette who’s mom spent her lunch break working as a lunch lady to pay for Cosette’s schooling.

Jewish Convert in Progress Courfeyrac who became interested in the religion in high school
Jewish Convert in Progress Courfeyrac who met Enjolras through his conversion rabbi
Jewish Convert in Progress Courfeyrac who loves Jewish history and culture so much, he probably knows more about it than anyone but his rabbi.

Reform Jewish Enjolras who wears a kippah on top of his long curls
Reform Jewish Enjolras who helps all new converts in his synagogue and will literally destroy anyone who denies a converts legitimacy
Reform Jewish Enjolras who is actually an ordained rabbi and runs his own Friday night services for young people in a local cafe

Agnostic Jewish Grantaire who always struggled to believe in God, but finds inspiration in their new young rabbi.
Agnostic Jewish Grantaire who paints Samson and Moses and King David, but somehow they all look like the rabbi.
Agnostic Jewish Grantaire who plays the guitar at Friday Night services.

Asian Jewish Bahorel whose great-grandmother fled to Japan during the holocaust and fell in love with the young man whose family hosted her.
Asian Jewish Bahorel who loves his religion and his race ,and gets upset when people will only acknowledge one of his two heritages
Asian Jewish Bahorel who became a lawyer to work for the Comission for Art Recovery because his great grandmother always talked about her fathers stolen paintings
Asian Jewish Bahorel who punches nazis, but can also argue them into the ground because he knows his shit.

Polish Jewish Feuilly who’s grandparents met in the DP camps after their families were killed out in the holocaust.
Polish Jewish Feuilly who speaks Yiddish at home and cooks huluptzes, babka, and lukshen kugel.
Polish Jewish Feuilly who took over their grandfather’s tailoring business because he was too old to work but didn’t want it to close down.

Atheist Jewish Bossuet who sees Judaism as a culture and history rather than a religion.
Atheist Jewish Bossuet who celebrates the Jewish holidays, but because they are a part of his history
Atheist Jewish Bossuet who is nevertheless accepting of his friends’ religious beliefs

Reform Jewish Musichetta who was mocked for her Jewish hair and nose but doesn’t give a fuck, because she knows she’s gorgeous
Reform Jewish Musichetta who is studying for the Rabbinate and will be ordained in a few months
Reform Jewish Musichetta who writes her own music for prayers

Jewish Marius who used to be Hassidic, but became disenchanted because of his overly stringent grandfather
Jewish Marius who no longer puts labels on his Judaism
Jewish Marius who is awkward with women because growing up he was never allowed to talk to them at all.

Black Jewish Joly who’s always asked if he’s a convert but who’s family just happens to come from Africa
Black Jewish Joly who deals with antisemitism and racism all the time, but is most bothered by the casual racism in his religious community.
Black Jewish Joly who ran out crying when his 3rd grade rebbi (teacher who’s a rabbi) insisted that being black was a curse of ugliness put on Ham son of Noah, but got a different rebbi fired for the same shit 7 years later

Sephardic Jewish Jehan who never thought he could get along with Ashkenazim because of the tension between the two communities.
Sephardic Jewish Jehan who as a child wouldn’t even speak in front of Ashkenazim because he knew his pronunciations of prayer were considered weird
Sephardic Jewish Jehan who eventually stopped caring about being weird and gained self confidence that carried over to all aspects of his life

Patrilineally Jewish Combferre who’s Jewishness is often denied by Orthodox Jews
Patrilineally Jewish Combferre who almost decides to undergo conversion because of the pressure.
Patrilineally Jewish Combferre who learns that his identity is not decided by other people

Jewish Convert Eponine whose parents cut her off when she converted.
Jewish Convert Eponine who is told that “women shouldn’t study Talmud,” and “women just weren’t created with the understanding to GET Talmud”
Jewish Convert Eponine who switches to a new synagogue who’s Rabbi actually consults her on Talmudic questions.


-Kaba, Hungary, Prewar, A Purim party. Among the individuals photographed are: Bela Frank, Eszter Spitz and Bela Herzber.

-Berlin, Germany, 17/03/1946, People at a Purim party.

-Landsberg, Germany, 1947, The soccer team on Purim (in costumes).

-Yugoslavia, Lidia Breners in a Purim play, between the king and queen.

-Stakliskes, Lithuania, 1933, People in costume for the Purim holiday.

-Brussels, Belgium, 1946, Children in costume in an orphanage on Purim.

-Otwock, Poland, 1948, A Purim party at the Jewish children’s home. The children’s home was established after the war, as a refuge for Jewish children who survived the Holocaust. Third row from the top, third from right: Yoram Stikgold. Second from right: Micha Hochberg. Second row from the bottom, on the right: Avraham Horowitz.

-Mittenwald, Germany, Purim 1946, Women, men and children refugees at a DP camp.

-Trebishow, Czechoslovakia, 1935-1936, Purim in a Beitar branch. Duci Dvora Wald stands fourth from right in the top row. Her sister Adina Wald is seventh from the right. Adina Wald is the mother of Yona Fish, who submitted the photograph.

-Bad Homburg, Germany, Children in costumes on Purim.

all photographs from the Yad Vashem photo archives


   Winds of Fate - Manakarna Part II

After you port into the instance, you can take as long as you like to do some last minute preparations etc. There will be one NPC giving out quests, be sure to collect them.

Stage 1

You’ll be brought to a crossroad, and the path is lingered with mobs. There are two alternatives, you can either train it through, or clear both pathways (if you’re a worry wart). But if you’re training, you will have to commence battle with the first bosses immediately.

There will be two bosses on both sides, and the alliance has to split up. Earlier in Part I, I had emphasized on an equal melee and caster split within the groups. The boss on the left path (who looks like a Magma Spirit) will permanently bind melee attackers*, while the boss on the right path (who looks like a Tempest Spirit) will permanently silence magic attackers*

*These debuffs cannot be dispelled or potted

Chanter has to pop Word of Wind for this fight (see Vital Notes section). If you had fought Stormwing and Tahabata (Tiamat Stronghold), you’ll recognize some of the fight patterns from these bosses. Typical tank-and-spank, turn the boss away from the rest routine.

Vital Notes:

- There is a 5 minutes limit imposed on this fight. The fight at this stage is critical as failure to defeat under 5 minutes will put the instance into easy mode (the difficulty mode affects Orissan and Beritra). You will have to defeat both bosses at the same time, although according to the Japanese players, they calculated that a 15 second margin between both deaths is still acceptable.

- Both bosses will summon adds at some point of the fight, the caster group can just CC and continue DPS on the boss. The melee group however, has to take them down (they’re flaming wind spirits).

- The caster group generally has less issues with majority of the boss’s skills due to being ranged. The melee group has to watch out for mini fire tornadoes and AOEs (Stormwing/Tahabata anyone?), the fire tornadoes will also latch on and cause continuous damage, so be sure to avoid them.

It’s obvious that these bosses have a lot of fire attribute damage, so be sure to pop your fire elemental scrolls (no more Summer’s Circle next patch, RIP).

Stage 2

Your main target here is a boss who’s a lich summoner with wings (highlighted in green). Getting to him will take some work, there is nothing really special concerning the actual fight, usual tank-and-spank.


Exercise great caution when clearing the path, you’re going to end up pulling the whole room if you don’t do it right. This is also the only stage in the instance where you have to rely on the leathers to snuff out hidden mobs (they are big skeletons with swords).

Vital Notes:

Watch out for the lich’s fear shriek, it can potentially fear your members into adds and pulling the whole room

The lich boss drops a key after he dies, follow down the path behind him and use it to open a door. Kill the “fat boss” (he looks exactly like that one boss in Dark Poeta and Rentus Base), you will have to clear the adds in the room first before getting to him. You also may or may not see explosive pods, detonate them at a distance.

Stage 3

As with stage 1, you can either choose to train directly in, or clear the pathway. At the end of the path, a Balaur named Orissan awaits. Orissan sure has changed a lot since you last saw him prior to your acension.

Orissan rotates his second and third form in a continuous cycle, this means if you want this fight go over smoothly and quickly, you only have a short window to kill him.

Vital Notes:

Orissan does not have a legendary (red) HP bar in easy mode. While he will not cycle through forms, he will still execute the same skills.

First Form

This is only an introductory form, you will only see this one time. There’s nothing special to note about this form, Orissan will enter his second form after 15 seconds.

Second Form (1 minute 20 seconds) -> Third Form (2 minutes) -> Second Form (1 minute 20 seconds) -> Third Form (3 minutes 48 seconds)

^ The entire cycle repeats, he’s invulnerable in his second form (subsequent Third Forms after the 2nd one will last 3 minutes 48 seconds)

Orissan starts to execute a variety of skills in both second and third forms.

(I don’t know what these skills will be called in the English translations, so I’m just naming them based on the chinese translations)

1) Aether Hold - This is actually an AOE skill, Orissan MAY randomly target someone other than the tank. Do not use Remove Shock unless necessary (same reasoning as Modor in DR)

2) Frozen Wave - Does AOE damage to targets around Orrisan

3) Summon Crystal Servant/Freezing Step - Summons 4 crystal servants, and follows up with 4 long ranged linear attack. You can avoid the attack by stacking in the 5/7 o'clock directions

4) Frozen Mine - They look like the same mines you see in the Arena of Harmony flight map. Before they detonate, just destroy the ones in your area. If you’re late, they will detonate and do AOE 9000 damage

5) Frigid Shockwave - AOE skill that causes damage and reduces movement speed

6) Reflect - Orissan will throw a reflect buff that reflects 3x the incoming damage, he will start to execute this commonly once his HP dips to 35% range. You can see it coming as it has a cast time, the buff only lasts for a few seconds (but it’s enough to kill anyone blowing DPS into it)

7) Ice Fall - Launches widespread damage through the map, can be dodged

There are a variety of methods utilized to take down Orissan, you can select whichever caters to your group (if you’re confident in your overall DPS). The important thing is to take note of his skills #¾/6/7 as these can potentially wipe out more than half of the alliance if left unchecked.

(I know it’s hard to understand just by text, you will have to look up the videos of the fight to get a clearer idea)

Stage 4

Defeating Orissan will unlock a windstream, jump into it and fly all the way to the end. If you hated Illuminary Obelisk, you will hate this part - welcome to tower defense. Your objective is basically to defend the NPCs; if they die, the siege weapon that they have will disappear as well, and this will halt any form of advance towards Beritra.

There will be mobs coming from 5 directions (3 directions in easy mode) at an incremental pace, and there are roughly about 10 waves. Some of the paths will have non-elites while other paths have elites. Have your ranged DPS-ers camp the lanes with non elites, most of which would consist of ranged mobs.

Some of these mobs may totally disregard you and head straight towards the NPCs. The NPCs can be buffed and healed, so healers take note. The final “boss” will be balaur larger than the rest, kill him and you will end this stage successfully. A portal will then open up to Beritra’s chamber, you can take some time to rest up etc before entering. This will be the last break you can take.

(I don’t have enough space to allocate more screenshots for Beritra fight phase, so I’ll make a part III for it)

P.S - Mistakes in translation may happen, I apologize in advance!

One more #museumselfie for today! Michael Pupa stands in front of the photograph of himself, age 12, found in his immigration file. His photograph was part of our exhibit “Attachments” in 2012.

His parents were victims of the Nazis when he was only four, and he and his uncle spent two years hiding in the forests of Poland, waiting until the end of World War II.

But the ordeal of Michael Pupa was far from over. He became a “displaced person,” or DP, moving from one DP camp to another until 1951, when Michael, by then 12, and his cousin were flown to the United States and sent to a home for refugee children, then to foster homes in Cleveland.

But his long journey finally concluded with a happy ending for Michael!

In Cleveland, Michael was placed with foster parents Edward and Bernice Rosenthal, who raised him along with their children, Cheryl and Allyne, as part of their family. In 1957, Michael Pupa, “Occupation: student,” became a U.S. citizen.

You can read his full story in Prologue magazine.

At the end of the DP summer camp arc, Jessie makes a remark like, “Next time I’d rather work food service!”. That next time was the XY summer camp arc, where she, James and Meowth are cooks.