dp arc

so i was reading the end of the DP arc to refresh my knowledge on it and found I had forgotten a very important Cyrus Fact:

I need everyone who sees this to remember this about Cyrus: 

he pinches people as punishment for insubordination in Team Galactic.

the 27 year old man who tried to end all of the universe and become a god pinches his admins when he’s disappointed in them.


what the absolute hell pokespe

I love this episode so much. After Dawn lost at the Solaceon contest, Zoey immediately rushed to see her. When she arrived, she got Dawn out of bed, pointed out the mistakes she had made in her appeal, and gave her some suggestions.

This episode was undeniable proof of how far Zoey will go out of her way for Dawn. I mean, she arrived in Solaceon the morning after the contest was held. Who knows how far away she had been before that? Its possible that she had to travel through the night to make it to Solaceon by the morning.
I think we overlook Zoey a lot, but she was really selfless for a lot of the DP arc. She knew Dawn had potential and did all she could to help her realize it, even if it meant making personal sacrifices.

Its clear to me that Zoey wasn’t just a friendly rival, she was an actual friend. I imagine that some day, the two of them will travel together so they can learn from each other and deepen their bond even more. Zoey knew from early on that a journey is much more fun with friends anyway.

you know what I want the most in a DP reboot? Vlad redemption arc. The show proper treated him as a villain that was 100% irredeemable, a heartless bastard who wanted to steal Jack (the only person who considered him a friend)’s wife and ultimately, supposedly, ends up dying alone in space. For a continuation let’s say he didn’t die (or did but is now 100% ghost) and that his empty loneliness is what drives him to actually be a decent person; apologizing to Jack for all the harsh things he’s done and said to him. Danny eventually learning to trust him and understanding he has changed (because you know how stubborn our hero is and would take a few episodes of “we’re really gonna believe him???”) because, as he learned after talking to future Vlad in TUE, everyone deserves a second chance

At the end of the DP summer camp arc, Jessie makes a remark like, “Next time I’d rather work food service!”. That next time was the XY summer camp arc, where she, James and Meowth are cooks.