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you know what?

unpopular opinion but I think hartman’s 10 years later videos (esp now that there’s a second one) really do capture the true essence of the show

aaaand by that I mean there are some pretty good ideas buried in there, ones that I would very much like to see more of, but overall I would very much like to take all these characters and put them somewhere very far away from butch hartman

Disrespecting Élodie Bouchez-Bangalter

[Drake making a disgusted face and turning away with a hand up.]

Respecting Élodie Bouchez-Bangalter both as an individual and as Thomas Bangalter’s wife

[Drake smiling and pointing affirmatively.]


Baskerville. It’s like, it’s in the same family as Times New Roman, but it’s not as like formal, and it doesn’t have like that, ‘Oh God, it reminds me of like homework and formal things.’ […] And then I added a vapourwave grid […] and some dramatic cloud at the top. And I was like, ‘You know what, you know what? Baskerville. That might be it. Baskerville, yes.’ So I did that.



Really will there ever be a fictional couple as great as Jack and Maddie Fenton?


tfw the enemy team appreciates your mercy gameplay more than your own team does