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nct 127/u reaction: accidentally cumming inside of you during sex (pt.1/3)

Taeil wouldn’t be too shocked. One minute you and Taeil were reading in bed, the next he was fucking you. He had leaned over to see what was making you laugh so much, and to kiss you goodnight, which eventually lead to you two making out. Now Taeil was lying in between your legs; his cock buried deep inside of you. Usually Taeil was more responsible and always grabbed a condom, but this time he was too caught up in the moment. Five minutes later, he felt himself release inside of you. When Taeil saw that you weren’t freaking out, he wouldn’t be worried either. He asked if you wanted to go a second round.

Johnny had a little bit of an impregnation kink. So when you two were on your honeymoon and he finally didn’t have to pull out and cum on your stomach, he kind of “milked” the opportunity. You sat in Johnny’s lap and wrapped your legs tight around him, feeling every inch of his cock thrusting up into you. Your fingers ran through Johnny’s hair, tugging slightly every time his rough hands squeezed your waist. When Johnny felt himself about to cum, he didn’t even try to stop it. He pushed you back onto the bed and fucked you even harder. You were a little shocked at first, but your whole body would give in when Johnny panted wantonly in your ear, “Its okay, babe. That’s why we’re on birth control.” Although secretly, he wished you weren’t.

You had finally revealed to Taeyong that you kind of had fetish for rough sex. So the first time he dominated you, he was a little too excited and skipped the condom. Taeyong’s hands held your hips firm as he pushed into you hard and fast. He groaned and smacked your ass. “You look so good with your ass in the air for me (y/n). Are you going to take my cum baby?” You moaned and let your body be rocked back and forth by his thrusts. “Say my name (y/n).” Taeyong groaned, “Tell me who’s fucking you.” You whined underneath him, “Oh, Tae you’re fucking me so good. I love it when you fuck me Daddy.” Taeyong wasn’t expecting you to call him Daddy, and without warning, he came inside of you. Seeing your pussy filled with his cum for the first time and hearing your little whines would send Taeyong over the moon. He would watch his cum drip out of you completely satisfied. “Looks like you really are my little cumslut after all.”

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“(Y/N)…Baby, I’m so close. Are you ready, can I cum?” Yuta begged you out of breath. When you opened your eyes, you could see the look on his face was really desperate, but you wanted him to last a little longer so you told him to wait. Yuta would give you a few more hard pumps, but you could hear his breath getting ragged. His moaning was completely out of control and his hands were clenching the sheets beside your head. Yuta choked out one long groan and you felt the warmth spread inside of you. Before he’s even finished cumming, Yuta would apologize over and over. He felt bad he didn’t make you orgasm yet, so he’d ask to make it up to you.

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NCT 2018 - Disney!au

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 I’m still trying to figure out how to structure my Stray Kids Disney!au series so have this short au of my other precious beans~

PSA!! I tried my hardest to make sure all of these characters had some relation to Disney, so for instance two of the Chronicles of Narnia films were under Disney’s name, hence why a couple of the boys have a relation to said film. I tried my hardest but holy hell its hard not to make them the kids of animal-characters,, I want to be semi-realistic but its hARD-

Lee Taeyong |

  • Son of Elsa
  • an extroverted introvert
  • loves the cold because he can wear layers of ugly Christmas sweaters without risking heat stroke
  • spiffy white hair

Moon Taeil |

  •  Son of the Evil Queen
  • doesn’t really like to see himself in mirrors//his own reflection, it spooks him
  • at this point his doctor is begging him to stop eating so many apples, its a real problem
  • makes corny dad jokes that nearly convinces jisung to poison an apple just for him

Seo Young Ho [johnny] |

  •  Son of the Mad Hatter
  • always running late to anything, will probably be late to his own funeral
  • lives for thrifting, but only buys the tackiest shit
  • will laugh at his own jokes

Nakamota Yuta |

  •  Son of Robin Hood
  • such a bright smile, has convinced strangers that he’s a prince from a foreign land
  • figured stealing from rich people wasn’t too bad of an idea
  • was going to steal from winwin, but decided he would instead be his best friend

Qian Kun |

  •  Son of the Queen of Hearts
  • wears a hella long red cape just for the fun of it
  • a mom
  • worries about everyone but himself

Kim Dong Young [doyoung] |

  •  Son of Ariel
  • such a nice voice
  • wants to swim but is lowkey highkey afraid of open water
  • will let you know if he doesn’t like you, doesn’t sugarcoat anything

Ten |

  • Son of Flynn Rider
  • full of energy, has to be forced to go to bed most nights
  • likes to travel around and dance at festivals/events
  • incredibly charismatic

Jung Yoon Oh [jaehyun] |

  •  Son of the White Witch
  • deadass hated his mom, cheered when she died
  • really wants to be friends with yukhei because that boy is always laughing and smiling
  • has a lion plushie he sleeps with at night

Dong Si Cheng [winwin] |

  • Son of Merida
  • a prince
  • everyone loves him, expects him to be an innocent bean
  • but they are shooketh when they see his deadly aim with any weapon you throw at him

Kim Jungwoo |

  •  Son of Aurora
  • basically part of his bed now
  • his version of fun is napping and cuddling, not that it’s a bad thing
  • knows he is cute and will use it to his advantage//has used it to convince older women to buy him food at the market

Wong Yukhei [lucas] |

  •  Son of Lucy Pevensie
  • always in a good mood, the best at cheering up his friends
  • curious about anything and everything
  • an avid fan of fairytales

Lee Min Hyung [mark] |

  •  Son of Peter Pan
  • will probably look twenty when he’s in his mid forties//young forever
  • giggles whenever yukhei breathes, thinks he’s the funniest guy e v e r
  • a hard worker, is constantly checked on by his friends

Huang Renjun |

  •  Son of Christopher Robin
  • has over 100 stuffed animals, refuses to give them away to anyone
  • likes to write his own stories
  • looks sweet but will not hesitate to snatch candy from a baby

Lee Jeno |

  •  Son of Jack Skellington
  • owns Halloween every fucking year, but is oddly terrible at pumpkin carving
  • has a ghost-cat named bubbles, would die for her
  • is taken on magic carpet rides by jaemin at least four times a week

Lee Donghyuck [haechan] |

  •  Son of Gaston
  • loud and hella proud
  • is constantly trying to prove himself even though everyone loves him the way he is
  • tries to get into reading, but falls asleep mid-sentence most of the time

Na Jaemin |

  •  Son of Aladdin
  • has taken all of his friends for a ride on his magic carpet
  • if they say they’re scared of heights he’ll use it as an excuse to hold them to his chest while they fly//a shameless flirt
  • hates wearing shirts, would rather wear an open vest tbh

Zhong Chenle |

  • Son of Tinker Bell
  • his hair looks like it has glitter in it, not too sure why honestly but its v pretty
  • once tried to jump out of a tree to see if he’d get wings like his mom, had to be caught by a startled kun who made him wash his cape in repayment
  • never not with jisung

Park Jisung |

  • Son of Anna
  • once tried to build a snowman but it collapsed on top of him, now he has a great distaste for snow
  • his cousin taeyong babies him and he complains about it so much, lowkey loves it though
  • kinda clueless but does try his best//chenle tells him that if he touches his supper sparkly hair he’ll have good luck all day

Jeno: If you had 10 cookies and I would ask you for 5, how many cookies would you have?

Jaemim: 0

Jeno: Come on, it’s not even that hard.

Jaemin: I would give all to you because I love you

Jeno: *holding back tears*

Mark: If you had 10 cookies and I would ask you for 5, how many cookies would you have?

Haechan: 10 and a dead man.

NCT127 reacts to misinterpreting s/o when sleepy

Nct 127 reacting to their s/o pulling them by the hand (because youre tired) and wanting to go nap, but they think you want nsfw time ;) (NCT dream version will be up soon - kissing instead of nsfw)

You began to feel sleepy, and instead of communicating this directly to your boyfriend, you decided to just grab them and bring them with you to the bedroom, as you were in the mood for cuddles and sleep. Apparently he wasn’t expecting the same from your actions…

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As you grabbed Taeyong’s hand and made way to the bedroom, he couldn’t stop a smirk from making its way to his lips. As soon as you got to the bedroom, and you pulled him down into the sheets, he decided enough was enough, and retook his favorite place; above you, between your legs.
He looked down at you, seeing the surprise in your eyes, he couldn’t help but chuckle a little, tilting his head to the side, his soft locks moving along with him.
“what were you expecting , baby” he’d smile, leaning down to kiss your blushing cheek.
“I came in here because i’m sleepy and i wanted cuddles..” you’d pout up at him, and he immediately melted, he’d smile down at you with that cute and loving smile, and kiss your forehead, rolling to the side with a soft thud as he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer, allowing you to lay comfortably on his chest.
“go to sleep, baby”

“you’ll need your sleep for what you’re getting later..”

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Taeil was surprised to say the least when you grabbed his arm and began heading for the bedroom, he had no idea what to say, a soft blush reaching his cheeks as he let you drag him. Whatever you wanted, you seemed determined.
As you got to the door, he couldn’t stop himself from smiling like an idiot, imagining everything that was about to happen.
“y/n, baby , are you sure?” he said as you pushed him onto the bed.
“very” you nodded, jumping in beside him and snuggling into his side.
Taeil realized the whole situation and couldn’t help but to laugh, a red blush apparent on his cheeks as he pulled you closer, hiding his face in your neck.

“when you wake up i need to remind you that you should always tell me why exactly you’re going to pull me somewhere..”

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From the moment you grabbed his hand, he knew something was up, he was silent as you pulled him into the bedroom, letting you manipulate him into lying down, something he would usually never do in a normal scenario, he was intrigued.
As soon as you moved to get on top of him , he smirked and sat up, causing you to straddle him , his arms rested around your waist and he placed his lips on the shell of your ear.
“you thought it would be that easy?” his voice was low, causing your eyes to shoot open, you were now wondering what happened to get you to this position, all you wanted was to nap. 
“actually i just wanted to nap”

“you seem pretty awake, let me tire you out..”

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As you grabbed his arm, pulling him from his seated position on the comfortable couch, he wondered just what on earth you were doing, but he was quick to assume as he saw which way you were headed, up the stairs, to the left , second door down, his bedroom.
“eager for another round baby?” he asked with a smirk, but he got no answer, as soon as you both entered the room, you pulled him down onto the bed and jumped in after, cuddling up to him.
“goodnight~” you said softly, movingnyour head onto his chest, this caused him to place his tongue in his cheek, scoffing at how much you tricked him.

“when you wake up, you are so going to get it..cutie”

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The headphones fell from their place on his lap as you pulled him up from his desk, unable to even close down his computer, you were already pulling your boyfriend out of the door. He asked a few times what you were doing, but he never got a response.
A small smirk appeared on his face as you opened the bedroom door, pushing him down onto his double size bed, that you were both used to.
“hmm, i didn’t know you were this bold, jagi” he’d whisper, causing you to chuckle.
“don’t worry, i’m just sleepy, babe.” and with that you curled up next to him, making him stare at you in disbelief.
“are you kidding?” he’d act like it disappointed him, but truthfully you could never disappoint this bun.
“aigoo, youll just have to make it up to me..”

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The smirk on his face grew to a new level when you pulled him out of the living room that you were in with the rest of NCT.
One moment, you were both sitting and watching harry potter with the other members, and the next you were halfway to his bedroom, his hand in yours and alot of dirty thoughts whizzing around in that head of his.
“are you sure, the members are still home-”

when you didnt respond he giggled to himself, happy and slightly flustered by the situation.
when you pulled him down onto the bed, he pulled you with him, but instead of letting him pin you down, you cuddled into him, causing jaehyun to chuckle.
“if you were sleepy you should have just said so pumpkin..”

“ill be back in a moment, i promise we can cuddle- i just need to- ah- sort this out..”

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The blushing boy followed you all the way through the house, the kitchen. the bathroom and the lounge, constantly saying 
“jagi, lets do something, anything you want!”

what he wasnt expecting was for you to grab his hand and make a b-line for the bedroom, making his face turn bright red, and him to start stuttering.
“i- uh- th- i didnt mean this- i mean- i wouldnt mind- but if you-”
when you pulled him down and began to cuddle with him, he relaxed, holding you close and softly playing with your hair.

“how are you so cute..?”

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Jungwoo would also become very blushy, as you got home from a busy date together, the last thing he was expecting was for you to almost drag him to the bedroom by the wrist, closing the door behind you both as you pushed him down onto the bed.
His heart was racing, not that he didnt want this, because he so did, he was just genuinely surprised you took such initiative.
“baby, you feeling okay?” hed ask softly, but youd drop down to snuggle against him and hed smile, realizing and understanding what was going on.
“mm. sleepy” you mumbled.
“get some sleep then baby, ill be right here when you wake up.”

“you owe me, cute one”

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where are Kun?!
  • Doyoung: *in the kitchen preparing milk* stop screaming like an asshole please, it's 3am and the normal people need sleep
  • Lucas: kUUUUUN
  • Jaehyun: *sleeply* what the hell happen with him now?
  • Doyoung: idk he just are calling to Kun
  • Yuta: *on the next room* sHUT UP BASTARD I WANNA SLEEP
  • Johnny: I don't leaved America to endure this shit
  • Lucas: KUUUUUUUN
  • Dreamies: LUCAS SHUT UP
  • Lucas: KU-oh, hi hyung♡
  • Jungwoo: *smiles and hit Lucas's face with a shoe* I wanna make my beauty dream on fucking peace so shut the fucking up or I will cut your fucking tongue with a butter's knife, thanks, bye bye ~ uwu
  • NCT&Lucas: ... oh shit