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Hello, I just wanted to respond to the previous anon? Well ,I am Korean and believe it or not my house is pretty "asian" looking. My parents came from Korea(like how Kira's parents came from Japan, although her dad is Korean) so our culture is a big part of our lives. We eat Korean food everyday and speak Korean around the house. It's the same in most Asian households I've been to. Teen Wolf may have went a little overboard, but it was pretty accurate.

i don’t have anon open. so i don’t know what previous anon you are referring to on my blog. but i know a lot of asian fans are upset because teen wolf is glossing over a lot of korean-japanese history and perpetuating stereotypes which is harmful. 

while you’re not offended by teen wolf’s interpretation and usage of asian culture and history, a lot are. another point of contention to a lot of people is that all the asian culture being interpreted on teen wolf is being written by white privileged american writers that have no deep attachment to these cultures but rather are just mining them for plot fodder and are sterilizing it for american consumption. glossing over important points in history and culture. 

when jeff davis and his writers say they appreciate asian culture along with them gushing over the kitsune myth and how cool it all is - and how they decide to portray asian culture and misrepresent and gloss over problematic issues that are very real to asians - that kind of appreciation certainly doesn’t seem to have advanced jeff davis and his writers understanding of the asian americans and asians experience beyond damaging and objectifying generalities.