doyles art


Work in progress - the ‘Good Old Watson’ pages


i couldn’t ignore @pixlokita‘s baby shinichi posts, i had to weigh in (so this follows from the end of that thread, once heiji is done laughing at kudo being extra extra tiny because haibara botched an antidote)

i like to think shinichi can’t talk (even though as per usual his mind is unaffected, he’s just got to grab hair and pull ears to direct people’s attention to crime scene clues now), and despite keeping up a scathing internal monologue he has to suffer with sherlock-holmes-ignorant heiji choosing him a new alias based on his favourite mystery writers instead

everyone say hi to shinichi and conan’s little cousin ellery

I decided to draw 20 of my favorite queer girls to celebrate 1 year of marriage equality in the US!

A Great and Terrible Beauty is a marvelous book series featuring a lot of diverse issues in the Victorian era but most importantly it has QUEER LADIES. Pippa and Felicity broke my heart and I will never move on. 


I watched the Merc trilogy again and feelings for old AUs came back. Specifically ones about Locus and Felix being fucking terrible dads to some homeless kids (three guesses as to who they are, or just check the captions).

And since Siris is now a thing, that just opens up more possibilities. So maybe consider this an AU where Chorus never happens and the assholes just go on being bounty hunters for the rest of their lives while raising the kids.

Also I guess you could consider this a redraw of this old thing with a lot more added.


Since Miles tweeted it, here’s the project I was working on.

It’s RvB Werewolves Mercenaries!

Had this idea kicking around for at least a year and all the support for my inktober drawings finally convinced me to do it. Plays just like the normal game, the cards are just renamed and reskinned. 

Sent them a second pack to possibly raffle off this weekend, so keep an eye out on Extra Life.