doyle baby ;a;


Ibis came into the room after Home Ec. He never thought he’d be thankful to have Alchemy canceled but getting a crying pooping doll proved just the ticket.

Kayne was surprised to see his roommate so early on a Tuesday. “Why are you here so early?”

“Because of this.” Ibis handed Kayne the doll which he had shoved in his backpack. Kayne took it and inspected it.

“Oh! The practice babies.”

Ibis had dropped off everything else and had his hands free again. “I’m supposed to take care of it for a week. That thing has cried and pooped twice in less than an hour. And it’s supposed to sleep…” Ibis looked around the room, clearly there was nothing that even resembled a crib. He sighed and cracked his knuckles before uttering a few words and making a small bassinet appear in front of him. “I guess that’ll do.” He said satisfied with the item.