doyle baby ;a;

Hey guys, could you keep it down? Yeah, I’m on the phone. With Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
–Sorry, Art, my friends are just freaking out a bit.
What? Why are they freaking–? They’re concerned about John Watson’s baby.
Yeah, you heard me. He’s having a baby.
—Art, wow, watch your language…. yikes….
No, no, I’m sure it’s *his* baby.
Well, why wouldn’t it be?
He’s in a loving marriage. With Miss Morstan.
No, I’m not making fun of you.
Don’t be like that.
Yes, I read your books. No, i haven’t misunderstood. It’s just—-
No, I swear, I’m not joking.
You said in your books that you thought that someday the real story might be told…. yeah….
Uh huh.
So let me get this straight….you didn’t mean John Watson had a lovely wife and baby and left Sherlock to solve crimes all alone?
Art, wait.
What did i say??
Don’t hang up—
He fucking hung up on me.
What a DICK.

Whatever, he’s an awful writer anyway.

izzybutt  asked:

Since we're on the baby train, where do the inhabitants of Chorus rank? Doyle, Kimball, the Lieutenants, etc.


1. Andersmith: Has his shit together, good at management, mature, not responsible for an entire army, he could do it. 

2. Grey: A little wacky, but she is a doctor, after all. She knows how to keep things alive and make sure they develop alright. Plus, I think she’d be good with kids: she’d never run out of puzzles to keep them entertained. And she’s got more patience than 3-

3. Kimball: A tie with Doyle. A responsible human, but a stressed out one. Has way too much going on for infants and not a ton of patience because of all that stress on her shoulders. Let her rest. She’s babysitting the army already.

3. Doyle: Also baby-sitting and army and has way too much going on for infants. Below Kimball cus he’s easily stressed out: I think he’d be constantly worried about the kid. That isn’t to say he wouldn’t care or be a friendly, more that he’d just be really nervous the entire time. Honestly, him and Kimball would be 1 if they could work as a team. They balance each other out well. 

4. Jensen: A human disaster with cars, but has yet to be proven a human disaster with humans. Less than ideal, but it could work out.

5. Palomo: Palomo is childish. Don’t give him an infant. He’s not up for it. 

6. Bitters: Bitters is the exact opposite of Grif on the sliding scale of infant care. He is the lazy-not qualified while Grif is lazy-super qualified. Don’t give Bitter’s a baby. He will pass it onto someone else for sure.

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Also for the record, before I forget, I hold no ownership over the concept of giving any RVB character an alien baby. I saw someone worried they’d step on my toes if they did, and I feel like I gotta clear this up. 

Seriously. If you wanna give someone an alien baby you are not stepping on my toes unless you follow the plot of the Charlie verse or use Charlie. 

Wanna give Doyle an alien baby? Go for it.

Wanna give Locus one and play with the concept differently in plot and character development? Have a ball. 

Wanna give Felix one? I question your decisions, but you do you.

So yeah. Have fun. Go create some aliens. 

okay so what we have here is

Doyle is a huge dork with a mustache and a fictional writer 

and Houdini is a huge ass and escape artist that Doyle baby sits while solving murders

i think i can get into this

oh and not to mention 

a pretty lady constable who baby sits both of these man children while trying to prove her worth and to become an official cop in the year of 1901