doyle at sea

Sherlock - The Hounds of Baskerville

(Inspired by BBC’s Sherlock & Caspar David Friedrich’s Wanderer above the Sea of Fog)

 Drawing - Tinted Charcoal

As we watched it the fog-wreaths came crawling round both corners of the house and rolled slowly into one dense bank on which the upper floor and the roof floated like a strange ship upon a shadowy sea.
—  The Hound of the Baskervilles (1901), by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

last night i found out the wrestler Sheamus used to have an entrance theme that was by Alan Doyle. like, Alan Doyle from Great Big Sea. like, Newfoundland icon Alan Doyle.

i’m still like processing this. this has absolutely rocked my world.


Never Had”, Oscar Isaac and Alan Doyle, City Winery NYC, April 29, 2015′

(Oscar explains how he and Alan wrote the song together after Oscar couldn’t make it work by himself and how it “saved the movie”.)

Walt Whitman & Peter Doyle
Washington DC, 1865

The first extant photo of Whitman with Peter Doyle, Whitman’s close friend and companion in Washington. Doyle was a horsecar driver and met Whitman one stormy night in 1865 when Whitman, looking [as Doyle said] “like an old sea-captain,” remained the only passenger on Doyle’s car. They were inseparable for the next eight years.

Photo: M. P. Rice

Looking for a penpal~

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Name: Faula.
Age: 23.
Location: Kenora, Ontario, Canada.
Path: Witch =)
Contact: Message me here on Tumblr. I like sending letters and gifts, but we can also chat online =)

Likes: Reading, writing/blogging, being on the lake, playing with my pets, fashion and make-up, origami, Japan, anime/manga, magick, shopping, baking, piercings, putting together gifts, Tarot cards, surprises, chocolate, stockpiling books, faeries, nature, crystals, fashion blogs, lists of things to do.
Dislikes: Headaches, working over-time, peanut butter, and liars.
Hobbies: Reading Tarot cards, taking care of my guinea pigs, hiking in the woods, buying shoes, putting together packages for penpals and working on my blogs.

Favourite Movies: I like horror, anime, and anything fantasical =) Some of my favs include The Golden Compass, Practical Magic, Battle Royale, Vampire Knight, Howl’s Moving Castle, Sucker Punch and The Last Unicorn.
Favourite Music: J-Rock (Gackt, Hyde/L’arc/VAMPS, The GazettE, Dir en Grey), K-Pop (Big Bang, 2NE1, 4minute, Super Junior), annd Florence & the Machine, Alan Doyle/Great Big Sea and Loreena McKennitt.
Favourite Books: I’ll read pretty much anything, although anything supernatural/fantasical is high on my list =) A few of my fav authors are Maggie Stiefvater, Karsten Knight, Julie Kagawa, Maggie Shayne, Garth Nix and C.S Lewis.

About: I’ve been a witch since I was 12. I am still studying and learning, of course, and I love sharing my thoughts & experiences! I read anything witchy that I can get my hands on. I work mostly with Tarot cards and crystals. Right now I’m hoping to explore more divination methods. Outside of the Craft, I enjoy watching movies, shopping, playing with my pets, and blogging. I’m slowly learning Japanese and saving up for a trip to Japan =)

Please message me if you’d like to be friends!

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