Book 1 Chapter 12 Bleeding Heart Yard

Introduction to Bleeding Heart Yard, and the location of Mr.Doyce’s business. A legend on how the Yard got its name, and conflict with those whose knowledge preferred truth over legend. Mr.Meagles, Mr.Doyce and Arthur Clennam arrive in the Yard. Arthur looks for the home of Plornish, and goes there after arranging another visit with Mr.Meagles. Mrs.Plornish opens the door for him, as her husband is not home. Arthur is invited in to wait for Mr.Plornish. He observes the poor state of the family, as Mrs.Plornish notes the difficulty in getting work. But she explains this is a common problem in the Yard as Mr.Plornish arrives. Mr.Plornish is concerned at first but Arthur explains his connection to the Dorrits. Mr.Plornish had been told about Arthur, and after stating he had been a prisoner in the Marshalsea, how he learned about Little Dorrit, through his knowledge of William Dorrit. Arthur asks how Mr.Plornish helped get Little Dorrit employed by Mrs.Clennam, but Mrs.Plornish answers this question. The address that Little Dorrit provided went to the owner of the Yard property, the connection by which Mrs.Clennam would hire Little Dorrit. The owner of the property is a Mr.Casby, a name Arthur recognizes. Mr.Pancks is mentioned as rent-collector, and Arthur then goes on to make arrangements regarding freeing Tip. Mr.Plornish states the creditor is a horse-dealer, and then Mr.Plornish and Arthur drive to High Holborn. There negotiations are made with the creditor, and Tip is cleared. Arthur asks Mr.Plornish not to reveal who settled this account to Tip, as well as his wish to help Little Dorrit. On the way to the Marshalsea, Mr.Plornish explains the desperate situation of the residents of Bleeding Heart Yard. But who is to blame for this? Mr.Plornish didn’t know, he only knew nothing was done about the situation, and turned the case around and around, until they arrived at the Marshalsea. There Arthur was dropped off, and he wondered how many people who were like Mr.Plornish, not far from but completely ignored by the Circumlocution Office.