I love when Hannah posts porn.

It just confirms that she’s not as innocent as you think she might be when you first meet her! Just cause she’s shy doesn’t mean she’s a beast with raging hormones. ;) 

I also love how she posts food and porn at the same time

I love my bestie :)

My valentines!

No you don’t have a say in whether or not you’re my valentine!

Hannah, Jessica, Malorie, Cody, Nick, Evan, DeejHay, Jediah, James, Cassie, Robbie, Kelsea, Baseball Buddy (my sox girl), Emma, Kelly, Sophie, Dan, Shane, Andrew, Jeffrey, Annika

If I forgot anybody else its cause I forgot your name! I love you all but these are the people I can think of off the top of my head!

I love you babiess! (especially hannah)

Crochet phone case I made :) I didn’t use a pattern at all, I just went by mental image. 

I don’t remember the exact stitches I used. I think I alternated every row with DC and HDC, 10 each. Then I stitched the sides together using a DC, and made a closure button from an old pants button. :)