Amamiya Sora’s Killer Doyagao

Source: The IDOLM@STER Million Live 1st Live HAPPY PERFORMANCE (Day 2)
Personalities: Natsukawa Shiina, Machico, Kahara Yuu, Amamiya Sora, Fujii Yukiyo

During the group MC, Amamiya Sora shows us her ドs side (which we gratefully receive).

Fujii Yukiyo: Sora-chan, I really love your doyagao(1)!

Machico: Me too! I love it!

*crowd hollers*

Yukiyo: I want to be glared at like that! For real!

Amamiya Sora: *laughs* This is embarrassing! Really embarrassing!

Machico: Your doyagao crosses the boundaries of computer monitors. When I see it, I actually get the chills!

*Yukiyo nods in agreement*

Natsukawa Shiina: Just a moment please, Sora-san! Could you give us a doyagao, pretty please?

Machico: Pretty please!

Sora: Huh?! Such a bold request! Really!

*Yukiyo points offstage and tells Sora where to direct her stare. Sora then proceeds to slaughter everyone with her doyagao, before crouching down and covering her face, out of intense embarrassment. The crowd, as well as everyone on stage, scream in glee.*

Machico: *stumbles toward Shiina for support* Nansu! Nansu! Nansu(2)!


Machico: It was so cute!

Shiina: Thank you! Thank you!

Machico: *bows down* Thanks for the treat!

Sora: *points at Shiina* Nansu… I’ll remember this!

Machico: Nansu, run away!

Sora: But wow! The crowd was filled with blue! That made me happy(3)!

Shiina: So after having been able to see Sora’s wonderful doyagao, let’s move on to the next part!

I’m not a big idolm@ster fan by any means, but stuff like this makes it hard not to become one w. Ten-chan, please look down at me too ( ´Д`)=3

  1. Doyagao is a smug look on one’s face. 

  2. Nansu is Natsukawa Shiina’s nickname. 

  3. Sora is referring to the penlights that fans used. She’s happy because they used blue penlights for the song “Blue Harmony.” (Thanks to @BasuP for the info!) 

どや顔 (どやがお)


(n) A self-satisfied look, a smug face


それを書いたときの彼の顔はどや顔だった。間違いない。(sore wo kaita toki kare no kao wa doyagao datta. machigainai.)
“He had a smug look on his face when he wrote that. I’m sure of it.”

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