doxy mix


“Remi is such a happy and sweet little guy! He just loves everyone and is really looking forward to being your tail-waggin’, snuggle buddy. Remi is a Chihuahua/Doxie/? mix and he is about 3 years old. His foster Mom has worked so hard on his house-training and he has improved so much! He’s not a straight-A student yet but we give him 4 stars for improvement.”

Goats in diapers in the house. Excuse the dogs and the mess. Idk why Honey was mad at me. Probably because Sadi (my doxie mix) had the best seat in the house (the next-to-mommy seat). We’re raising these two kids in the house until the winter weather passes and their fence is built. On the left is Honey, a Nigerian/Pygmy cross, our little MMA fighter and parkour expert at 4 months, 3 days. On the right is her “little” sister Bee. A purebred Nubian doe, our little frosted strawberry and our clumsy supermodel at exactly 1 week old today. Our two little opposites.