“Welcome To Udder Town” Impressive udder by Manchester based Illustrator Caroline Dowsett. Visit her blog here!

As you can see The Udder Project is in flow with interest from all creative roots growing.. So keep the udders coming!

The Udder project ..I need all kinds of people & designers to help by filling in a template. The end result at present time will be a zine showcasing your udder along with other artists! 

Please print & draw/digitally use this template to fill with your artwork. Be creative or as uncreative as you want it’s not judged! 

Template can be downloaded here

Send them to-

anonymous asked:

i've actually always wondered this...8 for disasterology

8: Did any real people or events inspire any part of it? 

yes in fact i think every single one of the teachers names are teachers from my old school which is PROBABLY illegal somehow but mr dowsett was an absolute lad and i loved him and dan was modelled on parts of myself the worst most toxic parts of me Its A Long Story phil was modelled on lots of different people i intended for him to be a character i liked same w vic but ended up disliking both of them and jaime ebcame my CHILD jaime is also based on lots of differnet people mainly a select few of my best friends (georgie especially) who else james was based on my own brother when he was little and how close ive been to him my whole life i cant think of any others off the top of my head but im sure there are some bc almost all my characters draw from people i know irl because i know A Lot of people and so have a lot of material

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