The Downward Spiral Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Ships Have Sailed

“Oh My Oum I did it I did it I did it!” was what accompanied the sound of Ruby bursting into Team RWBYs’ dorm, showering the rest of her team with rose petals
“Ruby, calm down….you did what?” Weiss asked apprehensively, anything that made Ruby this excited had a good chance of being dangerous in one way or another, Ruby managed to stand still her boundless enthusiasm making her look as if she were vibrating on the spot
“Remember our sparring matches with Team GRAP, remember how Rover used his speed to phase right through me? I did it!”
“You phased through someone?” Weiss asked cautiously
“Yeah I was sparring with Rover in the training room just now; I only managed to stay like that for like half a second but I definitely did it” Ruby beamed, Weiss turned to Blake and Yang who were laid on Blakes’ bunk sharing a textbook while working on an assignment they had received earlier that day, both of them had their earphones in and the heiress was sure that Yang didn’t strictly need to have her free arm draped across Blakes’ lower back, nudging Yangs’ shoulder to get their attention she waited until they had removed their earphones and could clearly hear her
“I regret to inform you that we will need a new way to keep cookies from our team leader” she said with a faint grin
“What’s going on?” Blake asked, apparently the two of them had been so absorbed in what they were doing they had barely registered Rubys’ arrival, the caped girl grinned from behind Weiss
“Let me see if I can do it again” as she said this she activated her Semblance, but Weiss noticed the Rose Petals didn’t seem to be falling, rather they hovered in the air where they materialised and Rubys’ entire body seemed blurry and indistinct, much like Rovers’ when he triggered his own speed; as she looked back to the rest of her team to gauge their reactions Weiss suddenly felt her chest tighten and looked down to see Rubys’ hand emerging from her chest where she had reached out and phased straight through her back, moments later the hand was withdrawn and Ruby released her Semblance
“Never do that to me again” Weiss warned her, it hadn’t been painful but it was far from pleasant nonetheless
“Sis that’s awesome!” Yang beamed jumping from the bunk and ruffling her sisters’ hair
“I know, I’ve gotta tell Penny” she said as she removed her scroll, her three older team-mates gave each other knowing smiles, Pennys’ name could safely be added to the list of people that Ruby had a crush on it seemed; their leader paid them no more mind as she sent a text
‘Hey Penny, still stuck on the ship?’ moments later the reply came
'Yeah, since General Ironwood won’t let me off I’m trying to see if I can get him to throw me off. I’ve started transmitting a few terabytes of trap music to his scroll and computer every time I walk past his office’ Ruby giggled even as she typed out a response
'Okay that’s funny but I’m sure he has his reasons’
'He’s not even my real manufacturer’ Penny typed back eliciting a snort from Ruby
'Are you at least finding ways to entertain yourself up there? I’ve been training after class or I would have messaged sooner, by the way I’ve finally figured out a super cool trick that an older student with speed like mine was trying to teach me’ Ruby had to wait a few moments for the reply
'You’ll have to show me sometime. I’m keeping busy I actually managed to get a brief look at my own schematics after that fight with your friend, Tell him I’m not mad, I’ve never seen them before I thought about working on some upgrades but I’d need someone to help’ Ruby smiled, Penny it seemed was as as enthusiastic about technology as she was
'I’d love to help, please be careful if you do anything on your own and I’ll show you when I see you, do you know when you’ll next be able to get off the ship?’
'Don’t worry the main access point I’d need is on the one part of my back I can’t reach, my joints don’t bend that far….maybe you can help lubricate me. I could probably get Ironwood to let me go to that dance next weekend seeing as students from all four kingdoms interacting with each other is the whole point of the festival, but I haven’t got anybody to go with" Rubys’ face flushed as she read Pennys’ message, at fifteen years old she was not as entirely sweet and innocent as her sister liked to think she was and had some grasp of innuendo, a lot of it coming from having to have Squishs’ jokes explained to her, and she was almost sure Penny had just flirted with her
“She wants you to ask her to the dance” Rubys’ head whipped round to see that Yang had leaning against her bunk reading her texts
“Hey!” Ruby cried as she realised the breach of her privacy, her sister simply grinned
“Seriously, ask her to the dance right now I guarantee she will say yes. She likes you back”
“I didn’t say I-” Rubys’ sputtering was cut off by Blake who was still on her own Bunk but had heard enough
“You didn’t need to, you really are obvious” Ruby covered her face with her hood to hide her growing blush but typed a message to Penny regardless
'Do you want to go to the dance with me?’ she had her answer mere seconds later
'That would be sensational’
“She said yes!” Ruby leapt from her bunk and pulled Yang into a hug “Thank you, you are the best big sister ever!” The blonde smiled
“I know I am, that’s why we’re going into Vale so I can buy you a dress for the dance”
“I thought we were finishing this assignment?” Blake asked, Yang gave her an apologetic look
“Sorry Blake, I promise we’ll do it later tonight, as soon as I get back; but my baby sister is going on her first date” Yang grinned gleefully at the last part as she pulled Ruby from the dorm, Weiss sighed as they left
“I will deny this if you ever mention it in front of her but I really have come to like Yang, she reminds of Winter in some ways”
“She really is something special” Blake nodded though the heiress was sure that the Cat-Faunus appreciated her for different reasons
“Blake Belladonna” Weiss chuckled as she made to leave the dorm and give her friend the peace and quiet she so often sought “You are just as obvious as Ruby”

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