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Otayuri "Reading a book together" for the nonsexual acts of intimacy?

Aww, cute!! You got it~♥

♝:Reading a book together

Yuri’s hand flew forward, stopping Otabek from flipping to the next page. “I wasn’t done yet,” he said, not meeting his gaze, but instead, poring over the text.

Otabek cleared his throat. He’d offered to read aloud, but had received a scoff in response and a statement of ‘I’m not a child who needs to be read to, Beka’ which was immediately followed by a snarky ‘It’s not a bedtime story.’

They were studying, more or less, reading up on different techniques for overall improvement. The book boasted great stretches to help with flexibility and the secrets to building lean muscle: gaining strength without sacrificing one’s shape.

And it seemed as though Yuri didn’t want to miss a single word.

“Yura, are you sure you don’t want me to-”

“Done,” he announced, removing his hand so Otabek could turn the page. 

Otabek sighed, but smiled at the other’s excitement. The next section was mostly illustrations of moves, complete with instructions.

“Let’s try this one!” Yuri exclaimed, pointing to one labeled Downward Dog Push-up. “It should be pretty easy.”

“For you maybe,” Otabek muttered, though the other didn’t hear. Of course Yuri, who could fold himself into a pretzel, would have no issue getting into the position. “Couldn’t I just do a diamond-”

“Yes, this one is perfect,” Yuri went on, getting off of Otabek’s lap and easily bending over, his rump in the air. He looked over his shoulder. “Beka, are we doing this or what?”

With a groan, Otabek got off of the coach and joined his boyfriend on the floor, inwardly wincing as his hamstrings screamed at him.

Perhaps the book had been a bad idea…

I hope you liked it!! ♥ Thanks again!
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Sun Salutations Pose by Pose!

Begin in Mountain Pose/Tadasana balance and ground, bring the hands to Anjali Mudra.

Inhale release the palms face up and raise them up into upward salute coming into a slight back bend if this feels good.

Exhale fold forward into Uttanasana.

Inhale step the right leg back to lunge, extend through the crown of the head and lift up through the chest to create space.

Exhale step the left leg back into Downward Facing Dog. Externally rotate the shoulders, lift the tailbone up to the sky and reach the heels to the floor.

Inhale roll out to Plank Pose. Engage the core stay strong!

Exhale and lower down in Chaturanga or lower the knees, chest and chin.

Inhale move up into Cobra / Bhujangasana relaxing the shoulders back and down and remembering to keep the legs active by extending and grounding through the tops of the feet.

Exhale push back up to Downward Facing Dog.

Inhale step the right leg up to lunge.

Exhale step the left leg up to meet the right and fold forward back to Uttanasana.

Inhale bend the knees and taking the arms out wide, palms face up come back into Mountain pose / Tadasana.

Ready to repeat on the left side for a complete round of Sun Salutation :)

There are many other versions of course but this is a great one for beginners and a wonderful way of building heat in the body to prepare you for standing postures and balances later.

Enjoy and always practice mindfully listen to your body and let your breath be your guide.


Just Can't Wait (Harry Styles dirty imagine)

“Three minutes, 45 seconds left…” You mumble, pushing your legs to keep running on the treadmill after a full day’s workout. Stealing a glance to your right you see Harry finishing up his set of curls. The way his back and inked biceps glisten with sweat momentarily distracts you so that your feet get tripped over the sliding material of the treadmill and you need to grab onto the railing for a firm grip. 

Harry’s green gaze flickers over in your direction as a knowing smirk grows on his handsome face. He definitely saw that little accident. However, he turned his attention back to lifting the weights and left you in peace to complete your running session. Within mere moments you were back on track, music blaring through your ear buds until a light slap on your bum caused you to rip them out, seeking the source of yet another distraction.

Your eyes meet a mischievous set of emerald ones. Harry stood by with his hands folded together down low and the cutest smile you’d ever seen.

Grinning widely, Harry remarked with a shrug. “Blame the yoga pants. I’ll have to get you a few more pairs.”

Rolling your eyes exaggeratedly, you disentangle your ear buds from the machine and turn it off so you can stand alongside your annoying boyfriend.

“Right, Haz. You were the one who dragged me to the gym on our day off so don’t be bossing me around any further.” You attempt a stern glare but end up winking halfway through reprimanding him.

 Sliding his hand around yours Harry led you two over to the stretching area to cool down. After a good two hours of sweating you needed it. It was never clear just what he did with his time at the gym since you normally separated the second your feet touched the gym carpet but afterwards you were equally as exhausted. You laid down a yoga mat and began stretching your legs before slipping down to the floor and completing some sun salutations then pushing up for a downward dog position. As your bum peaked and you felt a light but satisfying cracking in your back Harry’s rough hand swiftly smacked it once more.

“What the hell?” Your eyes flew to him, wide open in exasperation.

He just tossed back a cheeky grin yet his eyes held promise as they grazed over your body in workout gear. “Did I mention I like those pants on you? Let’s go home, babe.” He lifted his shirtless body off the floor without effort and left a hand out for you to grab.

“Um, we didn’t even stretch Harry!” You argue, standing up regardless of the words flowing from your lips as you follow him to grab your bags. 

Harry slipped his arm around your slim waist and murmured in your ear deep and low, “I know babe, but some things just can’t wait.” His lips pressed softly against your neck, emitting a light sigh from your open mouth. Maybe heading home wasn’t such a bad idea after all..

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Imagine yoga with Sam.

A/N: It’s late, and trust me I’m this close to falling asleep. But, I had to post this. Goodnight. 

Word Count: 461

Warnings: Cursing, Dean being a mean bean in the morning. 

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“You wanna,” Sam looks from you to the rolled up mat tucked under your arm. “join me?”

“Why else would I be here?” Here is an empty room Sam found three months back and became his impromptu studio. “I don’t get up this early for my health.”

“You probably should though.”

“Don’t tell me what to do.”

He points to the empty space next to his mat. “Set up there.”

“What’d I just say?” You scold, but still walk over to where he’s pointing and roll your mat out. First is downward dog, something easy.

Then you both slide into upward facing dog and that just does wonders for your back. “You feelin’ it?”

You peek over to him, he’s smiling, and nod. “A little simple for my taste but,…yeah.”

“Si-” he laughs. “Alright.”

You both push back up to downward dog, but this time he puts his left foot forward a bit more and then he’s turning. He rotates and pulls his right hand to his left foot and places it on the outside of it. He pulls his body forward a bit more just to get a better stretch, or maybe to just gloat you weren’t sure.

Looks easy enough.

It’s not.

First off, you didn’t stretch before you started so that’s something. Second, how is he so flexible?

You finally get into position and sigh. “This ain’t so bad.”

“Still simple?” There’s sass in that Sam.

“Yep.” You pop the P and smile before remembering he can’t see your face from this angle.

After another hour of posing and pretending to not be winded, Dean walks in. Coffee in hand, he leans against the door frame.

“How come I wasn’t invited to the party?”

You’re in toe stand right now with your eyes closed. Giving not falling over your all. You hear shuffling before a hand comes down on your shoulder softly and pushes you back.

Your back hits the mat with a slap and your eyes fly open. “God damnit, Dean! That took me twenty minutes you fucking a-”

“Woah,” he hold up his hands, almost spilling some of his coffee. “I thought yoga was all about relaxation. I’m feeling very attacked right now.”

“I bet you twenty dollars you couldn’t do half the stuff we’re doing.” Sam says still in toe stand. Hands clasped in front of his chest and eyes closed.

Dean eyes his brother and shakes his head. “Not worth it.”

“Aw, someone’s scared.” You tease. You even go as far as to make chicken noises.

Dean is appalled. So much that he puts his mug down, whips off his night coat, and motions towards the floor.

“Where do I…”

You point at the empty spot next to yourself and then it begins.

I was asked to show a video of a typical flow for me, so here’s a nice sun salutation flow that incorporates: forward bend, plank pose, chaturanga (yoga push up), upward facing dog, downward facing dog, one-legged down dog, crescent pose, triangle pose, warrior II, reverse warrior II, extended side angle pose, one-legged side plank, AND one-legged chaturanga! I had to film this video several times to get the camera angle right and I was starting to sweat after a few of these! Music is “We Move Like the Ocean” by Bad Suns. Hope you enjoy!