Until the Lights Came On.

“Mizzou was on spring break so I decided to go home for the week. To my excitement 1 of my good friends was coming to visit me for a few day and 2 more of my good friends would be coming through Springfield on their way home from a hiking adventure in Arkansas. So a few of my friends from school and I made a plan to show them around downtown.

We took them to Grad School for dinner then made our way over to Hurts Donuts to get a little taste of some of my favorite foods downtown. It was a beautiful night so we walked around downtown until the lights came on. The perfect opportunity to take a photo!”

Life Was Just Happening.

This is my second year living in Springfield as a Missouri State University student, and each day I find another reason to love it. This photo was taken at my 1st First Friday Art Walk downtown. I cannot quite describe the feeling this experience brought me. The square, where this shot was taken, was absolutely electric with energy. At the Art Walk, I experienced culture and community in a way I had yet to in Springfield.

To me, Springfield is the perfect combination of city culture and small town feel; discovery and familiarity; anonymity and community. I feel completely at home, yet full of wonder at the infinite possibilities of exploration and discovery in this city. I cannot wait to discover more and more of the people and places that make Springfield the unique, awesome place that it is.

lindsey020995 via Instagram.