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Small Town Main Street. July 2016.

Main street to “A Golden Water Tower”–it’s the only non-residential street in this small town. Enjoyed an early supper at Cooky’s Café (red sign on right)–best fried chicken around. Opened since the 1940s, the family diner offers every drool-worthy homemade pie imaginable.
Mexico City
Steeped in ancient Mesoamerican history, this Latin American metropolis is a modern playground


From bohemian chic to cool urban enclaves. So many goodies in this list! 

“For a sample of Mexico City’s shops in eateries in one convenient location, head to Barrio Alameda, a newly renovated multi-story arcade in Centro Histórico (and a stone’s throw from Taquería El Caifán). Here you’ll find the outpost of Utilitario Mexicano (whose booth we discovered at design fair Caravana Americana), local skate shop Casa Navaja, Mezcalería Mundana and its artisanal drinks, a yoga studio and more within the airy Art Deco building.”


4 World Trade Center (also known by its street address, 150 Greenwich Street) is a skyscraper that is part of the new World Trade Center complex. It opened to tenants and the public on November 13, 2013.

The original, nine-story 4 WTC was destroyed on 9/11, so its replacement, a glimmering glass tower designed by the legendary Fumihiko Maki that opened to the public last October, is all about renewal—in more ways than one. Indeed, 100 percent of the energy used in the building comes from renewable sources like solar and wind. And hey, business world, there’s still plenty of office space available.

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Downtown Long Beach Baby Announcement

By Danielle Avitia