downtown vancouver bc

Watching everything unfold last night into the morning was magical, a reminder that our favourite show is happening. To see Chris Carter, the man who breaks our hearts but keeps us coming back for more, and was unbelievable. And yes he was rocking his blue Columbia puffer jacket! Melissa Stubbs was incredible to watch as she directed those stunts with finesse all while looking badass. The whole crew and production company were very lovely company.

I loved how everyone came together last night. Whether via social media or meeting up in person, TXF brought a lot of people together last night. It was so great to meet @super-infinite-possibilities and her family!! @xfilesobsessed22 , you kept me in the know last night! You have an amazing amount of knowledge about film, I think that’s so cool. It really helped in the way of finding out about what was probably happening and I kept my faith that things were going to happen. @odditiesandapplepie you were ever so the adventurous photographer! I loved that so much, so ballsy!! Mackenzie!! Thank you for sharing the Gillian love!!

Thank you all for your encouragement, it kept me going! I wish I had gotten more photos for you all.


2016 Sakura by Change Xia