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Either/Or: Duck

Imagine the soulmate AU where the first words your soulmate will say to you is tattooed on your wrist, but Person A’s tattoo is something completely ridiculous or nonsensical. 

It could have been the twelfth interview, but still, Lena knew the question she was going to get no matter how hard she laid on the charm and steered the conversation toward her own accomplishments and hopes in moving to National City. An entire day of press, she’d told herself, and then hopefully no more. What was the worst that could happen?

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Stranger in the night

TITLE: Stranger in the night


AUTHOR: mad-about-britain

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine while walking downtown you meet jazz musicians playing on the street. The singer is tall man with raven hair dressed in the black suit sings as though he was born in the jazz era. He watched you, his new big fan, the entire time he was singing. Later when the street becomes empty and there is no one but you listening to the musicians, he lead you in the slow dance humming the song in your ear. It certainly wasn’t a bad idea to move to this city.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I linked the titles of the songs in the story for those who may not heard them before :)

New city, new life… you thought while walking in the city centre. You moved here recently and everything was new to you. It didn’t look like the place you lived before. Old buildings, little streets with small cosy cafes were feeling like home. It almost looked like the XIX century though people with phones were distracting.

You wandered on the quite little street with few cosy cafes when you heard the soft sound of saxophone. You were walking to the sound of it and saw a group of people. You approached the group and stand in the front row so you could see the artist. There were two men – saxophonist and singer. You watched at the singer and unconsciously decided to stay here to the end. He was dressed in the black suit with shirt and tie in the same colour. His raven hair was carefully laid behind his ears. This whole scene was like from the 1940s and you even couldn’t think about going away. There weren’t any benches so people had to stand. You, though, decided to stay for long so you just sat down on the brick road with legs bended in knees and crossed.

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Magnetic Chapter 38: Planning

Dean Winchester x Reader

1100 Words

Story Summary: After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

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As the limo continued down the highway, Brigid hummed to herself, as you sat there, pale and shaking. The almost accident had shaken you enough that you could feel Brigid’s hold on you slipping. Not enough to attack her, not yet. But it made you realize how much you were being manipulated. It made you want to save Dean.

Dean was still in his spot, fighting against the invisible force that Brigid was holding him with. His jaw clenched, he was staring your way, his expression unreadable.

Not sure where Brigid was taking you, it was quite a way away from where you had left Sam behind. At least a couple of hours by your guess, and the limo wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down. “Y/N, why don’t you come sit by me?” Brigid asked you, but it was more of an order. One you had no choice but to obey.

“I know your life has been turned upside down, but this is for the best. If you cooperate, I will reward you greatly. Maybe even transfer some of my powers over to you, find you a man of your own. It will be nice to have a friend by my side, immortally.”

“Brigid, I…” You started, but she pressed her lips against yours, silencing you.

“No, you do not have to thank me. It will be nice to have another woman beside me, one who understands. One I feel incredibly close to. Sure, I know you thought you loved Dean, but he is not for you. He’s perfect for me. And we will find you someone too.”

As you went to speak again, she shook her head, and your voice was silenced. No matter how hard you tried, not even a squeak would sound. “There, that’s better. I hope you understand, but I do need my peace and quiet.”

Leaning her head back, she closed her eyes, her breathing slowly down. Glancing with wide eyes towards Dean, you wished you could speak to him. To let him know you weren’t truly under her spell anymore. That you could still feel love towards him.

As you opened your mouth to try and speak once again, Dean shook his head, pointing it towards Brigid. Who knew if she was sleeping, or if she was waiting to catch you in a compromising position. With tears in your eyes, you glanced back at Dean, whispering the words I love you.

Dean’s head snapped back in shock, his eyes widening. “You’re okay?” He mouthed back, and you nodded. It was hard, trying to communicate with the Goddess sitting right there. She could catch you at any moment.

Sitting back, you considered your options. Wondering if you could climb through the window to the front seat, knocking the driver unconscious before she even realized. It wasn’t a plausible plan, and you grew frustrated. You wanted to be the one to save Dean, to fix this mess as quickly as possible.

It wasn’t until the sky started to darken that the limo finally slowed, before coming to a complete stop. Brigid opened her eyes, placing her hand on your cheek. “Y/N, procure us a room for the night please?”

Nodding at the chance, you escaped the limo quickly, trying to get your bearings. You had no idea where you were, as you stepped inside the lavish hotel lobby. Rushing up to the clerk, you glanced around, making sure no one was watching you. “Where am I?” You asked him quietly.

Narrowing his eyes at you, he quickly answered. “Salt Lake City, Utah ma’am. Can I help you?”

“I need a room, one of the best you’ve got.” You told him. “And a phone call as well, please.”

“Phone’s over there, complimentary. I’ll just be a minute with your request.” Knowing you only had a couple of minutes before Brigid became worried, you quickly dialed Sam’s number.

“Hello?” Sam asked cautiously.

“Sam, I don’t have much time, but we’re at the Hilton suites downtown, in Salt Lake City. Hurry, please!” You pleaded, glancing back to make sure that your keys weren’t ready.

“Y/N? What the hell?” Sam asked.

“Please, just hurry! I’m trying to resist her hold, but it’s hard! I’ve got to go.” You told him, hanging up and heading back to the desk just as he glanced up.

“Room 801. The best we’ve got. Enjoy yours stay.” He told you, just as the door opened and Brigid walked in, Dean right beside her, looking ticked off.

Handing Brigid the key, you followed behind her, as she waved at the host. “I love this place. So luxurious.”

Wanting Dean to look at you, you pretended to stumble, bumping right into him. Knocking the two of you onto the floor, you quickly leaned down, whispering into his ear. “I called Sam. He knows.” Clambering off him, you bowed to Brigid. “I’m so sorry Brigid. I don’t know what came over me.”

“We will work on your grace. If you are to be my consort, my right-hand lady, you need to know how to control your body.” She insisted, as you made your way into the elevator.

Dean glanced at you, mouthing the words thank you as Brigid waited impatiently for the elevator to make it to the 8th floor. Upon opening the room’s door, Brigid nodded. “This will do nicely. Dean, you can sleep with me. Y/N, you can take the floor.”

Dean’s eyes widened at her words, shaking his head. “Dean, you will learn or I will be forced to do something I don’t want to. I’d rather have you willing, but if not I will do what needs to be done.”

It went against Dean’s every fiber to give in, to be told what to do. But he did it, knowing that he needed to bide his time until one of you could figure a way out of this mess. Or until Sam could make his way to Salt Lake, and find you in the hundreds of rooms in this hotel.

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Fading (Soulmate AU)

Pairing: Tony x Reader

A/N: Let’s kick off my return with some angst, shall we? And I’m also working on the next part of TFE :)

@that-awkward-blonde-chick-xo @sergeantjamesbarnes107th @after-avenging-hours @casameanlock @dedicatedbff @rosaleebasicbtch @nicolejones412 @gillibean9 @dashingdetectivetimelady

Word Count: 1,820

***Warnings: Brief description of blood, death, general angst, Self-Loathing!Tony, no sequel

Soulmate AU where your heartbeat is in sync with your soulmate. They both speed up together, and slow down together. They share every big emotion, and sense of calm.

And both hearts stop together as well.

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anonymous asked:

What about a one shot from the "grinding" Regina did with a stranger while thinking about Robin from Signed, Sealed, and Delivered? *adjusts halo on head*

OK I had fun.  RATED M

She’s tired of those worried looks, the hushed tones of concern asking Are you sure you’re alright?

She’s tired of Emma Swan looking at her like she sees right through her, offering to stay in and order takeout with her instead of going out for the night with the girls because she knows she’s going through a hard time right now.  

Regina is going through a hard time right now, of course. She misses her husband terribly, but what’s even worse than the dull, and sometimes acute ache of missing him is seeing pity in everyone’s eyes, and having to continually answer their incessant questions as to whether she’s alright by telling them that she is just fine.

But if she continues to withdraw and avoid all nights out, no one will believe her, and the questions will never stop.  If she can’t move on, she should at least be able to play the part of a woman who has done so.

The idea of a bachelorette had been….seemingly perfect.  A night of ogling beautiful people and drinking and spending time with girls, without any lovey-dovey couples reminding her of what she has lost.  Plenty of distractions, with less opportunity for people to focus nervous glances in her direction.

But the thing about bachelorettes is, they are filled with conversations of weddings and marriages and all that stuff that she is really trying to avoid, and she didn’t really think this through when she accepted the invitation.  Excited talk of marriage reminds her of how lovesick she had been as a young, engaged woman, head over heels for her husband.  

So she dulls the pain and annoyance with liquor. Lots of liquor.

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The Signs Alone at 3 A.M.!

Aries- Bakes a fucking cake because baking is fuCKING AwESOME and then goes for a run because running is FuCkING AweSOME

Taurus- Binge watching seasons of something on netflix and probably eating some bomb ass snacks

Gemini- Spamming everyone they know with text messages and videos of them snorting smarties 

Cancer- Crying about their fish that died when they were four

Leo- Maybe crying while doing their makeup and conflicted between loving themselves bc hot af or hating themselves bc idk??

Virgo- Reorganizing everything in their entire house and/or dancing in their underwear to classical music 

Libra- Probably sending nudes. Or getting drunk. Or writing nice letters to their friends. Or all three??

Scorpio- Watching porn/ streaking/ plotting ways to ‘accidentally’ take down all the people who have ever wronged them/ painting pictures of kittens. You never know tbh

Sagittarius- Running around downtown in a bathing suit and horse mask or learning how to speak hebrew??

Capricorn- COUNTIN THOSE DOLLA BILLZ!??!?!@J!>!>O@ just kidding probably watching a documentary about salamanders because salamanders are cool

Aquarius- Masturbating and having an existential crisis beCAUSE wHeRE DID WE COME FROM AND WHY AND HOW. Or maybe making a piñata :D

Pisces- Probably trying to smoke weed but burns themselves with the lighter so they cry and play with My Little Pony’s. 

HELLO LOVELIES I know this is really random and weird but it was just something quick because I feel bad about being so inactive but anyway I hope you like it (: Please don’t take any of this seriously, it’s just for fun and to make you laugh (hopefully). I love you guys so much and I’ll try to be more active today and these next few days before school starts again ))):::: Also! If you guys are interested, my Instagram is arandomruby and my snapchat is rubythesmiley

<3 !!!! xoxoox


HTOWN FLU | A Gents of Houston Exclusive

You may have seen a few sneak peak images from this Downtown Houston shoot this week via our social media networks. Now Creatives Welcome presents the extended spread! Enjoy!

View other images of this shoot via @InMuse_ or @gentsofhouston on instagram.

some not-so-meet-cutes
  • I’m the Igor-esque medical examiner hiding from the beautiful cops in my morgue doing an autopsy on you and oh my god you’re still alive
  • hi I’m the plumber here to get the ring your ex-spouse tried to flush down the toilet. gonna have to take the whole thing apart. oh, you’re still here. oh, you’re telling me about how much you hate your ex. oh, you’re kinda cute leaning against the doorjam like that. uh, here’s your ring. wash it first
  • making my way downtown in my killer suit that I rented for this job interview that I really, really need to do well in when you stumble out of the nearest bar and throw up directly onto me
  • we’re both in the same club that goes around cleaning roadsides every few months. please hold the back of my shirt so I don’t fall into the ditch while I fish disgusting bottles and old condoms out of it
  • we’re neighbors and our apartment complex has developed a major cockroach problem and I tried to squish one but when I turned my back to grab my shoe it disappeared please protect me from it
  • you’re the new intern in the HR department at my company and your first task is to tell me I’m fired
  • I’m a hiker out in the woods and I see you up ahead poking funny-colored mushrooms only turns out they’re the kind that make you high just from touching them so now I have to walk you through your first trip
  • hi I’m the caseworker at the local juvenile detention center and you’re the parent of my most recent case. can you please tell them to stop setting my desk on fire?
  • I’m the janitor in your building and you always stay late to work so we see each other, and I can tell you want to talk to me but are really awkward so I’m going to “accidentally” keep coming back to take out the non-existent garbage
  • we’re both the heads of rival protest groups but one of your followers brained me with a sign so could you please help me pull splinters out of my head?
  • we were both brought as the +1 to a high school reunion but now we’re wall-flowering it and watching as everyone falls back into their old drama. my date just ripped out a chunk of hair from your date, and now they’re clawing at each other’s eyes. so. want any punch?

04/11/16 filming @ Toronto Downtown.