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The (Not) So Secret Santa

Collab by @amehanaaa and @lonestormMerry Christmas Fairy Tail Fandom!!

Summary:  Playing Secret Santa wasn’t really Lucy’s forte, but as Natsu held out his idea, she blurted out the first thing on her mind. “Why the hell are you choosing THAT gift for your crush?”

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If it hadn’t been for the pink-haired boy from chemistry class, Lucy might have been driven absolutely up the wall. It was just her luck that she had to be paired up with Sting, the most obnoxious person in the whole class. All she ached to hear was the bell that would dismiss them for the day. The only downside, though, was if she heard the chime of the bell, that meant she needed to head straight to work.

Of course, she did greatly appreciate her job at the small gift shop downtown; it was normally quiet, warm, and gave her plenty of time to do her homework at the front desk.  Christmas season, however, was a different story.

The place was bustling, customers generally asking stupid questions, complaining about their favorite brands being sold out, and children screaming in their parent’s wake.  Lucy was pretty done with humans when he walked in.

She’d been straightening her golden blonde locks after rushing around to find the right size shirt in the back that the customer had been demanding.  When she looked up, he was walking in, halting as he noticed her behind the counter. Lucy recognized him; the boy that sat directly behind her.  She knew his name was Natsu, he was a friend of her friends, he was loud and funny as well as a genius at chem.  

And, admittedly, extremely cute.

Not that she noticed, of course.

Natsu looked mildly stricken to see her, but quickly recovered, shooting a wide grin before ambling off. Lucy tried not to let her eyes glance at him too much as she eventually resumed folding shirts. She peeked through her lowered lashes while Natsu filed through a rack of shirts. Normally, she would have to be over there by now—asking him if he needed any help—but her feet seemed to be stuck to the floor. She pretended not to notice the several pauses he made when picking up an item and studying it intently.

After selling a few chocolates, Natsu finally appeared at the counter, holding a…

What even is that?

“Why the hell are you choosing THAT for a gift for your crush?”

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