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“Nice to Meet You”

Alex Ernst x Reader 

request: do you do alex ernst imagines? can you do one where the reader is an up and coming youtuber and she’s visiting LA to see if she wants to move there and she meets alex?

    As you boarded your plane at 2:00 a.m, you hugged your family and home-town friends goodbye. You had visited L.A so frequently to hang out with people you had met or to audition for commercials, ads, movies, and separate things, but at the moment, you were focusing on your career as a youtuber, you decided to Check out L.A as a place to live, permanently.

    You weren’t some hot shot youtube star with 1 million subs, but you were close, with 750,000 people were bound to recognize you, especially in a place like Los Angeles. You were staying with your close friend Y/F/N who recently moved to L.A but wasn’t anyone famous, once you heard first class being called you knew it was time for you to board, You hugged your family one last time and grabbed your bags while reaching in your wallet to grab your ticket. 

    As you walked out of the airport, your legs were shaking, the warm climate was nothing like you were used to, sure, it got hot where you lived, but nothing even close to this, it was almost comfortable but something made the air taste different. Pulling down your sunglasses, you walked over to the car where your best friend was waiting. 

“Hey! ready to go?” 

    Your friend asks with such excitement, they pull out a list with stuff they want to do while your there, and you roll your eyes, you knew something like this would happen, considering Y/F/N was so organized all the time, unless it came to their room. 

“Let’s get this show on the road”

You laughed hopping into the passenger side of the car, headed towards downtown L.A.

You got out of the car and instantly heard the sound of millions of people talking, some recording, others yelling at random people on the street, it reminded you of New York, a place you wanted/had to visit so many times.

    You pulled out your vlog camera and started talking, this was normal for downtown Los Angeles, it was the center of youtubers, you probably passed about 10 people holding video cameras, you talked to your fans about possibly living in L.A and if they saw you to come up and ask for a photo 

“Don’t be shy”

were your words exactly. 

   As you were telling your camera about some really exciting differences you’ve seen between your home city and L.A, you bumped into a stranger causing your camera to drop to the ground. 

“I’m so sorry” 

   The stranger said, picking up the camera and placing it back in your hands. 

“Don’t worry about it, I’m new in downtown L.A, better watch where I vlog next time”

    You laughed wiping the dirt of the camera previously placed in your hand, you looked into the strangers eyes and noticed how inviting they seemed, after an awkward moment of staring he coughed and said

“I’m Alex, you Mentioned you were new here?” 

“Yeah, just arrived, and I’m y/n” 

     You shook his hand, and he told you to wait, he pulled out a black sharpie and flipped your hand onto it’s back, exposing your palm. He pulled the cap off with his teeth, leaving the cap between his lips, he wrote his number on the palm of your hand, and told you…

“If you need anything call, I’m Alex, once again” 

    He added for the second time, winking and walking away, and as you watched his figure disappear in the crowd you turned to your friend saying…

“I think I’m going to like it here”

The Tomcat and The Tie

Title: The Tomcat and The Tie (one shot)

Genre: Comedy/Fluff/(maybe, slightly?)Erotica

Rating: M? (Please see the Author’s Warning below…)

Summary: OFC and Tom meet at a hotel where a birthday party is being held.  Assistance with a tie is needed…

Author’s Notes/Warning:  I am rating this as M upon the advice of my beta, spadesjade, who said it went from “hilarious and sweet to absolutely kinky in three seconds flat.”  That being said, this is not smut: there isn’t any explicit language or sexual acts, both characters are fully clothed.  BUT there is heavy innuendo, including references to what are normally viewed as D/s practices. Please proceed with caution.


Why couldn’t you have picked a nice run of the mill field, one that didn’t require contact with humans?

I asked myself this question again as I raced through the parking lot and into the hotel.  Late yet again.  It was always on my list of New Year’s Resolutions.  This year, I had made some progress for a few weeks.  By the time February rolled around, I was back to my old habits of getting distracted and allowing time to get away from me.

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danyela-wolf  asked:

HIIII! Your hc are suuuper awesome! And since I've noticed that dr smiley has so little content in the fandom, do you have any hc for him?

He has his own little house downtown. It looks pretty normal but if you go down to the basement lets just say you aint coming out.

He has a fat orange cat named Pringles whom he love very much.

He can grow facial hair he just doesn’t like the way it looks on his face so he shaves it off most of the time.

To seem normal and get some side cash, he got a job at a Starbucks to mop the floor and such. He uses his mop man charm to get people to come over to his house to “hang out.” Little do they know the only hanging out that they’re gonna get is their skin hanging out to dry amiright.

His wifi password is probably PringlestheCat413


Amtrak Downtown Normal, Illinois


Another view of the southbound “State House” as it crosses Fell Ave. in downtown Normal, Illinois. View taken from the roof of Watterson Towers. May of 1981.

*internal monologue* If I wear the red dress I can casually cosplay Katrielle but if I wear the dark blue one maybe I could find a way to casually cosplay Clive

The (Not) So Secret Santa

Collab by @amehanaaa and @lonestormMerry Christmas Fairy Tail Fandom!!

Summary:  Playing Secret Santa wasn’t really Lucy’s forte, but as Natsu held out his idea, she blurted out the first thing on her mind. “Why the hell are you choosing THAT gift for your crush?”

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If it hadn’t been for the pink-haired boy from chemistry class, Lucy might have been driven absolutely up the wall. It was just her luck that she had to be paired up with Sting, the most obnoxious person in the whole class. All she ached to hear was the bell that would dismiss them for the day. The only downside, though, was if she heard the chime of the bell, that meant she needed to head straight to work.

Of course, she did greatly appreciate her job at the small gift shop downtown; it was normally quiet, warm, and gave her plenty of time to do her homework at the front desk.  Christmas season, however, was a different story.

The place was bustling, customers generally asking stupid questions, complaining about their favorite brands being sold out, and children screaming in their parent’s wake.  Lucy was pretty done with humans when he walked in.

She’d been straightening her golden blonde locks after rushing around to find the right size shirt in the back that the customer had been demanding.  When she looked up, he was walking in, halting as he noticed her behind the counter. Lucy recognized him; the boy that sat directly behind her.  She knew his name was Natsu, he was a friend of her friends, he was loud and funny as well as a genius at chem.  

And, admittedly, extremely cute.

Not that she noticed, of course.

Natsu looked mildly stricken to see her, but quickly recovered, shooting a wide grin before ambling off. Lucy tried not to let her eyes glance at him too much as she eventually resumed folding shirts. She peeked through her lowered lashes while Natsu filed through a rack of shirts. Normally, she would have to be over there by now—asking him if he needed any help—but her feet seemed to be stuck to the floor. She pretended not to notice the several pauses he made when picking up an item and studying it intently.

After selling a few chocolates, Natsu finally appeared at the counter, holding a…

What even is that?

“Why the hell are you choosing THAT for a gift for your crush?”

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Chapter | 01

“You sure you don’t need a ride home?”

Glancing up from her olive green book bag, Jae’s russet hued eyes landed on her classmate Rachel sitting across from her at the wooden table.

“Yeah, I’m sure. The bus doesn’t take long,” Jae declined, not wanting Rachel to drive way across town just to drop her off at her house. She never had a problem with taking public transportation before and this time was no different. Her car was currently in the shop because of something regarding her starter. She wasn’t really listening to what the mechanic was saying when she was at the auto shop this morning; the only thing she was certain about was the fact she’s going to be carless for the next couple of days until the problem was fixed.

Stuffing her spiral-bind notebook into her already cluttered bag, a low sigh expelled from her slightly agape mouth. She and Rachel arrived at the local Starbucks a little over three hours ago to work on a project for their Principles of Marketing class where they completely indulged themselves into their work. As the hands on the analog clock neared 11 o’ clock, Jae realized just how much time they lost in their assignment. She hadn’t planned on staying out so late but they were able to get a big portion of their work done so she couldn’t complain too much.

It was the travel across town that she was concerned about.

It was no secret that L.A. wasn’t the safest city to be in and she didn’t want to end up on the news as another young girl that’s gone missing.

Grabbing her pens and highlighters that were spread across the table defaced with faint scratches across the surface, Jae rose from her seat allowing her eyes to scan the room. There were a few other bodies inhabiting the cozy coffeehouse and upon realizing Starbucks would be closing soon, they began wrapping up their night as well. Stuffing her items in the small compartment on the front of her book bag, Jae’s eyes landed on a guy sitting at a table near the window, looking to be having an in-depth conversation with the other male sitting across from him. His cocoa-toned skin glowed under the light fixture hanging above his table as a sly grin stretched across his face exposing his immaculate smile.

As if he felt her eyes on him, he turned his head to look directly in her direction.

The second his nut brown colored eyes connected with hers, an eerie chill ruptured through her veins. There was something strangely familiar about him but she couldn’t figure out exactly what it was. She knew she seen him somewhere before though.


A hand landing on her shoulder made her jump slightly, breaking her away from the trance she was in.

“H-huh?” Jae stammered, whipping her head around to face her classmate with wide eyes.

With squinted eyes, Rachel shook her head at Jae’s strange behavior. “I said I’m going to head out now. I have an early shift at Sugarland tomorrow and Lord knows I don’t want to go,” she said with a roll of her hazel eyes, referring to the pastry shop she worked at part time but Jae wasn’t listening.

“Oh, okay…” Jae replied distractedly with an imperceptible nod of her head. Taking a quick glance over her shoulder directly at the table, she saw the guy was back engrossed into his conversation. “Okay, I’ll see you Monday,” she mumbled finally realizing what Rachel said while grabbing what was left of her Vanilla Bean Frappuccino and the napkin her double chocolate fudge cake was sitting on. As they trailed toward the door, Jae dumped her trash in the garbage while saying, “Don’t forget to finish your notes for chapter twelve.”

“I’ll try not to,” Rachel stated in a joking manner, pulling Jae into a quick side hug. “Text me when you get home.” After promising to let each other know of their safe travels, they both exited the coffeehouse heading in different directions down the Los Angeles streets.

The warm late night air brushed against Jae’s bronzed skin, whipping through her wild kinky hair. The salmon colored Nike Roshe running shoes covering her feet repeatedly met the pavement during her stroll down the sidewalk. With her hands tucked in the pockets of her Nike windbreaker, she guided her body around the pedestrians standing in her way with an eager swiftness. Her rush to get home was very evident in her quick pace.

A large sum of people were just beginning to start their night and Jae was doing the exact opposite. She was heading home to prepare for tomorrow. She ignored the homeless people begging for change and the random dudes shooting out cat-calls to catch her attention. She hated when she had to travel on this side of town. If it wasn’t for school, she normally avoided downtown L.A. at all cost. The loiterers and streetwalkers along with the excessive amount of cars crowding the streets drove her crazy. Her patience level was extremely too low to deal with the congested city too often.

Reaching the corner to take her normal route down the cobblestoned path in the alley, a low breath of relief escaped her mouth. She normally took this path whenever she was on her way home from school because she never drove her car when she had class. Los Angeles traffic in the day time was a death wish. After getting trapped on an off-ramp for over an hour the first time she called herself driving to school, public transportation became her own personal chauffeur and she discovered this alley shortly after. Entering the alley, she grabbed her iPod out of the side pocket of her black and peach windbreaker and plugged the headphones into her ears allowing the riveting sound of her current obsession to flow into her ears.

It won’t be in vain… to swallow all your pain…

Jae mouthed along to the words; her eyes planted on the ground watching her shoes guide her to other end of the alley. Graffiti covered the crimson shaded brick walls of the narrow area and a pungent scent leaked from the dumpsters lined against the walls mixing with the smell of the city. The passageway was as long as two blocks and it lead her directly to the bus stop allowing her to avoid the usually crowded streets.

The story you birth will be ageless… Just learn to love pain and be patient…

With all of her focus on Abel Tesfaye crooning the lyrics to Devil May Cry, Jae was unaware of the other individual entering the alley from the opposite end.

Dressed in dark clothing, his lengthy physique trotted in her direction with a confident stride. The sound of his shoes thudding against the gravel grew louder as he drew closer to Jae, capturing her attention.

Looking up from the screen of her iPod, Jae moved closer to the wall assuming he was using the pathway for the same reason as her until his gruff voice overpowered the softness of The Weeknd’s causing her stomach to churn.

“Jae Casen…”

Upon hearing her name, Jae came to a slow halt in her steps squinting her eyes to steady her vision in the dark; her heart thudding violently in her chest. The dimly lit alley made it hard for her to make out his face but once he stepped under the lone light fixture planted on the wall, she caught view of him. Her eyes roamed over the dirty blonde hair resting neatly atop his head and the short stubbles of hair around the cheeks and chin area on his tanned face. The longer she stared at him, the more her mind struggled with registering his unfamiliar features.

She never seen this man a day in her life but he obviously knew her.

The mere utterance of her name immediately sent red flags off in her head, triggering her fight or flight mechanism to kick in. As a natural instinct, Jae’s feet guided her body back in the opposite direction with her eyes never leaving his.

“H-how do you know my name?” She stuttered, fumbling over her feet as he continued advancing toward her.

“That’s a long story,” he chuckled, tucking his hands in the pockets of his fitted pants. He stood in the middle of the walkway, not giving Jae any room to move past him if she decided to.

This was one of those moments in life Jae had been dreading. Her thoughts had a mind of their own, conjuring up the worst possible outcome for her current situation. Things she wouldn’t normally think of clouded her mental; the thoughts alone making the muscle in her chest pump five times faster.

She was so focused on the guy in front of her, she didn’t realize there was someone sneaking up behind her.

And when her back crashed into something firm, she could have died on impact. Within seconds, a pair of hands covered her mouth, muffling the scream rumbling in her throat and restraining her flailing arms to stop her violent swings.

“Calm down and don’t scream, aight?” the person holding her spoke into her ear, sending chills down her spine.

Nodding against his hand in hopes that he would let her go, Jae relaxed in his hold before quickly scrambling away from him when he released her. With her back against the brick wall, she looked toward him and her eyes widen once she realized who he was.

It was the guy from Starbucks.

Her head was spinning in confusion. She didn’t know what was going on and she wasn’t willing to wait to find out.

Reaching into the back pocket of her jeans, she grabbed her phone. “Step any closer and I will call the police,” she threatened, entering her four digit security code on her phone to unlock it.

Amused chuckles escaped the mouth of the blonde haired guy.

“That won’t be necessary, Jae,” he tried to reason. “Why don’t you—“

“How do you know me?”

“I already told you it’s a long story,” he laughed once again. “Now, we’re going to go for a ride—“

“No the hell we’re not!” She shouted, her voice wavering with each word. Her hand holding onto her book bag shook as she tightened her grip on the handle. She looked between the both of them as they stood in front of her, not giving her any personal space or a gap big enough for her to squeeze by to escape. She was trapped in an alley with two men that she didn’t know. Fear welled up inside of her while she tried to keep her composure and talk herself out of this. “Just leave me alone, please… I’m just trying to go home and-and—“

Before she could finish her statement, the brown skin guy pulled out his gun, aiming it in her face. Caught off guard, her bag slipped from her hand and the sound of cars honking their horns drowned out the scream that erupted from the base of her throat. Her incoherent pleads to be left alone went over his head while he ignored them, placing his finger on the trigger.

“Don’t nobody wanna hear all that shit,” he grumbled with an annoyed expression covering his face. Nodding toward her bag sitting on the concrete he motioned for her to pick it up. “Grab ya bag and let’s go,” he said with his gun still pointed in her face.

Blinking away the moisture obstructing her view, Jae continued to try her luck. “Ple—“

“I ain’t gon’ tell you again.”

Sinking her teeth into her lower lip to prevent her tears from falling. Jae slowly reached down to grab her bag before walking stiffly behind the blonde guy while the other one held his gun to back of her head.

There was no way she was going to get out of this.



No trespassing.

A large steel gate held the distorted white and black sign as their car passed through once the bars parted open. Jae’s eyes were planted out of the window taking in her surroundings while the blonde haired guy drove up the dirt path toward a large building. His name was Julius. She learned his name when he took her phone and her book bag away from her before they got into the car. All of her plans to discreetly text someone for help via her cellphone went out the window the moment he placed all of her belongings in the trunk of the car.

Julius parked inside of the garage where six other cars were located and got out once he shut the car off. Sitting back against the seat, Jae waited for someone to open her door because they enabled the child lock to prevent her from hopping out while they were driving. The only way she knew that is because she indeed tried to get out of the car when they pulled up at a red light only to find out she was locked in. Everything she planned to do immediately got shut down due to them being prepared beforehand.

Her head snapped toward the door when it was pulled opened and she didn’t know whether to stay planted in her seat or not.

It didn’t take long before she received an answer for her dilemma.

“Get out the car,” the other guy demanded in a frustrated tone when she didn’t move.

Swallowing the lump that felt like it was permanently lodged in her throat, she turned on the leather seat and planted her feet onto the smooth pavement of the garage floor, climbing out of the car. She looked around trying to get an idea of where she was. There were no signs with a name or anything that could give her a tiny clue of where they had taken her. There were only cars, concrete pillars and an elevator located directly across from them.

There were no visible exits aside from the automated gate that was already locked shut. For the third time tonight she was trapped and she couldn’t hide the fact she was scared any longer.

When the car door slammed closed, she almost jumped out of her skin.

“Relax. We’re not going to hurt you,” Julius told her with a reassuring smile.

With a blank expression covering her face, she looked away from him. She didn’t know what to believe at this point but the only thing she could do was take his words for truth and hope they didn’t hurt her.

They got onto the elevator, taking it to the third-floor.

It was silent as they walked down the hall, passing up a few vacant rooms, until they ended up in front of two large doors. Julius entered a security code giving them access into what looked like a conference room. A long mahogany toned table sat in the middle of the floor with about twelve chairs stationed around it. There was only one person occupying the room. A lighter toned male with a plethora of tattoos decorating his arms. He was sitting at the head of the table with his face buried into his phone. He was so engrossed into whatever was happening on his phone, he didn’t even look up when the door opened.

“Hey Jahmir, watch her for a second. We waiting on Jessi to finish up a phone call,” Julius said giving Jae a gentle push toward the many seats at the table.

The Jahmir guy nodded without offering a verbal response, keeping all of his attention on his phone while the other two left out of the room. The door automatically closing behind them.

As soon as they left, an uncomfortable silence settled in the air. Jae had taken a seat at the opposite end of the table, as far away from Jahmir that she could possibly get. Her eyes scanned over the room but she didn’t see anything out of the ordinary except a camera perched in the right hand corner facing the table. There was a 60” flat screen TV hanging on the wall and a random file cabinet on the adjacent wall, but other than that the room was basically empty. She was steadily coming up fruitless in her search for answers.

Looking across the table, she jumped slightly when she made eye contact with Jahmir.

He was watching her the whole time.

“What you so jumpy for?” he asked in amusement.

“I’m not jumpy,” she answered a little too quickly, tucking a loose piece of her coily hair behind her ear to avoid looking at him.

She heard him chuckle to himself and caught a glimpse of his tongue gliding across his plump lips when she took a quick glance at him. “Yeah, alright…” he mumbled, indicating that he didn’t believe her.

An ear-ringing silence filled the room before she spoke up.

“Are they going to kill me?” Jae asked quietly

It took him awhile to answer. “Nah…” he paused, rubbing the short hairs on his chin. “They would’ve did it by now if they was.”

Her eyebrows knitted together out of confusion. Instead of asking him what he meant by that, she rose from her seat and slowly began walking around the room. She had no real reason for doing so besides being nosey and mentally hoping to come across something. Anything that’ll get her out of her situation.

“Why am I here?” She asked, looking back at Jahmir and for the first time, he had his phone tucked away giving her his undivided attention. But even still, he ignored her and watched her snoop around the room.

“Ar—“ The door flying open cut Jae’s question short.

In walked a woman dressed in all black. Her black flare legged pants swaying with each step she took. Not too far behind her, the two guys that brought Jae in casually strolled into the room.

The door closing was almost the lady’s cue to talk. “Hello Jae, how are you?” A smile stretched across her scarlet painted lips and her heels tapped against the floor as she approached the table.

“Who the hell are you?” Jae finally snapped. Somehow all of these people knew her name but she didn’t have the slightest idea of who they were. It was beginning to annoy her. She was ‘out of the loop’ in sense and it made her feel uneasy.

“I’m Jessi,” she replied unfazed by Jae’s tone. “Please, have a seat so we can talk.”

Looking around the room, she noticed the guys were still standing and didn’t feel comfortable enough to sit down with them standing over her. And if she had to be honest, the nonchalant expressions on their faces were borderline intimidating because she couldn’t tell what they were thinking. “I rather stand up,” she mumbled stubbornly.

“Very well,” Jessi shrugged, taking her seat on the other side of the table. She tossed her hair over her shoulders while leaning back in the cushioned chair. With a raised eyebrow she asked, “I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re here? Correct?”

Jae’s head barely nodded as she pursed her lips. She wasn’t standing there for her health, what kind of question was that? The real questions were, what was the point of this and Jae’s purpose for being here? Their dramatic approach and Jessi’s beat around the bush antics made Jae wonder just what she had ended up in. This might have been some sort of plan to force her into human trafficking or some strange kidnapping for money. This could have been anything and that’s what frightened her the most. She didn’t know what to expect and the longer Jessi waited to speak the more Jae’s nerves began to build up at the thought of the endless amount of directions this conversation could go.

“Boys, sit down so we can give her a proper welcome into the fraternity!” Jessi snapped at the three guys having a conversation near the door pulling Jae out of her head.

Stumped by her statement, Jae looked at Jessi puzzled. What the hell was she talking about?  “Fraternity? What fraternity? My colleg—“

A round of laughter filled the room and Jessi smiled at Jae’s slight ignorance. “Not that kind of fraternity… we’re welcoming you into our fraternity.”

“…and that is…?” Jae swallowed with her eyebrows furrowing in confusion. Darting her eyes over toward the men, she frowned at the slight smirks covering their faces before focusing back on Jessi. “W-what do you do?” She asked hesitantly. She wasn’t entirely sure if she really wanted to know the answer to that question.

With a cunning smile tugging at her full lips, Jessi rose from her seated position, standing eye for eye with Jae from across the table.

It was an unnecessary, dramatic pause before Jessi decided to speak, adding on to the racing of Jae’s heartbeat.

“We’re assassins and you have been chosen to join our group.”

So there’s this empty lot that I always walk by when I’m going downtown. There’s normally nothing there, but today I walked by and there was this elephant skull there and I’m just like ????

Idk, it’s probably fake, but it looks pretty realistic anyways. You gotta wonder what this type of stuff does thrown out somewhere when it’s such a good replica (if it is, if it’s not then the question is WHAT HAPPENED).