downtown minneapolis skyline

Minneapolis skyline from inside the Metrodome

Photo by AboveTheNorm

Hey Moon, Please Forget to Fall Down

The beginnings of the summer sunrise were just barely peeking between the gaps in downtown Minneapolis’ shimmering skyline. From Soleil’s view on her Lowry Hill apartment rooftop, the scene looked picturesque, almost like something out of a movie, she thought.

“Hey, Ciel,” The teenager began, rolling over to face her just barely woken friend, “check out the sunrise.” She sat up on their shared blanket, and turned to face the sunrise again, Pulling out her phone to take a quick photo. Ciel sat up beside the eager girl, only glancing in the direction of the rising sun, and instead turning her gaze towards her best friend.

The fiery-orange haired girl sighed, staring at who she could only describe as a human star. She watched Soleil’s kinky curls fall from her head, how the natural black gracefully transition into a vibrant aqua as her hair reached the girl’s shoulder. Her freckles beautifully embellished Soleil’s mocha skin, perfectly illuminated by the ever-increasing sunlight, and highlighting her gorgeous heterochromatic eyes.

Ciel had no idea how long she’d been staring at her best friend, when Soleil spoke up again.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” She asked.

“yeah,” Ciel replied, still staring at the girl next to her, “it is.”

The Capella Tower in downtown Minneapolis

Photo by AboveTheNorm

Minneapolis, Minnesota by AboveTheNorm

This was an interesting night…

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Photo by AboveTheNorm