downtown loft


Day 1 of our 3 day shoot with John Frieda. 5am call time.

Hair + makeup with Nickayla

A little mirror selfie in between shots

Crew working hard

The beautiful Khadija & that L.A. skyline

Day 2 - A change of scenery to a downtown loft

My amazing photo crew setting up our first scene

Mirror selfie while waiting for the freight elevator

Our second scene takes us to a green filled beergarden

That afternoon glow

Wardrobe change with Meghan

That’s a wrap for day 2!

Day 3 - last day on set

That’s a wrap!

Back in December I had the pleasure of shooting for John Frieda for their Hair Talks campaign. Here’s a small glimpse of our 3 day shoot.

Date Night

Alice and Jamie hadn’t been out in a while. He was busy with Lux’s music, she was busy desperately looking for anything else that she could do for work. It wasn’t just him, but it didmean that the only time she’d really spent with him was on his bus where she’d been staying this year. It was different now that they lived together full time, her place was nice, and it was nice having him around. She’d honestly just gotten used to it, but living on a bus full time was a big adjustment for someone who was used to hotels and big bedrooms and her downtown loft. Jamie had told her to get dressed, and he’d gotten dressed as well, not that she knew what their plans were. She eventually settled on a nice little dress and jacket. She met him at the cab and got in beside him, she reached for his hand as he closed the door behind him. “Where are we going, Jamie?” She questioned, it seemed like he’d honestly planned this so she wouldn’t know, and that wasn’t exactly the usual for him. “You look nice.” She smiled at him.