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Chaos Has Come Again

A/N: I was so inspired by this gif set of a ‘dark angel” Stiles that I had to write something for it. I’m calling this a drabble because there’s no real plot, but it’s definitely a longggg drabble. lol Thank you to @minhosmeanhoe for editing it, because I’m sure she did. Also I wrote this in like 2 hours so and I will edit it any further tomorrow if need be. lol I couldn’t find the creator of this gif or gifset, but if someone or the creator messages me ! I will be more than happy to tag them and give them credit. But I did not make this gif nor am I the owner of it.

Word count: 2737

Warning: It’s kind of dark and talks about the devil, and there’s smut (;

Paring: StilesxReader

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Soooo, I made a line-up of the Skeley Bros for my Kustard AU that I am now calling City Bones. (Feet and Inches)

I figure that it would be about 20yrs after the classic bros came to the surface and in the past 10 or so years, the other universes started merging with this one. First was the Swap universe, then the Swapfell, and the Fell universe was last.

More info on each set under the cut~

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Letters to Bucky (Part Five)

Welcome back to the story lovelies!
Thanks for all the love and encouragement along the way! If you are new to the fic, catch up HERE
. Over 3000 words this time, sorry for such long posts, but I love love LOVE you guys for reading it!

Tony read the poem at least a dozen times before refolding it and putting it back in his suit jacket pocket.
He hadn’t stopped smiling since the letter had been delivered that morning, hadn’t even left his desk yet. Couldn’t even think of what he wanted to say back to his soldier. In fact, Tony could barely string a thought together, so he just sat at his desk and grinned like a schoolgirl with her first crush.

It was kind of disgusting.

And he loved it.

“Tony!” Pepper snapped, sticking her lovely red head into his office for the eighth or ninth time in so many minutes. “You have a meeting RIGHT NOW. How many times– are you reading that letter again? Who is it from? What on earth?” She rubbed her forehead. “Look. I’m glad the pen pal program helped you through rehab, I am. Really. But you still have a company to run! So if you would just–”

“I’m coming!” Tony jumped up, waving his arms. “I’m coming. You know, Pepper I should just give the company to you. You care about it more than I do.”

“Don’t joke about that Tony.” She warned, and he stopped walking, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her soundly on the lips.

“I’m not actually joking. Let’s talk about it okay? Later. I can’t be late to this meeting.” With a quick wave of his hand he disappeared into the boardroom.

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"Everyone, in and out of the music business, kept telling me that my opinion and my viewpoint was naive and overly optimistic -- even my own label," says Swift, recalling the run-up to 1989's October release in the vast living room of her penthouse loft in downtown Manhattan. "But when we got those first-day numbers in, all of a sudden, I didn't look so naive anymore."

Imagine: Cuddling with Logan after spending a night with him and he gets vulnerable with you.

Soft rays entered the room, lighting up the evidence of clothing from the night before. You squirmed as the soft light hit your face, the events from the night before slowly starting to race through your brain. That and the feeling of a scruffy bed softly nuzzling your shoulders and your neck. You smiled as you felt a hand softly caress up your exposed back, the feeling sending goosebumps up your spine.

When you had surprised Logan at his company party that evening, you were shocked at how excited he had been to see you. Sure you had been talking to him for more than a year now, you both teasing at the fact that you liked each other, but Logan could never commit to getting to serious with you. Every time you had bought it up he immediately withdrew to himself, avoiding you for days after.

That night, however, he had proudly boasted you on his arm, bragging of your accomplishments in the archaeological field to his colleagues. He showed you off and, after many drinks, had convinced you to stay at his downtown loft for the evening. It wasn’t until you both had become comfortable on his couch that his hands had strayed up your thighs and the next thing you knew you were here, lying in his bed.

You kept your eyes closed as his breath tickled your face, not sure if you were ready to face him.  

“Y/N,” he whispered softly in your ear. “Are you awake?”

“Mmmhmm.” You mumbled, turning your head to face him.

“Hey sleepyhead.” You opened an eye, catching his smile hidden behind his thick mane of hair. You closed your eyes again, trying to ignore him as he nuzzled you for attention.

“I’m up, I’m up.” You mumbled, trying to contain the grin you knew was growing on your face. You opened both your eyes to see him smiling back at you, and though you didn’t want to ruin the moment you couldn’t help but ask, “I thought you didn’t want to try this? You and I sleeping together. You and I being more than friends.”

“It’s not that I didn’t want to sleep with you. “ he looked at you kow, his dark eyes bearing into your own. “I just don’t know if I’m capable of loving you like you deserve.”

You were surprised to hear him admit this – it was always a theory you had rolled around in your head. You never thought it would be true.

“Logan…” you began but his mouth was on yours again, sweeping you up in another kiss. It wasn’t long before he rolled on top of you, your bodies intertwining once more.

“You can try to convince yourself that you’re not capable of love Logan but the truth is you’re afraid to.” You manage out as his lips trail from your mouth down to your neck. He stops kissing you for a second, locking eyes with you as you tenderly pushing a strand of hair from his brow.

“Let me love you like you deserve.” You managed through your lips, and he looked away from you.

“Y/N you don’t understand what I’m capable of. I don’t want to end up like him…”

You knew instinctively that he was referencing his father and you forced him to look back at you.

“Logan,” you whispered, wiping a tear from his face. “If you allow me to love you like you deserve than you will learn how to love me in all the ways you don’t think you are capable of giving.”

His mouth slammed down on yours, kissing you with an urgency that you didn’t know was possible. He grabbed your hands, putting them above your head as he mumbled against your breast, “I’ll just have to work on proving that to both of us.”

You smiled, raising your legs to caress his own.

“I look forward to it.”

Headcannons based on a photographer Stiles and Derek that restores antique furniture Au. 

Inspired by an ask I received almost a year ago.

With the early morning light peeking in through the windows, Stiles loves to photograph Derek while he is sleeping.

Stiles tries to teach Derek to use his camera, but Derek has no clue.

Stiles travels for his job and he can’t fall asleep at night till he talks to Derek.

Derek wears Stiles’ flannel shirts, a little snug, while Stiles is working because he misses him.

Every Sunday Stiles and Derek walk down the street to the coffee shop for brunch. They drink coffee and eat blueberry muffins. …. Sometimes Stiles drinks hot chocolate instead and Derek secretly finds it adorable.

Sunday evening dinners at the sheriff’s house. The sheriff cooks. Derek bakes and brings dessert. Stiles does the dishes while the sheriff and Derek sit on the porch and drink coffee. Stiles loves how well they get along.

Stiles loves the feel of Derek’s beard on his skin.

Derek loves when Stiles wears his glasses.

Derek has restored the Hale House complete with furniture and has opened a section of it to the public as an art gallery and also hosts fundraisers and events there.

Claudia was an artist and one of her paintings hangs in the Hale house. Also Derek gives a Claudia Stilinski scholarship to an art student every year.

Stiles loves the smell of wood and varnish because it reminds him of Derek.

Derek is the one that cooks. On Stiles night to cook, they usually eat take out.

They live in Derek’s loft apartment downtown. Stiles loves the open space, it inspires him and Derek has given stiles the upstairs loft space for his office.

Derek’s shop is below the loft.

There is a little old lady that brings Derek cupcakes every time she brings another piece of furniture for Derek to restore. Derek blushes and Stiles thinks it’s adorable.

Cora lives on the other side of the country, but every Christmas season she flies back to beacon Hills to spend the Holidays with Stiles and Derek.

Every year Cora and Stiles compete to see who can buy Derek the wildest gift.

what the world needs is a superwolf crossover 

where Sam has been researching beacon hills and tells Dean “I think we need to make a trip to California, this place has been crawling with ritualistic murders and there’s been a string of strange animal attacks. i’m thinking we’re dealing with a pack, here." 

and they track this tall, brooding looking werewolf to a loft downtown, and shove knives in every pocket, have a whole arsenal of wolfsbane and silver shotguns and bullets and they burst into the loft, expecting a big, muscly pack of angry wolves 

but it’s just Teen Wolf Scott Mccall and a bunch of other fuckin teenangers sitting on the floor in front of a tv watching The Incredibles and eating popcorn

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I Swear It ➸ Theo Raeken

Request: Hi, can you please write OS, where the Y/N is Scott’s sister. She’s smart, shy, doesn’t speak too much and she follows her brother and Stiles everywhere. She knows everything about Theo and his chimeras, but she can’t help herself and feel attracted to him. She tries to hide it, but of course Theo finds out sooner or later (and also Stiles starts to be suspicious, because she always acts weird,when he’s around) and starts teasing her and flirting with her.

A/N Thank you for requesting! I hoped you liked it anon! Thank you all for being patient with me. I am now on my school’s basketball team as well as a competitive travel softball team so imagines may be a little slow. Anywho, I’m thinking of changing my handle. Any suggestions? Message me or ‘ask.’




“Hey princess.” You jump, startled at the husky voice coming from by your ear. A pair of hands snaked around your waist and pulled you into a hard chest. “I haven’t seen you all day, I was thinking you disappeared.” You relaxed slightly when you recognized Theo’s voice.

“Hi, Theo,” you said, your voice soft and airy. Theo ran his nose up your neck before burying his face in your hair.

“So I was thinking-”

“Y/N!” In an instant, Theo’s warmth left your body and Mason was at your side. “Y/N,” he hissed, grabbing your arm, “What the hell are you doing? Theo? Really? If Stiles sees you, you’re dead.”

“Mace,” you struggled out of his grip and stopped walking. You sighed exasperatedly. “Mason, nothing happened. He just came up to me and we were talking, that’s it.”

“Talking?” Mason scoffed, “Talking with his mouth all over your neck. Yeah. Talking my ass.” You groaned as Mason dragged you down the hall, and out the front door. “You’re an idiot Y/N.”

You glowered at Mason as he pulled you over to Liam and Malia. “You reek of annoyance,” Malia pointed out, “And Theo.” You rolled your eyes and jab Mason in the stomach before he can say anything.

“I just ran into him in the hallway, no big deal,” you said breezily. With Stiles as your brother, and Scott as your best friend, who also happened to be a werewolf, you’d learned to lie very well. You could control your heart rate and made sure over the years that you had no tells. Malia cocked an eyebrow at you but said nothing. You held back a sigh of relief. You were safe.

“Miss Y/L/N? Y/N?”

Your head snapped up from your notes as Ms. Finch stopped in front of your desk. “Y/N?” she glared pointedly.

“Y-yes?” you said meekly, cheeks flushing red.

“Would you like to answer the question?” Ms. Finch’s condescending tone made you blush more.



Theo leaned over to you and whispered, “The immune system.”

“The immune system?” you mumbled in a question-like tone. Ms. Finch’s face relaxed just the slightest bit.

“Correct.” The old hag walked away from your desk and Theo smirked. He bit his lip as you smiled gratefully. Stiles didn’t like you sitting next to Theo in this class (or any, for that matter), but in this instant, you were glad you did.

“You’re welcome,” Theo whispered. You said nothing, focusing your eyes back to the board in the front of the room and biting back a smile. You continued to work and take notes on Ms. Finch’s lecture in peace for a while.

Until, Theo’s hand landed on your leg. You drew in a sharp breath and glanced at him. He wasn’t looking at you, but instead looking forward, a hint of a smirk on his face. Theo drew circles on your thigh, his hand not going to far up. When he did go further, you had to keep yourself from making any noise. You cursed yourself for wearing shorts today, especially ones as revealing as those that Malia let you wear. Eventually you couldn’t handle it and you stood up abruptly.

“Ms. Finch, may I be excused?” you interrupted her lecture. She stared at you disappointedly but nodded curtly, excusing you before continuing her lecture. Scott stared at you, concerned, and made a move to come with you, but you shook your head every so slightly. He tapped his ear and you nodded.

“I’m okay,” you whispered as soon as you were out of the classroom, knowing Scott could hear you. And possible Theo. “I just got a little claustrophobic.” You could imagine Theo’s smirk as you walked down the hallway. You and he both knew damn well that that wasn’t the reason you wanted to be excused.

“Stiles, leave me alone,” you glared at your brother as he followed you around your house.

“This is the first day off without any problems in forever, Y/N! Hang out with me,” he complained.

“Go hang out with your dick, Stiles,” you snapped, before grabbing your keys off the table and walking towards the front door.”

“Y/N,” he complained. “Where are you going?”

“Out,” you rolled your eyes, “I’ll be back soon, Stiles, try not to get into trouble.” With that you left, climbing into the black Jeep, identical to Stiles’ (but in much better condition).

The drive wasn’t long as you drove to where the Hale Mansion used to be. Ever since Derek had moved to his loft downtown, you would come here to think and just be alone. (A/N Pretend the city never demolished the house) You climbed up the stairs to the porch and leaned against the wall. You slid down until you sat against the house, closing your eyes. Over the past few days, Theo had been hitting on you more than ever, and Stiles had begun to notice. He would drag you the other way whenever he saw Theo walking down the hallway, making sure he never left the two of you alone.

Your eyes flew open when you hear a board creak. You saw a pair of Nikes and followed them up to the face of your very own Theo Raeken.

“Hey,” he said softly.

“Hi,” you said shyly, “How long have you been standing there?”

“Not very long,” he assured, coming to sit next to you. “I was thinking…’

“Uh, oh,” you joked.

“Wait,” Theo chuckled, “Listen. I was thinking, maybe you’d wanna go out with me tonight?”

Your jaw hit the floor. Theo, if anything, almost seemed, nervous. He stared at you hopefully, biting his lip. Theo Raeken just asked you out. On a date. You couldn’t answer. This man, Theo Raeken, the one who’s been trying to kill your friends, the one who almost did kill your friend, was here, asking you out on a date.

“Soooo, wanna go out with me?”

You gasped. You couldn’t. You couldn’t do that to Stiles. To Scott. To Lydia.

“I-I’m sorry,” you stood quickly, blinking to rid yourself of the light-headedness. “I-I can’t. Sorry. I-I’ll see you around, Theo.”

“Wait, Y/N!” Theo called, but you got into your Jeep and started driving, leaving Theo in the rearview mirror.

Theo’s eye were burning holes into the back of your head. You had done your best to ignore his presence at the pack meeting. The only reason he was here was because Scott was convinced he could help them find… well, you didn’t really remember. But what mattered is that he was here. He had only tried once to speak to you since you turn him down, and whenever he you glanced at him, you could only see pure longing in his eyes.

As soon as the meeting was over, you rushed to get out of there as fast as you could. You could hear Stiles calling after you as you ran to your Jeep. You couldn’t give Theo a chance to talk to you. You fumbled with the keys and before you could get into the Jeep, you were turned around and pinned against the car. You saw the forest green of Theo Raeken before his mouth was on yours.

However much you tried to fight, you relaxed under his touch, his lips. You couldn’t help but notice that his lips and his body fit perfectly with yours. One of his hands pinned your waist to the car while the other intertwined your fingers together and held them beside your head. Theo let out a gentle moan as you ran a hand up his side. You didn’t know where this confidence was coming from. But what you did know was that you were enjoying this far too much. One of Theo’s hands ran through your hair, cradling your cheek softly, before both slid under your thighs and he pulled you up to wrap your legs around his waist.

You both pulled away, gasping for air. Your eyes fluttered closed, dazed as he pressed your foreheads together. Your noses brushed and you could feel your lips already swollen. “I…” Theo breathed, “I’ve waited 6 months to do that.”

All of the sudden, Theo was pulled away from you and you fell on your butt. “That’s my sister!” Stiles yelled, shoving Theo to the ground. He grunted when he landed on his wrist. YOu scramble to your feet and placed a hand on Stiles’ shoulder. He pulled away from him and delivered a kick to Theo’s stomach.

“Stiles!” you cried, “Stiles! Stiles, stop! Stiles!” Stiles backed away from Theo, face twisted with rage. When he saw you, his face softened.

“Are you okay, are you hurt?” he asked, concerned, reaching a hand out to you. You jerked away from him.

“Stiles,” you whispered in horror. This wasn’t your brother. Ever since the Nogitsune and Lydia being taken, he had been more violent, impulsive, and it scared you.”Stiles, he didn’t hurt me, Stiles. He kissed me.” A flash of anger crossed Stiles’ face.

“He’s bad news, Y/N, you can’t, y-you can’t, you can’t.” A fearful look appeared on Stiles’ face when he thought of you together with Theo. “No, Y/N, you can’t, please, you can’t.”

At this point, Theo had stood up and was already healing from Stiles’ blows. He raised his hand sarcastically. “Am I allowed to speak?”

“No,” Stiles snapped.

Theo rolled his eyes. “Well, I will anyways because I have something important to say.” He took a deep breath before blurting, “I love her.” Your eyes widened, as well as Stiles’, and Scott’s jaw dropped behind you. Malia, Liam, and Mason couldn’t hold back their gasps. “At first I just felt a physical attraction,” Theo explained, fingers twitching nervously, “a-and then, I-I don’t know. I just know that I love her and that I can’t keep doing this. I love you, Y/N. You don’t have to say it back if you don’t mean it. But Stiles, please. I know I did terrible, horrible things, but I, I have to be with her. I’m not a real werewolf, but she’s my anchor. And I need her. Please.”

You were shocked at Theo’s revelation, to say the least. You held your breath as Stiles took a threatening step towards Theo. He pointed a finger in Theo’s face and took a deep breath.

“If you even think about hurting my little sister, I’m going to tear you apart, limb by limb and make your death as slow and painful as possible.”

You sighed with relief. No one really took Stiles’ threats seriously.

Theo glanced at you and bit his lip. “I’d never hurt her,” he said softly, “Ever. I swear it. I swear.”