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ICE Raids in Austin: Activists rally after “unprecedented” immigration enforcement actions

  • AUSTIN, Texas – Local activists were standing up and fighting back in Austin after ongoing rumors of Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids in the city were confirmed Friday. 
  • Per KVUE, ICE detained 44 Mexican immigrants in Austin since Thursday — an “unprecedented” level of enforcement, according to local immigration advocates.
  • Protests formed Thursday and Friday evening outside the J.J. Pickle Federal Building in downtown Austin, where ICE was reportedly processing detainees, according to the Texas Observer. 
  • Another protest was held in North Austin near where a public ICE arrest took place Friday morning, documented in a viral video by El Mundo.
  • Eren Uribe arrived at the J.J. Pickle Building Friday in time to see ICE agents block protesters from four vans, which activists suspected contained immigrant detainees who had been nabbed and processed earlier that day, that were leaving the building. It was the first time she took part in a protest. Read more (2/11/17 8:17 PM)
AU in which everything is the same except all horses in Westeros are replaced by segways
  • Sandor Clegane going back into the riot to find his segway
  • Jaime Lannister owning two segways of different colors, which have been named “Honor” and “Glory”
  • Arya Stark finding a segway after the Red Wedding and naming it 
My Future (Lafayette x Reader)

My Future

Laffy Taffy X reader


A/N: I wrote this a while back for my friend and she said it was good so i finally got around to posting it. Also,Today (3/16/17) is my birthday! And Madison’s! XD Enjoy!

Modern AU

Warnings- may be cursing,idk,google translated French

summary-A day at the park with your boyfriend and his friends who seem to be hinting to something that you don’t know about.


“Laff?” I ask my boyfriend,staring at the sky as we sit on a park bench. I swing my legs back and forth.

“Oui,mademoiselle?” Lafayette replies,intertwining his fingers with mine, smiling.

“Do you ever think about your future?” I ask, watching the white clouds roll above us.

“All the time,Y/N. Why do you ask,mon cher (my dear)?” He replies.

“I dunno, Laff,” I pause, asking myself if I should actually ask him this question. “L-laff, am I ever…am I ever in your thoughts of the future?” I tear my eyes away from the sky and look at him. He’s looking back at me with his soft, brown eyes.

“Every time, mademoiselle. Je t'aime (I love you.).” He whispers.

I smile and hug him.

“I love you, too, Lafayette.” I whisper back. We pull apart and he stands up. I follow suit. He nods his head to the downtown ice cream shop. “Let’s go get some crème glacée (ice cream.).”

Lafayette bought me an ice cream cone and takes me to a booth. I feel guilty and offer him some of my ice cream. He chuckles and shakes his head. I smile and take a bite of the flavorful ice cream. I watch as he texts something to somebody and wonder what he’s talking about.

“Je t'aime,” I say, barely audible and Laff looks up at me, smiling. “Je t'aime tellement (I love you so much.), Gilbert.” I murmur. I’d finally remembered the right pronunciation to those words.

“Je t'aime, Y/N.” He replies and we share a smile. I take another bite of my, now melting, ice cream and Lafayette laughs as he wipes away melted ice cream off of my chin and cheeks. We sit in silence as I finish my ice cream.

“What are we gonna do now?” I ask him, throwing the napkins away and taking his hand. We leave the ice cream place and walk down the sidewalk of New York.

“Monsieur (Mister) Alexander wanted us to meet him and the others at the park,rappelles toi (remember)?” Laff chuckles and I blush a little.


I see Laff’s friends, Alex, Hercules, and John, walking towards us. I poke Laff’s arm and point to the three men. I smile as Laff waves and yells, “Bonjour!”

“Hey, girrrrrrrrllll!” Hercules greets me and the four men laugh. I smile, shaking my head at them.

“How’s it going, love birds?” Alex asks, elbowing Laff.

“Mon Dieu (my God) …” Laff mutters, but I see him smile.

“What about you and Eliza?” I pipe up,rocking on my feet. John and Hercules snicker at my comment.

“We’re better than ever,Y/N.” Alex replies. I nod.

“John,how’ve you’ve been?” I ask.

“I’ve been great,Y/N. Thanks for asking.” John answers.

I look at Hercules. “You?”

“I made these great dress designs,come look.” He holds his hand out and John puts a book in it.

“Yenno,Y/N,” John begins, resting his arm on my shoulder, as Herc flips through his book. “You could model these. ‘Specially the wedding dresses,right Alexander?”

Laff’s friends chuckle and I roll my eyes,not knowing what their talking about. Hercules shows me his sketches.

I over-hear John, Alex, and Laff talking in low voices.

“’S not like I actually told her.” John explains.


“Don’t worry,Laff.” Alex assures my boyfriend.

“These are really good,Herc!” I say,glancing over the dresses. Hercules smiles and turns the page.

“Bruh,these are the wedding dresses John here was talkin’ about.” Hercules points to more skteches. Lafayette is now looking over our shoulders at the pictures.

I sit in the grass, alone, as Lafayette talks to his friends. I laugh as I try to catch lightning bugs. I lie down in the grass and spread my arms out, smiling, staring at the stars. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Lafayette, lying down next to me. His friends lie next to him. He takes my hand and I smile.

“You two are so in love.” Alexander’s voice speaks. I smile.

“Oui. I love her so much.” Lafayette agrees and squeezes my hand.

“I love you too.” I reply.

“You two ever gonna get married?” John asks.

I sit up quickly. Laff slowly sits up.


The others sit up.

“Mademoiselle? What’s wrong?” Laff asks.

“I….I’m alright. Yeah. I’m fine.”

“You sure?” Hercules questions me.


Laff would never wanna marry me, would he?

I sit on the park bench from earlier,swinging my legs back and forth. Laff’s arm is around me. John,Alex,and Hercules are…Lord knows where they are,honestly.

“Y/N,follow me,s'il te plait,amour (please,love).” We stand up and I follow Laff,barely awake. The moon shines above us and I nearly fall on a rock or something.

“Laff,I’m super tired.” I groan and he chuckles,dragging me somewhere.

“We can go home after this,Je promets (I promise).”

I look up to find his hand out for me to take. We’re standing in front of a lit up gazebo,where-of course-Hercules,Alex,and John are standing with Eliza and her sisters. My eyes widen as I take his hand,realizing what’s happening. I suddenly am wide awake and I feel a tear slip from my eyes.

He takes me up and smiles before kneeling down and Hercules hands him a little black box.

“Y/N,Je t'aime tellement. And do not worry, you’ve always been the one I wanted to marry since you said yes to me for the first time. You’re so beautiful, kind,and smart. Y-you’re funny and your eyes-oh your yeux pétillants (sparkling eyes). Your smile lights up a room. Your laugh is like music. Y/N, Je t'aime. Je t'aime tellement. Je promets that I will never not amour (love) you.

Je ne vous blesserai jamais exprès (I will never hurt you on purpose). Je veux que tu saches que (I want you to know that.).”

“Laff,” I interrupt him. His face becomes disappointed. “You slipping into french.” I tell him and he laughs.

“Sorry, mademoiselle,” He tells me. “Y/N,” He opens his little box and a ring sits inside.

“Will you marry me?”

“Of course!” I say and hug him tightly. Cheers sound from around us. We pull away and he puts the ring on my finger. I kiss him.

“You were always in my future, Y/N.” He whispers, hugging me.

Real Life #2

The real life event that was the inspiration for Fantasy #4…
Tonight I was going out with this guy who I have been seeing. I was super into him but my boyfriend was about to come home from college for the summer. Yeah I know I know total dick move. But really our relationship is well frankly fucked up. Anywho back to tonight’s date. We are gonna go grab food and go to this State Park and eat. Super low key. 
I hear the doorbell and I hurry out of my bedroom. Can’t let my mom talk to him to long and possibly let out my secrets! I hurry down the stairs just as my mom opens the door. Tell her bye and walk out the door with him. We get in his truck and head towards our destination… He grabs my hand and tells me how happy he is that from what he can tell I wore what he told me to wear. He wanted me in a tank top sans bra if possible ( I picked a tank top that made it happen ) and a flowy skirt minus the panties. I inform him that I was able to grant all of his wishes. Jesus why wouldn’t I he’s friggin delicious!!! We chat about school and the end of our Senior year and what’s going on at our schools ( we did not go to the same school. Which is why I was able to have my cake and eat it too ) we stop and grab some sandwiches & drinks and head to the park/lake. It’s about 1 ½ from sunset. There are still people milling about the park but we are very into our conversation and each other’s company. He truly does trip all my triggers! We finish our food and he takes the trash over to the bin to throw away. When he comes back he grabs my hand and pulls me to stand up then puts his hands on my waist and puts me on the table portion of the picnic table. He runs his hands down my sides and onto my thighs down to my knees. He has his hands holding onto my knees and he spreads my legs and gets his 1st peak at my pussy. He looks up at me pleased that I followed his orders. He has my legs spread and sits on the bench between my legs. I leaned down and kiss him. He runs his hands back up my thighs and under my skirt and hold onto my bare naked ass. This kiss does not take long to gather intensity. With his hands on my ass and our mouths dueling my pussy is soaking wet. He breaks the kiss and tells me he can smell me and now he needs to taste me. I look startled I mean the sun is still up and people are still around. Not a ton of ppl but enough to where we could get caught. And I tell him so. His response was he wasn’t going to wait. And he didn’t. He prompts me to scoot back a little bit and well even though I think he’s crazy I do and I lean back and he leans forward and places his mouth on my pussy. I feel his tongue run along my entire pussy and fuck it feels good. And the more he pleasures my pussy with his mouth the less i care about getting caught. God at this point the things he’s doing I feel like he’s trying to make me scream!! I start to pant and tell him I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum. Instead of stopping he inserts 2 fingers and clamps his lips over my clit and I explode. I can’t even hold myself up anymore I fall back and put my arms over my mouth and cum so hard my legs are shaking!!! When I finally start to come back to earth he grabs my hand and pulls me up. I put my hands on his head and pull him in for a long and deep kiss. Tasting myself on his mouth is hot. He just owned me with his mouth. He pulls back and shows me a condom. I look at him and ask how. He gets up tells me to get down off the table when we are standing close he undoes his belt, button and zipper he pulls his dick out of his pants and sits down I straddle his lap as he is putting the condom on. I lower myself onto him. My pussy is still super sensitive for the orgasm he just gave me but damn I’m full and I can’t wait to get off with him inside me!! His hands are on my ass our mouths together. It feels so damn good but I’m still super aware of where we are. And I tell him so. We need to be careful!!! He tells me we are fine and to fuck him. Each hand has a hold
Of an ass cheek and he is not going to wait for me. He guides the movement and before I know it I don’t care either. It feels so good. Thanks to my low cut tank top and no bra with a tiny flick of his finger he has a nipple in his mouth. Once he starts to suck on my breasts my orgasm starts to gain steam. I tell him I’m gonna cum and he tell me to cause he’s going to cum too. As I start to convulse on his dick his mouth fuses to my mouth and his hands have such a tight hold on my ass I know he’s left hand marks!! Fuck I love it!! And I love the very naughty outdoors and very public sex we just had. Once we are breathing right again I get up ( holy shit my knees hurt!! ) he stands up removes the condom and goes to throw it away. We sit together on top of the table and watch the sunset and kiss and just continue to enjoy each others company. Once the sun is down we leave the park and go downtown for ice cream ( to this day I still LOVE this ice cream shop downtown ) the night was amazing. And there were many other days and nights with him… we played outside many times. If he was on Tumblr and read this he would know exactly who I am lol. But it’s ok he wouldn’t out me cause he’s married too….

Sebastian Stan Request Part 2

Can you make part 2 for the request where sebastian & reader have three kids(two twin boys named James & Josiah and the youngest is their daughter Lea-AnnaGraice) but sebastian cheats on the reader. So the kids find out and treats sebastian bad until he apologizes to the reader

Part 1

You lead the kids into your parent’s house tried to keep their mind off everything. The four of you got settled and spent the day hanging out with your parents and spending time out back and when night settled and the kids went up to bed you sat and your mom went out on the porch and you let everything out.

Tears rolled down your face non stop as you vented to your mother. “I just don’t know what to do, Mom. I never saw this coming; he never came across anyone that would even think about it. Then after 20 years, out of nowhere, he does this. I don’t know why Mom,” you cried. “I  just want to know why. Was it me? Was it something I did?”

“Honey no,” she reassured you. “You did nothing wrong at all. You are thinking a million things right now but you can’t think about that because this was all him in the end.”

“What do I do now Mom? I can’t stay here and avoid it for the rest of my life.”

“What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. Obviously right now I don’t want to go back to him. But, I’ve loved him for over 20 years, there’s still part of me that does love him, and we have a family. Would it be better for the kids if we just worked it out and stayed together?”

“One thing I can’t give you, honey, is an answer. You’re the only one who can solve this problem for yourself. Take some time to think about it and, when you’re ready, meet with Sebastian and tell him.”

The next day everyone took a long drive together and ended up in a small town 2 hours away. Your parent’s did a great job of keeping the kids busy by shopping around the small downtown, stopping for ice cream, and going to the local park to feed the ducks and take a nice walk. They looked happy but there was something missing.

When you got back the kids were exhausted and laid in the living room watching whatever car show your Dad had turned on. You grabbed your phone and went outside.

“Y/N!” Sebastian’s groggy voice answered the phone quickly.

“Sebastian, are you at the house?”

“Yes, I haven’t left. Why? Are you guys coming back?”

“No. But I’m on my way over so we can talk. I’ll see you soon.” You hung up the phone and drive to the place that you once called your home.

When you pulled up to the dark house a weird feeling took over you. And when you went inside and saw the mess that covered the floor you flicked on all the lights and took around your house. “I went a little crazy after you left,’ you turned and saw Sebastian in the door frame to your room.

“I can see that.” You stepped over a broken vase and set your purse on the kitchen counter.

“How have you been?”

“How have I been? I’ve spent the last two days thinking only about how my husband cheated on me and everyone knows and how I’m going to best take care of my kids. How do you think I’ve been? I’ve been thinking a lot about us, Sebastian. And about what is best for the kids moving forward.”

“Y/N,” his eyes pricked with tears, “before you decide anything please hear me out. I haven’t slept, I haven’t eaten, I haven’t done anything but cried since you and the kids left. What happened was a complete mistake. A huge accident! And I can never tell you how much I regret it.”

“I’ve already made my decision. But before I tell you answer me this. Why did you do it? Why was I suddenly not good enough for you?”

“You were never not good enough for me. Don’t ever think that! I wasn’t good enough for you. I was out of my mind and I was alone across the world and I was weak. I am not good enough for you.” You stayed silent and let that sink in. “Y/N, please, tell me what you decided.”

“My parents drove us all out of town today.The kids had so much fun today but the thing I noticed was how sad their eyes were. I know they are angry with you, Seb. But I also know that they are scared and confused and that they miss their Dad. I guess they are kind of like me. I’m doing this for the kids, Sebastian, keep that in mind. What we had will never be the same but I want to try and fix things for the kids.”

“Really,” he smiled and held tears back.

“We can’t jump back into where we were before. And if this is going to work you’re going to have to change. We’re going to have to set some ground rules and go to counseling or something. This isn’t a guarantee that things will be ok but I’m willing to try if you are.”

“You have no idea how great that is to here,” he rushed forward and hugged you and you awkwardly stood there like a plank, not willing to let yourself feel anything that could get you hurt automatically.

“I just need some time,” you told him as you unraveled from his arms. “Clean up our house. Clean yourself up. I’ll bring the kids back tomorrow once I talk with them.”

You went back to the garage door when he stopped you. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I know you do.”