downtown 500


Visited the Shanghai City Planning museum yesterday. Here is downtown in 1/500 scale!
1. View from the North
2. Shanghai Station
3. Looking down Xizang Lu: the funny square roof in exact center of frame is where the model is :)
4. A typical housing complex
5. Overhead view, looking down on the French Concession and surrounding areas.

ZTA(Formally ZTD)
Bus and Subway routes. (Bus routes not shown)

Bus Routes (Based off of LA Metro):

Local (Regular)
1-99: to and from Downtown
100-199 West/Eastbound in other Districts
200-299 North/Southbound in other Districts

Local (Limited)
300-399 Limited Stopped Routes

400-499 to and from Downtown
500-599 service in other Districts

600-699 to and from Dt and other Districts

700-749 to and from Downtown
750-799 in other Districts

@uzrfrndlyfiction here’s the list of your transit types. The actually routes are coming soon. And I have Route 98 in mind.

if only getting money irl was as easy as in video games

me: i need money
me: *goes outside and kills some little critters*
me: GREAT!!! time to take this $500 downtown