Sometimes, when they had the chance, the two of them would sneak out on a warm summer night to gaze at the stars, or take long walks when it snowed in the winter. In the summer, they would have a picnic in the woods if it happened to be their day of and the weather played along. Thomas would ‘borrow’ one of Lord Grantham’s good wine bottles and Jimmy would provide them with fruit from the gardens. They would find a spot in the wood where nobody ever went past, where Thomas could hold Jimmy in his arms and Jimmy would kiss his hands. Thomas would rest his head on Jimmy’s shoulder and sometimes Jimmy gave him a soft kiss ond told him he loved him.  It was a world that only Thomas and Jimmy were part of, in which they didn’t need to hide their love.
It had just happened to be their day off when for the first time this year came out but just when they arrived in the woods, the clouds had darkened everything around them and rain started pouring down like someone just emptied a bucket above them. They arrived at Downton, soaking wet from tip to toe.

“That’s it with our lovely picnic then” said Jimmy who had just closed the door behind him with a sigh. He had changed his clothes and returned to Thomas’ room “Not at all.” Thomas was sitting on the blanket on the floor, filling up wine glasses  He had lit several candles which provided enough light to see each other but created a wonderfully romantic atmosphere.”Why should such a thing sto our picnic?” Jimmy just stared at his perfect and wonderful sweetheart in amazement “I love you so much Thomas Barrow.”
Late in the night they would snuggle up in their blankets and hold each other, Thomas would whisper sweet things into Jimmy’s ear and kiss every inch of his body.

(AAH, this is super scary. I very occasionally write Fanfiction and if i do I never publish them. So here we go ;u; English is not my first language, I hope it was good enough to be enjoyable!! I love the idea of  a picnic inside when it is raining, so I had to realize that with my favourites :)))