Do you love Dan like I love Dan?

From his cricket cap head

or baseball cap??

or wearing hats with friends?

The dodgy mustache/chin patch Kenny Kristo thing we shouldn’t talk about… (I do like that suit…)

How about his fashion accessories?

triceratops pin anyone?

Always make sure to look for his crazy suit wearing ways…of course.

The lining?

or when bad fashion happens to good people?

speaking of shoes… :: and that coat??:: 

 uh? …no

I’ll defend these as he had to wear something designed by the guy he was giving the award to… and the suit is HOT.

And then his going  for great fashion but then quirking it up with the socks…

But yeah… I love him no matter what…

And when he pulls it all together? 

It’s something to behold. 

Love all the Dan looks all the time… :) He’s never boring.