downton the hatch

Hello everybody! Don’t you all look magnificent today? Yes, this is a new scarf, thank you for noticing!

We over here at Downton the Hatch are gearing up for the U.S. premiere of the third series of Downton Abbey this coming Sunday, January 6th. We’ve got a nice selection of wines decanting and the crystal is polished. Okay, fine, we’re drinking cheap booze out of coffee mugs. Safe diff. At any rate, we’re very much looking forward to series three, as we know all of you are, because it is full of what we in the biz like to call “drinkable moments.”

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Here’s the exciting news: we’re going to live-tweet the drinking game as we watch each episode of series three on Sundays night starting at 9:00 pm EST. (Sorry other time zones; we’ll be passed out by the time it airs in your neck of the woods.) You can totally play along! It’ll be loads of fun!

To prep, you can find and memorize the master list of rules here, but remember the first rule of Downton the Hatch is to drink responsibly. You don’t want anyone to think you have the Spanish flu.

And if you can’t drink responsibly, then you at least have to promise us that there will be no drinking and driving. You don’t want to end up like…a certain character at the end of a certain episode at the end of series three. We cool?

Over the next few days, we’re going to be posting rules with a bit more frequency than normal to make sure we get all of the standard 25 baseline rules up before Sunday night. Yes, maybe we should have planned the timing of all this out better, but, hey, we’re running a drinking game over here, not a giant estate ultimately responsible for the livelihood of hundreds of people, okay?

Seriously, though, you look great. Love what you’ve done with your hair. Smooches! 

We have a special guest tonight. Everybody, meet Bogie. We are training him to drink out of his water bowl every time a random servant appears. 

(Alas, he is not ours. M is dog sitting for a co-worker, but we have tried to steal him on several occasions. CAN YOU BLAME US?)

Just about two and a half hours to go until Downton Abbey! OUR MAN IS FREE.