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Downton Abbey STEAMM – Astronaut AU *inspired by the Apollo missions*

Astronauts Matthew Crawley, Tom Branson, and Anthony Strallan are chosen to be the lucky men to go to the moon in a multi-national space exploration program. Being Anthony’s final spaceflight and Tom and Matthew’s first ever, and with Tom’s wife Sybil as the flight surgeon, this is slated to be an extraordinary mission – and their wives are equally thrilled, though somewhat apprehensive. But excitement outweighs fear as the men train for the voyage of a lifetime and the women enjoy celebrity status as astronauts’ wives (and as the mission’s flight surgeon for Sybil).

After a successful launch and a televised lunar landing, the astronauts begin the return home – but a catastrophic disaster cripples the spacecraft, depriving the crew of oxygen and power, leaving them all but stranded in the void of space. As Mission Control and Sybil work to find a way to bring the crew home safely, Edith and Mary wait with the rest of the world in apprehension for the return of their loved ones. 

Love won’t be enough to bring three husbands home to Earth, but it may be enough to give them the strength to fight through the worst odds and give their wives hope they will be reunited. 

**original photos not mine, gifs and manip created by myself**

Thoughts about Thommy

No hate to the Thommy shippers, your ship is cute, I understand why you like it, but to me Jimmy just doesn’t care enough about Thomas to deserve him.  Like, in some ways he’s a better person than Thomas, ie he’s not outright villainous, but he also doesn’t really seem to care about anyone. 

He became Thomas’s friend in the end, but his parting words to him were somewhat insulting, and it took Thomas literally putting his life in danger to even get that much decency out of Jimmy.  Even after all that time pretending to be sweet on Ivy, it turned out he just wanted her for sex.  Thomas is a terrible person at times, but his redeeming quality is that when he falls for someone he cares 100%, and I feel like he deserves the same back. 

I know people change and all that jazz, but just… not feeling the Thommy ship, y'all.  I can’t wait to see if they give Thomas a love interest in the Downton Abbey movie.  They better *squints at writers* after all the shit they put him through in seasons five and six!