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After finally watching Downton Abbey i have one question for the writers : was it really necessary to put Anna and Bates through so much pain


Modern!AU: Lady Sybil Crawley x Tom Branson (Downton Abbey)

 you made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter/ you are the best   thing that’s ever been mine.

“The marriage started from a place of convenience, but it grew because they invested in it. And they were lucky.” - Elizabeth McGovern on Cobert :’)

Cora & Robert in the first and last episode of Downton Abbey. ❤ We are the luckiest ship, all my fellow Cobert shippers. We have the most perfect ship. :’)

This is the most tragic character I have ever come across. He is the definition of a victim of circumstance. And we see in season six him reach the point where he can take no more. He can see no way of him ever being happy and been thrown out of Downton is the final push. Thomas barrows downfall was unbearable to watch. He hated himself enough to do what he did. Thomas is a character forced to live in a society where he is perceived as a vile “foul” creature. The real show as to how far he has fallen comes when he tried to castrate himself. Not long before that he was telling Carson how he was not fouls just different but for him to do something like try to “fix” himself he mustn’t have believed that anymore. He falls further and further into a hole of self hatred until it becomes too much for him and he slits his wrists. How did he change so fast personally I think the answer is not having Jimmy around anymore but whatever it was doesn’t matter. What matters is how this shows how easy it is for someone to have one little idea planted in their head and their opinion of themselves forever changed. Thomas Barrow was my favourite character on Downton from the outset and his fall from grace only made me more invested in his tragic and heartbreaking story. Like Jimmy my wish for Thomas was always that he found some kind of happiness in the end but when I think back on my misplaced hope in hindsight that was never going to happen. Simply because someone like Thomas is not allowed to be happy in the world he lives in. So when he realised this and his last shred of hope vanished he saw only one way out of all his pain and suffering and anger. And to be honest I don’t blame him for it in the slightest. Maybe George could have been that little light in the darkness for him but it was never enough it will never be enough. And that makes me really really sad for him it truly does. Thomas Barrow is a brilliant character and will always be one of my favourite not just on Downton but in everything I just wish his story could have a happier ending but again in hindsight that was never possible no matter how much I wish it was.