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Downton Daemons AU - Edith + Hyena and Sir Anthony + Red-Ruffed Lemur

I thought I was winding down on this AU but apparently not. xD Edith’s Hyena is from Eva, but I was definitely looking at some form of primate for Strallan, and the red-ruffed lemur won out because of the large eyes and wispy hair and adorableness.

ooh~ pose turned out to be an unplanned parallel to this.

yo am i late to the downton daemon au party

worst of all, it was insolent.

(for Edith fallen into the terrible habit of referring to her creature as “it,” despite the fact that it was most certainly a male - the plumbing proved it - and yet the voice was so very oddly feminine!)

Wharton cackled terribly at the others, giggling when Mother’s sleek vixen nipped at its heels, and when it caught O'Brien’s tawny lioness eyeing them. 

Once, in the middle of dinner, it had even raised its lumpy head and barked throatily at Thomas’ gull, which had eyed it with quiet disdain. 

“For goodness sakes, Edith, can’t you keep yours quiet?” Mary had quipped, icily, the wolf curled at her feet raising its head a laborious inch to sneer. 

Won’t go for that one, suitors would sigh to themselves as she was glanced over. Certainly she’s wealthy, certainly she’s passable pretty, but she must be a right shrew. What respectable daughter ever had a creature so ugly?

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I dunno WHY I made this as CrackAlley basically took care of it XD


How Sarah O’Brien could be in service, Cora would never understand.

It was the usual for people of the working classes to be born with common animals as their Daemons, such as dogs or cats or mice. Servants in particular always seemed to be accompanied by Labradors or mastiffs. Mr. Carson, she knew, was bonded to a grave and watchful bulldog named Katherine, who patrolled Downton at his side. Mrs. Hughes the housekeeper had a fleet-footed and keen-eyed sheep dog.

Not Sarah O’Brien.

When she came in for an interview concerning the position of lady’s maid, most of the staff immediately scattered towards the other end of the house when she and her Daemon approached.

Cora supposed they couldn’t help it; what could rabbits and dogs and badgers do, before a lioness?

Her own darling Sylvia, brave though she was, snarled and hauled herself onto the back of Cora’s chair as the great tawny beast sidled into the drawing room, her hackles raised high. The lioness eyed the little fox and the round-eyed lady, sniffed disdainfully, and seated herself by the empty chair.

Sarah entered shortly thereafter, rather apologetic for her Daemon’s behavior.

“Boudicca likes her entrances, m’lady, I won’t lie about that.”

“Leave me that much, Sarah; we have precious few pleasures as is.” the great Cat drawled.

Cora waved aside her concerns, of course, and got the interview underway. While Sarah proved herself to be clever and respectful during their conversation (when not trading barbs with Boudicca), Cora felt her mind drifting elsewhere.

A woman and a lioness. It wasn’t unheard of, to have someone and their Daemon share a gender, but there were certain implications there, certain rumors that accompanied such an occurrence. It had taken nearly all of her Papa’s influence to silence such talk when it came to light that Cora’s own Daemon was female.

Sylvia slunk down and curled herself about Cora’s neck, white-tipped tail flicking at the human’s cheek.

“They’re like us.” the fox whispered, eyes alight with curiosity. Cora, unable to draw her eyes away from the small woman and her ferocious Daemon, merely nodded.

“Yes,” she said softly. “Yes, I think they are.”


This was all based around the idea that having a Daemon of the same gender in the Pullman-verse implies that the person in question is homosexual (not outright stated in the books but not dismissed either).

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can you do like normal Downton Abbey art without the animals? They're good but good old downton is good on its own :) thanks

HAHAHHAHA! not a fan of the au??

sorry anon, guess I’ve been kinda obsessed. BUT actually, it’s weird but I’m honestly getting more daemon requests than non-daemon ones, which explains a lot of it. :P 

but yeah I’ll go back to drawing plain ol’ downton soon. I mean eventually when I’ll have run out of characters. xD

Snap Daemon times

Seriously, tho, what would Jimmy’s daemon be?

Probably something where it’s rilly hard to tell the gender with a name like


or something

one of those neutral names

Alfred would be a Great Dane

OR OR OR a large ginger Persian cat

kind of like Aunt Sarah’s but lame


Like some small bird I bet

shit this is going to bother me

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Headcanons for daemon!Downton?

Oh, this got a bit long. Also, I’m not sure it was ever clear how much of a choice dæmons got in their final form or whether it was determined entirely on what suited the personality of their human. So here I’ve gone for something in the middle. Some choice, but a lot of influence from what suits too. I’ve explained a bit more on the suitability of Sybil and Tom’s dæmons in this ask as well.

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What are your headcanon daemons for 3-5 of your favourite fictional characters, and (if you can articulate it) why?

Oh, Anon, I love me a good ramble. Though I do have other fandoms I’ll give you four of my Downton Abbey dæmon ideas as I’ve thought more about those characters than any others while writing my Downton dæmon fic.

Tom Branson- Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds are so perfect for Tom. For a start- Irish. Can you see him having anything else? They are protective and loyal and, while Irish Wolfhounds are easy to train (as a good servant should be), when hunting they were often required to think and operate without direct commands from the hunters, leading them to also being very independent and able to work alone of their own initiative. 

Sybil Crawley- Ermine

Yes, it’s also a stoat but ermine sounds much nicer :P. I chose this for Sybil because it’s small, practical and also very quick and agile able to climb trees and the like. Ermines also change their coats, white in winter and brown and white in summer and I like that. I think it suit Sybil, she’s not afraid of change, she welcomes it and goes with it and I feel her dæmon would reflect that, still capable of changing even once it’s settled into its final form.

Gwen Dawson- English Shepherd

Now in my Downton dæmon AU I don’t follow the ‘all servants have dog daemon’ idea (I treat it as something that’s ‘traditional’ but I always found it a bit unbelievable that every person who ever went into service would have a dog?) but this does suit Gwen. English Sheperds are working dogs, they are hard workers and learn new skills fast. They can also work independently and are an intelligent breed.

Edith Crawley- Hyena

I’m going to be completely honest- I stole Edith’s dæmon from this. I did see someone say once that a hyena was ‘perfect’ for her though so hopefully there are reasons… I know they’re intelligent though, which fits for Edith.