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30 day TV Shows Challenge - Day 18: Favorite Female Character

→ Lady Sybil (Downton Abbey)

Lady Sybil is a badass. She is intelligent, free spirited, strong willed, kind, honest and generous. She always stands up for what she believes in, and listens to different opinions instead of judging. It’s in her nature to want to help others and to root for the underdog. Above all, she believes in love and friendship regardless of class, race, or any other silly social barrier. She has a hunger for knowledge and the world.

She was a feminist at a time and place where that was considered a great liability.

She always brought people together and her memory continued to be a moral compass for everyone that knew her 💜


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Unlawful- Mary Crawley

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Pairing: Mary Crawley x Reader

Characters: Mary Crawley

Warnings: N/A

Request: Anon-  hey i don’t know if your cool with girlxgirl but if you are then could you do a downton abbey mary x reader where you are her serving girl and u fall in love?? thnak you very much!!

Word Count: 524

Author: Charlotte

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Downton Abbey 30 Day Challenge

15. Favourite moment of my favourite ship

First I have to apologize. I went on holidays and couldn’t complete my 30 Day challenge in 30 days. But I will continue it now.

My favourite ship. Oh so many wonderful moments! I loved the “harem pants” scene when Tom peeked through the window. I loved them at the rally. I loved Tom’s proposal in York and I loved it when Sybil finally said yes.

But my favourite scene wasn’t even in the UK version of the show. It was only shown in Germany at the beginning of Episode 3.1. Tom and Sybil in Ireland, living as a married couple, talking about going back to Downton for Mary’s wedding. Tom says they don’t have the money to go, but they could make it possible that she travels alone. But Sybil refuses and tells him she won’t go without him. “If we ever go back to Downton then as a married couple. A happy couple”.

It’s a shame this scene was cut and wasn’t even included as a deleted scene on the DVDs!


30 Day Downton Abbey Challenge

2. Favorite male character: Thomas Barrow

When I say I love Thomas, I don’t mean in a ‘poor baby is so misunderstood’ way. Ok, well, a little bit. But really what I mean is 'your moral ambiguity and fierce self-interest intrigue me; you are not evil, you are a reaction to a world which has condemned and vilified you for existing. Your personality is a defence, your scheming a protection. You bring conflict, but also love. You are a contradiction. You are multi-faceted and, above all, interesting.’