downton abbey's s3

After six seasons, THIS is the ending such complex characters as Tom, Mary and Thomas get? (Granted, there’s still the Christmas Special, but expectations for that are pretty much sub-par.) Such truly excellent actors as Allen Leech, Michelle Dockery and Rob James-Collier deserved better.

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Top 3 TV shows: Downton Abbey (S1-S3 only), Legion, and…well, I guess the local news? 

Top 3 characters: Matthew Crawley, David Haller…and Hyacinth Hippo from the “Dance of the Hours”-segment of Fantasia (Hey, at least I know things ended pretty well for her!  😈  LOL…)

Top 3 ships: Matthew/Mary, David/Sydney, Elizabeth/Darcy

Books I’m currently reading: Anne Frank: The Biography by Melissa Muller and The Brothers Warner by  by Cass Warner Sperling, Cork Millner, Jack Warner Jr.

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Ed Speleers, Sophie McShera and Rob James-Collier on Alan Carr Chatty Man | Nov 2nd 2012

“In other, worry-related developments, Carson (Jim Carter) overhears Hughes discussing her illness with Mrs. Patmore (Lesley Nicol), which leads to his approaching Dr. Clarkson over how best to help Hughes recover. Carson brings the news to Cora, offering to take some of Hughes’s responsibilities, but Cora goes one step further, calling Hughes to her room and offering her all the hospitality of Downton in her recovery. The story develops the Carson-Hughes dynamic, which is one of the show’s strongest, even central, relationships. They are the heart of the “downstairs” class, and it’s exceedingly difficult to imagine Downton without either one. Their friendship is also among the show’s most understated. Rarely do they confide in one another, but there’s an unspoken fondness there, a tacit understanding of the respect and admiration they share for one another. Carson spends the episode mothering Hughes by trying to keep her off her feet, and though we know that this is absolutely the worst thing for Hughes’s emotional state at the moment, she knows that his episode-long nosiness comes from a good place. Perhaps the most touching moment of the episode is when Hughes breaks the news to Carson, through Mrs. Patmore, that the cyst is benign. As she walks down the halls immediately afterwards, she spies Carson singing happily as he polishes the silver. Hughes can hardly contain her tears, seeing Carson so happy with relief over her condition. It’s a touching moment that doesn’t require an explicit acknowledgment of how close they are, how vital to one another’s lives they’ve become. It’s the kind of moment Downton does best.”