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It’s entertaining to imagine that every BBC production set during WWII is taking place in the same universe. The midwives of Nonnatus House keeping their heads down while Rose Tyler is dangling off a zeppelin, meanwhile up north Bea and Annie are just missing calls on the animals from the Farnon/Heriot veterinary practice. Doubtless, the Bellamys have called on the Crawleys, and vice-versa.

Not to mention every other damn time the Doctor showed up during the war.

Favorite Female Friendships, Fictional & Real

-Grace & Frankie, Lily & Jane

-Maggie Smith & Judi Dench & Penelope Wilton

-Dowager Countess and Isobel Crawley

-Mrs. Hughes & Mrs.Patmoore

-Cagney & Lacey, Tyne Daly & Sharon Gless

-Dr Quinn & Dorothy Jennings

-The Golden Girls

-Calendar Girls

-Anne Shirley & Diana Barry

You are welcome to add to the list! :)

Summer 1865

“Violet, tell me that I’m nothing to you. And I’ll go away and leave you in peace. Just say the words, You do not love me…”

“Patrick, you cannot ask of me to admit such a thing. I am the youngest daughter of an impoverished Baronet, and as much I am loathe to admit, your mother is right. I have nothing to offer you…” 

“Your heart, your love…that is what you can offer me. I do not care what others may think, particularly my mothers. Please Violet…please allow me the privilege of your hand in marriage. The truth of the matter is simple, I love you with my whole heart…” 


“She is so beautiful.”

wanderlust-and-rainbows  asked:

What are the reasons an isfp would mistype as an infp and an infp would mistype as an isfp? How common is it for these mistypes to happen and are the tests skewed to an infp result? I saw that people can mistype as how they see themselves rather than how they actually are, so even though i think isfp fits me more, i test more often as infp and was wondering if I was actually an infp but I just see myself as isfp. (Sorry for sending this huge ask, but all of the questions are related so yeah)

Online tests are skewed, because most of them were created by intuitives who fail to value, understand, appreciate, or comprehend sensing functions, so they make all the intuitive questions free-spirited, open-minded, and cool, while they make all the sensor questions boring, stuck in a rut, overly sensible, practical, etc., due to their anti-sensor bias.

Without fail, almost every single person in my life who has taken the online test got ‘intuitive’ as their response (there were only two exceptions – an ESFP who is very self-aware and connected to the Se-dom leading questions as the core truth; and an ISFJ who is also self-aware and connected to the Si-dom questions even through the bias; 9 out of 10 sensors mistyped as intuitives – an INFP mistyped as an INTJ, as did numerous ESFJs).

If ISFP fits you more, you are ISFP. If you are an ISFP mistyping via online tests as an INFP, it means the online test is biased against sensors.

When reasoning with cognition, mistypes happen because:

The person fails to understand the distinction between Se and Ne. This can be the fault of the person trying to self-type themselves, or it can be a problem of their source not communicating in clear terms the distinction. (Vague generalities and non-specifics which could be Se OR Ne.) A good rule of thumb is: am I changeable, inclined to obsessively over-think things / extreme analyzing, and read into things all the time, and am I indecisive and change my mind a lot, because I cannot predict how this will unfold in the future? Intuitives analyze 24/7. If they’re not analyzing things, they are probably near death. And even then they might analyze the concept of death.

I heard from an aux-Se yesterday that “I never read anything into anything, I just deal with what is in front of me. I do not ‘assume’ more is going on than what the information is giving me.’ Se-auxes live in the present. They engage with the environment. They enjoy the moment and love to do things. Yes, they can be novelists. Storytellers. Dreamers. Adventurers. None of that makes them Ne. That is not Ne. Ne is extrapolation of ideas, reading between the lines, inferring things, laying ideas over reality, being indecisive because you can see multiple sides to every argument, and analyzing things constantly.

The IXFP is looping. If you do not know cognition very well, or how to tell the difference between Se and Si or Ne and Ni, you may catch yourself or someone else in a loop and assume you are a different type. “I’m really obsessed with the future right now, so I must be an INXJ or an INXP!” Yes, well… is it a SINGULAR future? If so, you’re not an INXP. Does your intuition / analyzing dominate every waking moment of your life? If not, you are not an intuitive. Likewise, an INXP in a loop may assume they are an ISXJ, or an ISXP (nope), but the truth is – their Si is lower, and shoddy, and looks pretty weak and silly next to a real Si-dom’s Si. So you have to learn how functions act, in different places in the stack.

Regarding character mistypes:

My biggest shame-faced mistypes are Rose from Titanic and Bella from Twilight (and in retrospect, maybe Marianne from Sense & Sensibility). I typed them all INFPs (ENFP, in Marianne’s case) but the first two are ISFPs and Marianne may be one as well. So, how did the mistype happen? In my case, typing laziness and ignorance about functions. When I was just starting out, I did a lot of reading / looking at other people’s ideas (Ne) when trying to figure out character typing – and almost everyone everywhere typed Bella and Rose INFP, so I figured – hey, that must be right. So I went ahead, found evidence to support the typings (vague evidence, which Ne is good at :P) and then never really thought about it again until I was arguing INFP one day after learning a lot more about cognition and went “… wait.”

Wait just a damn minute.

Rose and Bella are both hell-bent on what they want. They see it, they know they want it, they go after it, period. Whereas I have watched Titanic AND Twilight and sat there going, “Why are you not considering other options? Did you even give Cal a chance before you wrote him off? Bella, Jacob is awesome, should you not consider what a life with him might look like?” My high Ne finds their low Ni a huge source of conflict and confusion; I could not understand them at all.

DUH. Not Ne-users. Too focused. Decisive. Fixed. They do not doubt what they want, they know. There’s no over-analyzing going on.

Rose: You are my ticket outta here! What I feel for you is real!

Bella: You are what I want! There is no future without you!

Se/Ni with Fi.

Sybil from Downton Abbey, though. There’s a girl I can understand.

Sybil: I have realized… I want to leave and you are my ticket.

This was after a lot of indecision. And she runs away with him, then goes back home to make up with her family when her sisters come for her, because she has Ne softness / Si sentiment / is not firmly “fixed.” She’s analyzing. This is what I want. But do I want to go about it this way? Do I want him more than my family? Or can I make up with my family? Should I give them all second chances? Did I misjudge them all or the situation?

Or Claire in Outlander. I love Jaime. But I also love my husband. I want to be here. But I also want to go home.

This is the state I live in, continually. I want to be a novelist. Or do I? I want to succeed writing books. Or do I? Maybe being famous is not all its cracked up to be. What it I get stuck in a contract and have to write books I have no passion for? No way, not gonna do that! Except it’s been my dream from childhood! I want this! I love running this MBTI tumblr and helping people! No, I don’t! I’m going to quit. Hand it over to my co-mods and leave. No, I’m not going to do that. This is my responsibility and I enjoy helping people. Except when I don’t.

Se types can find the indecisiveness of Ne quite frustrating, because they fail to understand how anyone can anguish so much over decisions or change their minds so often or have doubts in hindsight or be torn between lovers. And there are days I look at Se’s and think, “Man, I wish I could just be PRESENT. Here. Now. Have an idea of what I want and not second-guess it.”

But… we each have our row to hoe. If I can decide which one. ;)

- ENFP Mod