downton abbey [5]


Rob James Collier and Ed Speleers about Thomas and Jimmy’s relationship.
Season 5 interviews  (Rob: left  | Ed: right)

For people bashing on Dan Stevens for playing Beast

Get over it. He is talented and deserved that role. Please have a seat, watch The Guest, Legion and some others stuff he is in, you will see how talented he is.

And for those saying he is “too old” for Emma, well, why do you even care so much since his face won’t be recognizable with all this CGI, except for probably like 10 minutes at the end of the film. I don’t even want to talk about people still hating on him for Downton Abbey, it’s been 5 years since he left, move on.

I’m so sad and tired to see haters when they have never seen a piece of Dan’s work.

Some people will never fit into your life, no matter how much you want them to.
—  Thomas defeated after the rejection of Jimmy and Carsons news about being fired.

A college education changes you as a person.

And I say that sincerely, as a twenty year old vegetarian presently inhaling a Double Mac Double Patty Quarter Pounder BLT at 2 in the morning on a Sunday, screaming obscenities at Downton Abbey in a classroom 5 hours before finals are due

I want to preface this by saying nothing happened, nothing is on fire. It is mere speculation. Do we have a fire extinguisher?
—  Thomas, Season 5 Episode 1