downton 03x01


DA - deleted scenes episode 3.01 - german


DA - deleted scenes episode 3.01

for @liesellisabeth I think this is the video you asked for ;)?

Translation for the deleted scenes pt 3
  • Carson and Mrs Hughes, corridor:

Carson:What do you think of the plan to make Branson his best man?

Mrs Hughes: Now he isn’t even Mr Branson anymore? You acknowledged him more when he was still only the chauffeur.

Carson: If you’d been in the dining room…!

Mrs Hughes: Mr Carson, it’s not at all his fault. It was a very mean trick.

Carson: A gentleman would’ve left the room as soon as he felt unwell.

Mrs Hughes: Oh really? I certainly know a few who didn’t.

Carson: However, I know Mr Matthew only said it to be nice. But he shouldn’t have done it.

Mrs Hughes: Oh I disagree. I think it is good for him to be involved in it, if you ask me.

  • In the servant’s hall (we have bts pics of it AND a bit of dialogue is in the Chronicles book!)

Mrs Hughes: Her ladyship is right, it’s the nerves. Thomas: I am not so sure. They both can be very determined.

O'Brien: Oh I understand. You now also give advice where marriage is concerned.

Mrs Hughes: Is it true that Mr Branson has gone down into the village?

Carson: I can’t see anyone who is less suited, but yes, he did.

Mrs Hughes (to Anna): How’s Lady Mary?

Anna: She wants to be alone for now. But I will go up later.

*Carson: It’s not her fault if something has gone wrong.

*Mrs Hughes: We all know who you think is in the wrong when Lady Mary in involved. The other person.

Carson: Well, as if the husband has any say in it where the couple should live!

*taken from the Chronicles of Downton Abbey!

  • Carson and Anna (they never really share scenes! Why delete this?) (and it is from episode 2 - German version added like 15 mins. of episode 2 to the first episode!)

Carson: Anna these arrived whil you were away. I’m sorry that we cannot yet employ you as a proper lady’s maid. But we are short of staff. I hope this is not a disappointment for you.

Anna: I know that you would do it, if you could.

Carson: Did you receive bad news?

Anna: Oh no. I have written to a few people and two of them have answered.