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Classic (Powers' Sunset Mix)
The Knocks
Classic (Powers' Sunset Mix)

The Knocks - Classic (Powers’ Sunset Mix)

“It was a summer time, that summer high
Oh what a masterpiece
The way your eyes met mine, sweet
Like apple pie, caught in your energy
The future came to me, I see

Yeah, it feels so classic
You and me, the magic
And I know we have it, 
‘Cause it feels, yeah, it feels, yeah
It feels so classic...”

Chillstep and lofi hip hop playlists:


Lofi hip hop:

Lofi chillstep:

‘The Giraffe & The Moon’ - A mix For Half Lights

Lakis Zois - ‘Maria & George’ (Greece 1992) / Hajime Mizogochi - 'The Giraffe & The Moon (Japan 1986) / 渡辺博也 ウィング・マーク(Japan 1985) / Dancing fantasy - 'Riders On The Storm (Germany 1991) / Frank Harris & Maria Marquez - 'Loveroom’ (USA 1987) / Tulio De Piscopo - 'Silva Male’ (Italy 1986) / Eddy le Vin - 'Escale tropicale’ (France 1988) / Flaming Bess - 'Cron Endor’  (Germany 1980) / Rosita Celantano - 'Dal Tuo Sguardo in Poi (Instrumental) (Italy 1987) / Lucio Dalla 'Noi Come Voi’ (Italy 1983) / Takanaka - 'Illusion’ (Japan 1986) / Paul Hardcastle - 'Dolores’ (UK 1985) / Moondata - 'Let The Moonshine In (Dub)’ (Italy 1984) / The Dream Academy - 'Love Parade’ (UK 1985)

“Let’s take a little trip to the Country…”

01 Hey Saturday Sun . Boards of Canada
02 Elegy . Tycho
03 Roll the Dice Man, Baby Needs a New Ellipsis . The Roots Of Orchis
04 Strong . London Grammar
05 With Rainy Eyes . Emancipator
06 Girl . The Internet
07 Eyewarm . Frog Pocket
08 Awake . Tycho
09 More Streets . Zpiderflower

‘Live From the Bunker #1′ - Live mix Summer 2017 - Nick

Okinawa Delays - Nariyama Ayagu (Phil Mison remix)
Max Essa - Buran Chime
Charlotte Adigery - Senegal Seduction
La Fiancee - Driving Away From Home
Violet Eves - listen Over The Ocean
Bien - Sunny Side
Willie Lindo - Midnight
Caliban - Open Mind
Sade - Stronger Than Pride (Mad professor remix)
Rosina Celantano -Dal Tuo Sguardo in Poi (Instrumental)
Tulio De Piscopo - Silva Mala
Umberto Balsamo - Crepusculo
Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti - Eva
Ed Chorusno - tell Me When
Sakhile - Ubuhkebakho
Abeti - Usisilike
Lette Mbulu - Normalizo
Baby Consuelo -Todo Dia Era Dia De Indio
the Hot Sound Of Mauritius - Michael’s theme
Hamilton Brothers - Music Makes the World Go Round
The System - Find It In Your Eyes
Love & Money - Strange Kind of Love
Johnny Hates Sax - Hold On

Violents - Northeast

Check this breezy and retro-cool pop track from Violents featuring vocalist Stacy King (from Sucré and Eisley). In the past, Violents have had elements of trip hop and downtempo mixed with lovely string arrangements. This latest single is decidely more catchy and upbeat and comes with this delightful vocal melody. Well worth a spin if you dig Ivy, Stereolab, Saint Etienne and Hooverphonic.

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a mix for shepard and liara… [listen]

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@agony1 literally I’m obsessed w the unreleased dance mixes album because of you its so good. I listen to it when I cook.