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music: Nujabes - Feather


R&B/Chill: Alina Baraz - Electric (feat. Khalid)

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unsaved info by Joji.
Currently unreleased on any platform other than Soundcloud but is set to be released under Dead Purple Records.


Chelou returns after a year’s silence with a spellbinding new song named Halfway To Nowhere. The UK based artist coos softly from a bed of minimalist elements, giving us a goosebump inducing fusion of earthy folksiness and hypnotic electronica. In fact, Chelou collaborated with deep house virtuoso Maya Jane Coles on this haunting song. Her production touch is unmistakable on the steady clattering tune. Halfway To Nowhere is a song that hangs in the air, a deep entrancing ambler in which I eagerly surrender all sense of time. The single will be out on Friday, November 4th. 

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anime: Ponyo
For Kat
I made this for my friend Kat, he's really awesome. Cover art drawn by Darkaos-Zombispitz:

I made a song for @drawdroid because he is literally the best person in existence.

Art done by my good friend @darkaos-zombispitz