Friday Day one of WILCO Solid Sound Festival - bands and scene shots - The Relatives and WILCO - playing covers - special guests Lucius

SCENE + SEEN with artberkshires is in North Adams, Massachusetts for Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival and Downstreet Art - collecting sounds and images June 20 - 23, 2013.  Follow along and share with Tumblr (SeenArtScene) and Instagram - sharing with hashtags #DownstreetArt, #wilco, #solidsoundfestival2013, #artberkshires, #massmoca #northadams

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Monday, August 3, 2015

My favorite thing to do in North Adams is: 

- village pizza late at night, zumba & chicboxing, be a tourist you guys are doing great, good jobs, clean my property, honesty

How can you make North Adams better?

- real art, jazz, real jobs, love, help this person (arrow to building) make this building better

How can we make North Adams better?

- build a skatepark, bike path, more chalk, marijuana dispensary, more jacks, recycle, treating people right, stuff to do downtown

What would you like to see in North Adams?

- more swingsets, comic book store, respect for cops, more support for recovering addicts, help for the homeless, more jobs, a roller coaster, more late night stuff, eliminate our slumlords, not to turn away the homeless

Kahn and Selesnick at MCLA Gallery 51, North Adams, MA.  This show, “The Other Hudson 2” opens on June 20, the launch of Downstreet Art 2013.  Extended hours during Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival, June 21 - 23 at MASS MoCA.   Follow SeenArtScene on Tumblr through the weekend for collected random sounds and images of the art, the artists and the scene around them. 

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